10 Lines on Pollution | Type of Pollution

by Hussain

10 Lines on Pollution In English

10 Lines on Pollution from which you can easily know about it –

1. The problem of pollution is the biggest in our world. Because of this, our life is getting busy. This pollution has become a period of our life. There are many types of pollution like water pollution, sound pollution, air pollution, land pollution, etc.

Air pollution

10 Lines on Pollution

2. Air pollution refers to the pollution that surrounds our environment, such as our means of transport that emit very dangerous gases, which are very harmful to us, which can cause us to have many types of breathing diseases. Which can be fatal for us.

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3. The ozone layer protecting our earth is being greatly damaged by the CFC gas emanating from the air condition used in refrigerators and our homes, and the holes in this layer continue to grow.

Noise pollution

10 Lines on Pollution

4. Voice pollution has also become a problem in the world. In today’s time, peace and peace have been lost and the curiosity that comes out of people’s homes and the wedding parties are damaging to our ears. Nowadays children apply headphones to their ears and listen to songs and watch TV, which can cause a malfunction in our ears.

5. By water pollution, we mean, the filth which we are increasing in our natural water source, due to which we will also yearn for drinking water. We put the dirt of our homes in the water of rivers, due to which this water is no longer potable.

Soil Pollution

10 Lines on Pollution

6. We also put plastic items in the water, due to which so much plastic has increased in the rivers today, it seems that some small big boat is floating around in the water, we can reduce this pollution even today if we want to We have to take a step together, so that we can easily prevent water pollution.

7. Now in our world, plastic has also become a source of pollution because in our homes we use most things made of plastic because it is also available cheap and we can use it easily according to our needs, due to which Plastic pollution is also increasing. Instead of throwing it here and there, we should keep it in our house for recycling and when a lot of plastic is collected then it should be given in the recycling center, so that plastic pollution can be avoided.

8. Undesirable changes in the physical, chemical, or biological properties of the soil that are harmful to our land which reduce the fertility of our soil, thus the pollution is known as soil pollution.

9. The land is a harmful substance in the form of pollutants such as cadmium, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, poisonous grass, etc., makes the soil polluted by keeping a distance from them, we can prevent its pollution.

10. Humans had taken the first step to increase the problem of pollution and now this problem has increased so much in the world that it has taken a formidable form, it was not resolved quickly and if humans did not understand this today If it becomes difficult to solve it then let us stop the work of spreading pollution from today itself and make our India clean.

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