10 Lines on the Importance of Water in English

by Hussain

10 Lines on the Importance of Water in English

In today’s article, we have written 10 sentences (10 Lines on the Importance of Water in English)  on the importance of water. With these lines, you can know the importance of water and with the help of these 10 sentences from school and college students can easily write 100, 300, 500 words essay.

10 Lines on the Importance of Water in English

  1. We all know that water is life, life cannot be imagined without it. Earth is the only home where life is possible due to water.
  2. We also need water for our daily work like water for drinking, for bathing, for washing clothes, for cooking, cleaning the house, cleaning utensils and for doing other things.
  3. Water is the need of every living being, whether animals or animals, birds, quasars live in water only. It is impossible to survive without water.
  4. There are many sources of water on our earth such as a river, pond, well, lake, waterfall, sea, etc. We should keep all these clean so that water can be used properly.
  5. Every single drop of water is precious. Water helps us in maintaining the balance of our environment. The rotation of water causes rainfall and the rainwater reaches the rivers and oceans. That is why we should not waste by understanding the importance of water.
  6. It is only due to water that crops, vegetables, fruits, etc. are produced and we can survive by eating them if seen then water is the first requirement of life.
  7. Today, there is a shortage of clean drinking water on our earth because we all are polluting the water together and we hardly have access to clean water for drinking. If this continues, drinking water will not remain on the earth. We should keep the water clean.
  8. Water not only fulfills our thirst, but we also use water to make electricity. Dams are built on the water of rivers, then electricity is made and later this water is used for irrigation in the fields.
  9. We should work by saving one drop of water, we should not misuse the water at all because they need for water is very much in our life.
  10. Due to the heat of the Earth, our glaciers are melting. Therefore, if we continue to wastewater in this way, then the day is not far when our rivers will dry up, therefore, considering the value of water, we should vow from today that we will neither waste nor contaminate water and let anyone do it.

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