Best 22 Funny Tongue Twister for Kids in India

by Hussain

Best 22 Funny Tongue Twister for Kids in India

In today’s article, you will know 22 tongue-twisting tongue twisters (Best 22 Funny Tongue Twister for Kids in India). Tongue twisters are some sentences that are difficult to pronounce continuously because of the frequent occurrence. These are a bit strange, but their practice is a good way to improve our pronunciation and become better.

This is very important not only for children but also for elders. Tongue twisters are very fun and also a good way to exercise your mouth. Also, the English text is given which makes it easier to read.

Best 22 Funny Tongue Twister for Kids in India

All you have to do is to speak the tongue twister below 5-10 times without stopping and understand the strength of your pronunciation. If you learn to speak all these tongue twisters without stopping, then you can also become a good speaker.

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1. Unth bandh kar sunth khaoon, Suth khakar Unth bandhun.

2. Khadak Singh ke khadakne se khadakti hain khidkiyaan,
Khidkiyoon ke khadakne se khadakta hai Khadak Singh.

3. Pake ped par paka papita, paka ped yaa paka papita,
Pake ped ko pakde pinku, Pinku pakde paka papita.

4. Samajh Samajh ke Samajh ko Samjho,
Samajh Samajhna bhi ek Samajh hai,
Samajh-Samajh ke jo naa Samjhe,
Meri Samajh mein vo Nasamajh hai.

5. Peetal ke Patile mein Papita Peela-Peela.

6. Unchi, Unth ki Peeth Unchi, Unchi Punch Unth ki.

7. Chandu ke Chacha Ne, Chandu ki Chachi ko, Chandani Chauk Mein,
Chandani Raat mein, Chandi ke Chammach se Chatni Chatayi.

8. Madam Mohan Malvia Madras mein Machli maarte-maarte mare.

9. Dube Dubai mein Doob gaya.

10. Jo Hasega Vo Fasega, Jo Fasega Vo Hasega.

11. Kaccha Papad, Pakka Papad.

12. Chanda chamke cham-cham chike chaukanna chor, Chiti chate chini, chatori chini khor.

13. Mar Ham bhi Marham ke liye, Marham naa mila,
Ham Dam se gaye Hamdam ke liye, Hamdam naa mila.

14. Daali-Daali par nazar daali, Kisi ne achhi daali, Kisi ne buri daali,
Jis daali par maine nazar daali, Vo daali kisi ne tod daali.

15. Lala Gope Gopal Gapanggam Das.

16. Tola Raam Tala todkar Tel mein tul gaye,
Tula hua Tola tale ke tale hue tel mein tal gaya.

17. Chaar Kachari Kachche Chacha, Chaar Kachari Pakke,
Pakki Kachari Kachche Chacha, Kachchi Kachari Pakke.

18. Kaccha Kaddu, Pakka Kaddu.

19. Saadi ko Saadi se Lapeta Beta.

20. Nadi Kinare hai Kirane ki Dukaan

21. lapak babuliya lapak, ab na lapakabe ta lapakabe kab

22.  dabal babal gam babal dabal

I hope you enjoy reading the best tongue twister (Best 22 Funny Tongue Twister for Kids in India). Share these with your friends and ask them to speak.

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