Best Promise Day Shayari in English 2021

by Hussain

Best Promise Day Shayari in English 2021

Promise Day 2021: On Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Week of the year, all the couples greet each other by promising or promising this day, the day of Promise Day is very important for every lover. It is the fifth day of Valentine’s Week and it falls on February 11 every year, in the year 2021, it will be celebrated on February 11. That is why, on the occasion of Promise Day, we give information about some of the best Shayari SMS, messages, quotes, status, wishes, with the help of which you can congratulate your friends, girlfriends or boyfriend on this day.

Best Promise Day Shayari in English 2021 for Girlfriend – Promise Shayari For Boyfriend

If you want to promise Hindi, English, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Kannad, Urdu language (English language & English font) 140 for the year 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020, and 2021 as per year, 120 Words character download in PDF Download If you want to share Promise Day, you can know from here:

This is a promise we will never give up with you. Whatever you have lost, you will forget us .. You will get hold of your hand.

Whatever you promise, fulfill that promise… Always honor your promise… Whether it is from your lover or by yourself or from your country, definitely fulfill it…

All the pain in life is sad…
Your love started with love…
If you have got it, now it is sad…
Love is more, but yours is less… !!!

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You take heart in things,
See, you die like this…
Grab your heart from this,
Grab your heart from this,
Carry arms all over the place.

You don’t fulfill any promise,
Do not fulfill any intention,
Talk of living together,
First love is complete,
I promise you today,
Will you never leave me… !!

If you feel like a hug or not, whether it is a beautiful night or not
Mayor may not meet again in this birth.

Promise friendship
Try this, you will not be disturbed
Call out from the heart if you need to,
Even if you are dying, you will bring us time!
Happy Promise Day ||

Promise Status For Whatsapp in English

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I promise…❤
I will lose my life at your pleasure,
You will become the path of your every destination,
And I will love this so much that even 7 births will be reduced for my love…

I can fight # with the whole #world with one hand
Just my other #haath should be in your hand .. !!!

promise day English Shayari

You talk in your mind
You talk in your mind
You say everything about the heart…
Once in arms, now prostrate,
After saying the same thing, you stop saying.

Have seen you since my heart is not there,
I want to break all the rituals of the world.

You look sad,
Tell me an idea,
The promise is I can mortgage my life,
Tell me the price to smile…

Promise Day SMS status Shayari Quotes

In this place where we found someone like this,
Promises made in love and fulfilled my aspirations
I wish there were always lovers
But people often change,
After making the claim ||

I swear this heart…
I swear this breath
I swear this love…
I will love you every moment…

promise day 2021 Shayari

I want your hand, I want your support,
I want day and night to stay in your arms.

In this place where we find someone like this…
I made promises and my wishes in love…
Wish loved ones would always stay.
But people often change after promising… !!!

You promise to come,
But forget to keep up…
I want to set you on fire
Forget to extinguish ..!

Broken Promise Shayari in English – Promise Day Sad Shayari

I promise you that you will love me so much…
Anywhere in the world quoting love…
Whatever will come out, our name will come… !!!



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