Best Speech on Patriotism in English 2021

by Hussain

Best Speech on Patriotism in English 2021

In this post, we have published the Best Speech on Patriotism in English 2021. This patriotic speech gives us motility. And the country explains the correct definition of love.

Best Speech on Patriotism in English 2021

Patriotism means a situation or a feeling in which a person loves his country with body and mind. That love should not be tied to any bond. There is no limit to that love, it is completely pure without any adulteration.

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Now the question arises that why should we realize patriotism or not? What are its advantages and disadvantages ?? So yes one should feel patriotic, absolutely there should be, there are no two opinions in this. When it comes to the benefits, do we need to find advantages in the spirit of patriotism !!

If a person truly seeks benefits in the spirit of patriotism, then he has a curse on his soul because patriotism is love and no loss of profit is seen in love. Your parents have raised you so much, can you find an advantage or disadvantage in loving them? No no, that would be an inhuman thing.

There is no value for love from parents, we cannot take away so many favors done by them, they cannot even think of taking off; In the same way, we have a relationship with our country, our soil, and it should also be patriotic, only then it is said that the earth is our mother and the mother loves unceasingly.

Still, if you ask, why to love our country, what is the reason of patriotism, what is the reason why a person loves his country, then his answer will be: – We are born here, the flowing rivers of this country Let’s drink water, eat fruits, vegetables, grains produced from the soil of the country.

It is only through the maintenance of this food that our physical mental development develops, we mature and become strong; In short, we are made from this soil, and the particles of our body are made by the soil, air, water of this country; Then we should have a feeling of thankfulness, that is, we should also have a feeling of love.

Apart from this, we enjoy the preference in the culture of the country, if you go to different parts of the country, you will find different types of people, different dialects, different types of cuisines everywhere, different regions in every province,

every climate, every Different rite of the place, history – all this is priceless, to say that you cannot buy these things, and all this is beneficial for the social development of our character, all of which we enjoy. , All this is the coolness of the eyes and the comfort of the heart.

Then after all this, the country gives us different types of arrangements, so that we can work in our own interest, gives us employment opportunities, gives us freedom, freedom which you can feel in your country. You cannot feel abroad anywhere else.

There is no evaluation of this sentiment, you cannot weigh this feeling in any scales, it is not possible. We get exemption in different service policies, the government provides different types of facilities for us, so that the citizens of the country do not have difficulty in life.

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Different laws and policies are formulated by the government so that all the citizens of the country, whether it is from the upper class or the minority, are at ease, it is the effort that no particular class has to face many difficulties. Rules of education are also made by the government of the country, these laws are made to work in the interest of the user and the consumer.

Due to the management of education in the country, we get an education in a convenient way, we are educated and then with the knowledge of that education, we can do the job, to manage our livelihood, we can, by education Only we become capable and this is how our livelihood goes, so all these things mean that country love should be unbreakable and meaningless.

If we are citizens of a country and have grown up there and that country provides us with all facilities, then we do not need to find reasons to be patriotic. It is not necessary to find reasons to fall in love with the country, it is love without any reason.

Whatever country we are citizens of, we should always take pride in being citizens of that country, no matter what the situation may be, fully developed or developing, we love our country without bond Must be, it is very valuable to have patriotic affection.

We should be elated to be a citizen of the country, we should never have inferiority complex or hatred in mind about the shortcomings of our country because always keep in mind that there are minor errors in every country, it matters That there is development in the country and development depends entirely on the activities of the citizens,

how energetic the citizens of the country are, how much they have the capacity to work, how happy they are, how active they are, the development of the country at all these points depends on.

To become a good citizen (patriotism) of the country, we have to do all this –

The country is made up of the citizens of the country, to become patriotic we can do all this –

  • We should try to follow all the rules and regulations made by the country properly.
  • We must regularly pay taxes at the right time.
  • We should not do anything that will reduce the pride and honor of our country or cause any stain in our honor.
  • We should take special care of our cleanliness, what often happens is that people keep their houses shining, but they spread dirt outside. We should think in this way that this country is also our home and nobody’s house looks dirty, we should keep clean and clean even in the outer areas of our house.
  • We should follow all the rules of traffic because only remote areas of the country are connected by the movement of traffic or the operations of buying and selling are also done by traffic.
  • We should use the public property of the country carefully, such as railway service, bus service, philosophical buildings, landmark government hospitals, etc. We should not waste any property.
  • We should use water carefully because we all know that water sources and levels are getting reduced day by day.
  • We should get our hands on the good work done for the country.
  • We should plant more and more trees because as much as there is greenery in the country, the more the environment
  • and climate of the country will improve, they will be good or the citizens will also be healthy.

In the end, all I want to say is that you should be a good patriot and always give a hand in such works which raise the name of our country all over the world.

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