Best Valentine Day Wishes 2021 and Short Essay

by Hussain

Best Valentine Day Wishes 2021 for WhatsApp, Facebook Status, SMS and Greetings

Short Essay on Valentine’s Day | What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is an important day for all of us with great joy, enthusiasm, and love. On this day, we express our love feelings to our loved ones.

Throughout the world, the month of February is called the month of love. Valentine’s day is celebrated every year on 14 February. On this day, some people express their infinite love to their new girlfriend or lover, then someone tries to make their old relationship even more memorable.

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We are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day on 14 February 2019 and likewise every year we have been celebrating and will keep celebrating. Although this festival was widely celebrated in western countries, today Valentine’s Day celebrations are celebrated all over the world with great pomp.

7 to14 Date List on Which Day is Celebrated on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day starts on 7 February. Valentine’s Day is incomplete without its other days. We also call them Valentine Week. They are –

  • 7 Feb Rose Day
  • 8 Feb Propose Day
  • 9 Feb Chocolate Day
  • 10 Feb Teddy Day
  • 11 Feb Promise Day
  • 12 Feb Kiss Day
  • 13 Feb Hug Day
  • 15 Feb Slap Day
  • 16 Feb Kick Day
  • 17 Feb Perfume Day
  • 18 Feb Flirting Day
  • 19 Feb Confession Day
  • 20 Feb Missing Day
  • 21 Feb Break Up

On this day people adopt many more ways to express their love. Like many lovers give beautiful flowers to each other, some good gifts. Almost all people send good loving photos and quotes for their distant girlfriend or lover through WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS or other social media.

Today, to make your work a little easier, we have added a collection of best Valentine’s Day quotes and poetry messages in this post. We are very confident that you will like these quotes and your colleagues too.

Best Valentine Day Wishes 2021 in English for WhatsApp, Facebook Status, SMS and Greetings

For Girlfriend: Best Valentine’s Day Wishes 2021

This caravan of memories will always be there.
Even while going away, love will remain the same
Sorry, I could not find you,
Surely the wait in the eyes will remain the same!
Happy Valentine ay 2021


Do not leave anyone thinking
That he has nothing to give you,
Just keep on thinking that he has,
Nothing to lose except you!
Happy Valentine’s Day 2021


In the book of heart, the rose was his,
It was his dream in the sleep of the night
When I asked you how much love I have,
You will die without your answer to them!
Love You & Happy Valentine 2021


If you want to be, then become rose
Because these flowers also leave a fragrance in his hand,
Those who crush it and throw it away!
Happy Valentine & Rose Day 2021

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Every flower has a strange story,
Being silent is also a sign of love,
There is no wound anywhere,
Why do you feel pain,
Seems like a piece of heart,
He still has it today!
Happy Valentine Day SMS


How much the public will
That person about me,
Who asked me for a laugh,
Why are you sad!


Don’t love you till then
Until love loves you,
Love love so much
That love should not love anyone else! Love u


Whoever in his love,
God has inscribed himself,
To save his existence, God
Disassemble them!
Happy Valentine Day 2021


Khawish is a little bit, just let it be,
You got no rest left now
Sit and listen to me,
Let me say my heart!
Happy Valentine’s Day 2021


Love is not an attachment to words,
Not everyone has a secret in the heart,
Why wait for all Valentine’s Day,
Isn’t every day of the year entitled?


On this holy Valentine’s Day of today,
All the faithful young men are requested to
Red roses and
Donate chocolates to beautiful girls!


No, I want to lose you
I want to cry in your memory,
As long as there is life,
I just wanna be with you! Happy valentines day


Make me your partner,
I am your shadow, take me
This night journey will become even more beautiful
You come into my dreams or call me!


Someone gets a chance at some time,
A stranger becomes a friend,
Love is not always good because of its merits
Too often, flaws fall in love!

For Boyfriend: Best Valentine’s Day Wishes 2021

The stars shine in unevenness,
The changes are so far, yet it rains,
How strange we are too
You live in the heart and us,
Long to see you


Moonlight is like a moon,
The night is from the moonlight,
The moon has been through the night,
And you are laughing with the moon!


Someone loves the moon,
Someone loves the sun,
We love him,
Those who love us!


You frequently come in the pages of books,
Away from me, you remain in memories,
It is not possible to forget,
Because wherever you go you leave your heart


We live every moment laughing,
Talk to you heart
You are very special for us,
That’s why I miss you all the time!
Happy Valentine Day 2021


Live by pressing every hope in the heart,
Live your pain by hiding it from the world,
What time will rob our happiness,
We live by robbing ourselves on someone


A long-time will pass,
After a few days, Valentine’s Day will come,
There is still time to get rid of someone,
Otherwise, this Valentine’s Day will also be heard!
Happy valentines day 2020


When talking with silent eyes,
This is how love begins,
Are lost in your thoughts,
Don’t know when day and night are! Happy valentine


It is not necessary to love only by speaking,
Love is also expressed in the eyes,
Just look at us once,
Seeing it all the time, our dreams are seen in dreams too!


All I have to say is love you
No representation of emotions,
Instead of love, I just ask for love,
No request for a relationship!


If rose!
Hold it in hand
Put on hair then love
There is grace on the head,
Climb the steps is knowledge,
And consider it safe,
Life’s last salute Happy valentine


The heart goes on for them,
Stumbles and handles,
Somebody appreciated it so much,
Possession of heart, the heart is mine,
But it hurts for them!


Now your face does not go through the eyes
This love does not go with your heart,
After you leave, I feel it,
Now you need more than ever!

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