Child Labour Essay | Causes of Child Labour

by Hussain

Child Labour Essay | Causes of Child Labour

Child Labour Essay: Prevent child labor; the world over has been launched. Child labor has become a curse for the society of any country because it spoils the future of children. Child labor is a huge reason due to which many countries are not developing in the world today.

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It is the children who will take the future to better and new heights, and if these children start working in people’s homes and shops instead of education at a young age, how will the country improve.

According to Indian law, making children below 14 years of age work in any factory, office, or hotel is a legal offense. Even in India, child labor is being done in most places even today, due to which children are being left uneducated. Thus human rights violations are happening again and again.

Even today, many types of new rules and laws are coming out; child labor is happening in many small businesses, hotels, cleanliness, shops in India. It is a matter of shame as child labor is becoming more challenging to remove illiteracy, unemployment, and poverty in society.

Child Labour Essay | Child Labour Essay in English

Causes of Child Labour

  • Due to poverty, poor parents send their children to work in every household and shop.
  • The shops and small traders also make children work as much as older people, but pay half the price to them because they are children.
  • Children are not very clever, so there is no opportunity for more theft and thugs.
  • Some traders ruin the lives of children, even in the greed of lowering the cost of production in trade.
    Children work hard without any greed.

Measures to stop child labor

  • Stiff and stringent laws should be enacted for child labor so that no one is afraid of getting child labor done.
  • The common citizen should also be aware of child labor and should stop being in their society.
  • Poor parents should also pay full attention to their children’s education because today the government is also providing facilities like free education, food, and medicines like medicines in some schools.
  • People in factories and shops should vow that they will not get any child to get wages or labor and stop those who get work done.

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The conclusion

There are many types of losses due to child labor by paying 1000-1500 rupees to a child. This leads to the result that firstly that child remains uneducated, the future of the country will go to more darkness, and at the same time, unemployment and poverty will increase further. If the coming tomorrow of the country will be so bad, then we all have a loss in it.

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