Coronavirus Slogan in English | Best Slogan 2021

by Hussain

Coronavirus Slogan in English | Best Slogan 2021

Friends, today we have written slogans on the coronavirus. Coronavirus, which has taken the form of a vast epidemic, after China, Italy, and America, this virus is now ready to wreak havoc in India.

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Coronavirus has not been made any medicine yet, due to which it is not possible to cure it completely, so vigilance is critical to avoid it.

Keeping this in mind, Slogan is written to protect against the coronavirus. Which you can protect your family and country by sharing each other.

Coronavirus Slogan in English | Best Slogan 2021

Coronavirus has to be removed,
Have to go home after washing hands and feet.

Cleanliness only,
The first attack is on Corona.

Stay away from coughing and sneezing,
This is the way to avoid corona.

The first attack on coronavirus,
Work from home

Sanitation has to be adopted,
Corona epidemic is to be eradicated.

We are healthy,
Healthy people

This is the slogan of the people,
One has to defeat Corona by staying clean.

The only mantra to avoid corona is,
The cleanliness of your home should be constant.

Symptoms of corona are headache, cough, fever,
It is diagnosed at the right time.

We all have this determination,
To make Corona virus-free city.

Corona spreads from one person to another,
So leave home only when necessary.

The only defense from Corona,
Stay away from congestion.

Adopt cleanliness
Remove the corona from the root.

Ways to avoid corona
Stay clean, stay at home.

If you want to avoid Corona, make this small change,
Out of the house without work

Cleanliness and vigilance only
It can prevent the corona epidemic.

Do not touch your eyes, nose, and mouth outside the house.

Avoid shaking hands,
Say hello

The corona has to stop spreading,
Stay home and participate.

Do not endanger your own and your life,
Stay away from the corona by staying at home.

To create a clean nation,
To defeat Corona.

Stay at home,
Hit the corona

Remove the contaminated environment,
Everyone has to be saved from Corona.

Wash hands frequently,
Remove corona.

Drink hot water,
Reduce the effect of the corona.

To save yourself and your loved ones from Corona
So do not go out of the house without work.

Corona’s disease progressed.

Come, let us all vow
Stop at home and reduce the corona.

The coronavirus will also stop
If we stay at home.

Corona has to be made cry,
Just stay home and sleep.

We hope you will like the Coronavirus Slogan in English. If you like this slogan, then do not forget to share it with your friends and family. If you have any question or suggestion about this, then let us know by commenting.

If you also have a slogan on your written dengue, then write in the comment below, we will include them in this post.

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