Dowry System Essay in India

by Hussain

Dowry System Essay

In today’s article, we have written an essay on the Dowry System Essay . Today the dowry system has become a curse. Demand for dowry has been seen in all marriages from small to big. Due to these dowry transactions and transactions, there are violent activities with women after marriage, which is a terrible thing.

So let’s get you started. Essay on Dowry System

Dowry System Essay: Introduction

Essay on Dowry System: In our country India, the dowry system is gradually increasing. Even in today’s modern era, the dowry system has spread as a curse in the country. Even today, as soon as the birth of a daughter in this 21st century, most parents get worried.

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There is no worry about how to get the girl to study? Concerns are about how to get the marriage done, how to collect dowry for marriage? This same thinking poses social problems like dowry.

Although there has been a decrease in female feticide today, even today, if a daughter is born in most homes, it is a day of sorrow for them because the biggest reason is the dowry system. Even today, it is affixed to the forehead of our Hindu society.

Today India is counted among developing countries. But some small thinking and old customs of society like defecation outside, throwing garbage here and there, not giving education to daughter and dowry practices are preventing our country from developing India.

When did the dowry practice problem begin?

It is tough to tell precisely when the dowry system started, but it can know that it has been going on since ancient times. In the vast mythology or texts of Hindu caste-like Ramayana and Mahabharata, there is an example of giving of wealth in the form of dowry by parents at the time of the separation of the girl. But even then, people did not take dowry as self-interest, and there was no demand for dowry from the boys.

Marriage was considered to be a sacred and religious bond in which two families met. At that time, the girl’s parents used to give the dowry as accessories for the girl, which was kept by the boy’s house without any greed. But as time passed and the evils of the society like Sati-Prati, jati-Paati, touched-and-untouched in Hindu culture, the dowry system also took the form of a trade.

In the initial period, it is only about jewelry, clothes, furniture, fridge, car, and television, but later people started taking big money from the girls too. If by mistake, if the boy is a doctor, engineer, or with a big government job, then the matter of the deal also reaches the real estate or motorcar.

Disadvantages of Dowry System

Today, the dowry system has taken a virulent form in the 21st century. This is also the case, and if there is a decrease in dowry at the time of marriage, some people take the procession back without marrying. Even if one gets married by mistake, the life of the girl is passed through hell, or the girls are divorced with some wrong excuse.

It has even worsened that the in-laws have burned them to death by not getting a divorce from some girls. Today, dowry practices continue to destroy society like cancer.

The government is also making several types of rules to stop the dowry system, but the dowry system has spread across the country in such a way that it is no longer an easy task to stop it. At the same time, the government has also launched schemes like Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Campaign or Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana for girls to prevent female feticide.

Today, girls are moving forward in every area of ​​the country, shoulder to shoulder with boys. Don’t know why people still don’t understand that boys and girls are the same.

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Even in today’s modern era, we have to take steps against the dowry system, and we have to take a pledge that neither we will take dowry nor let anyone take it. Inter-caste marriages have also helped reverse the dowry practice to some extent. Do not hesitate to give a girl to any eligible boy of any caste who is against dowry.

The conclusion

Due to the dowry system, the woman caste has suffered many forms of atrocities. Today, we have to take this message to every house that taking dowry is a sin, and giving is not right. Today, we have to swear together that we will uproot the caste system and make India an advanced peaceful country. I hope you have liked the Dowry System Essay.

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