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by Hussain

Essay on climate change, cause, effect, control Essay on Climate Change

Friends, today we will talk about such a topic which is becoming a major problem of the world today – that is climate change. We will talk about how this change happens and its causes and also how to avoid it. Also, we will tell you how it can be stopped by understanding it at the right time.

Let us try to understand climate change and its facts –

What is Climate Change?

Most of the time we are not able to distinguish between the words ‘climate’ and ‘weather’. It is important to understand this. The weather is that which shows the maximum and minimum temperature, clouds and air conditions, rainfall forecast, humidity, etc. at different places. The change in external conditions at a given time is called weather.

The word climate refers to the weather conditions at a place in the last several years. To find out the climate of a particular place, climate scientists consider it necessary to have at least 30 years of weather information. Climate tells us how a place is. For example, the climate of Ahmedabad and Delhi is generally dry; In contrast, the climate in Mumbai and Visakhapatnam is humid.

Earth’s temperature remains average, although geological evidence suggests that it may have been much higher or lower than before. But if we look at it, there is a sudden rapid change in the climate for the last few years, because the weather has its method of change.

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But this method is constantly changing, as summers are getting longer, and winters are short, climate change is one of the world’s most pressing problems such as not feeling cold by mid-December. Winter to February-March, rain from September, summer to October.

This change is being seen all over the world, this is called climate change. According to scientists, the ‘greenhouse effect’ is the main reason for this. Climate change is already damaging the ecological system, its truth can be seen in the melting of glaciers, monsoon changes, and ocean waves.

The Earth receives energy from the Sun. Due to which the surface of the earth becomes hot, and some part of this energy is reflected through the surface of the earth and the sea and goes into the atmosphere. Some gases in the atmosphere form a layer on the entire earth, these gases are mainly carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, etc.

These gases are known as greenhouse gases. Just as green glass prevents light from entering, it protects it from excess heat by creating a layer over the earth. For this reason, it is called the Green House Effect.

As we all know that life is possible on the planet Earth itself. The presence of favorable temperatures on the surface of the Earth is an important reason for the presence of life. The average surface temperature of the Earth is 14.4 degrees C. While the average surface temperature of Venus is 449 degrees C and that of Mars is -55 degrees C. These are our neighboring planets.

Due to the presence of greenhouse air in the atmosphere, the temperature of the Earth is favorable for life. These air absorb some of the heat emitted from sunlight and hold them close to the surface of the earth. But too much of greenhouse air can also cause problems. Increasing the average temperature of the Earth due to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is called ‘global warming’.

Causes of climate change

Many components are responsible for this change. To understand it better, these reasons can be divided into two parts. First natural cause and second human cause. Natural causes include the shifting of major continents, volcanic waves and the earth’s greenhouse effect being affected by human actions. like

In the past, all climate changes were natural. The Industrial Revolution came about 220 years ago. As a result, huge quantities of goods were produced by machines. The energy was required to run the machines and fuels such as coal and oil were used to produce energy. Those were called ‘fossil fuels’.

Carbon dioxide is emitted due to the burning of fossil fuels. Along with industrialization, emissions of air such as carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, chlorofluorocarbon, nitrous oxide have also increased.

These winds are called ‘greenhouse air’ (gas). During the last 200 years, due to our activities, huge quantities of greenhouse winds have been emitted in the atmosphere. It is now clear that in today’s time, humans are responsible for climate change.

Due to excessive use of power plants –

  • Playing video games
  • By lighting
  • Playing music system
  • Using a washing machine
  • Using a microwave oven
  • Using the air conditioner
  • TV. From view

Because all these devices emit greenhouse gas. This works to increase global warming and due to this, the heat in the atmosphere is increasing continuously.

Effect of increased temperature and heat

Even a small change in temperature has a large effect. Every aspect of life on earth will have its effect directly or indirectly. like –

Adverse and Unstable climate

Unfavorable weather will see some places very hot; Some places suffer from drought; While others will be affected by excessive rainfall. Heat, drought, floods (due to excess rain and glacial melting) and strong storm winds will be seen.

Melting glaciers

Due to climate change, the snowfall peaks have started melting, the snow mountains are drier than before. Arctic sea ice, especially since the last few summers, is becoming considerably thinner. There was no snow at all at the North Pole in August 2000, but only water-only was found there.

Increased water levels of sea

Melting of glaciers and polar icy peaks will increase the amount of water in the sea. As a result of this, small islands and seaside areas will be submerged. Thousands of people who depend on these fertile agricultural areas will also be affected by the fear of floods. A one-meter rise in sea level can also flood various coastal cities and highly populated delta areas, such as Egypt, Bangladesh, India, and China, where the world’s highest rice cultivation occurs.

Loss of biodiversity

Trees and plants and animals will not be able to keep pace with climate change and will have to be forced to migrate. Those who cannot migrate will disappear shortly. Those that adapt to the cold climate will disappear.

The negative effect of health

Excess heat will have a profound effect on human health. Tropical diseases such as malaria, meningitis, yellow fever, and dengue will also spread in the present temperate regions.

How to prevent and control climate change?

Climate change has a negative impact on humans. Since the nineteenth century, the Earth’s surface temperature has increased from 3 degrees to 6 degrees. This rise in temperature makes us look modest. But it will later invite Mahavinash.

According to scientists, if we continue to emit carbon dioxide in this way, then the level of this air will double than before the Industrial Revolution. As a result, by 2050, the average temperature of the Earth will increase to 5.8 degrees C.

While this increase may seem small, it will have worldwide consequences. Therefore, we need to take measures from today to control it, because its results can bring us into a huge problem.

To reduce this, we need to reduce greenhouse gases. To do this, one has to adopt activities that help in reducing carbon emissions. like –

  • Cycling and reduced vehicle use.
  • Ban on cutting of trees.
  • Excessive use of discarded items after use.
  • Use of personal vehicles for short distances.
  • Planting trees in large quantities.
  • Reducing the use of electricity wherever possible.
  • The use of public transport means.
  • Use of natural light during day time.
  • Walking whenever possible.
  • Rainwater harvesting.
  • Using CFL bulbs for lighting.
  • Put electrical equipment such as computers and musical devices on ‘off’ or ‘stand by mode’ when not required.
  • Use of seasonal and local foods.
  • Burning litter
  • Always use a cloth bag.
  • Learn about climate change!


Friends, these were some measures by which we can save our earth and our future from a terrible crisis like climate change. If possible, reduce it so that our Earth can be saved and the coming generations can see the beauty given by nature.

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