Essay on Farmer in English

by Hussain

Essay on Farmer in English

This article gives an essay on the farmer. This essay is asked in examinations in various forms from class 3 to 10. Here the essay on the farmer is given in a simple form which can be written in any examination without any hesitation.

Essay on Farmer

India is an agricultural country as agriculture accounts for about 68% of India’s national income. The farmer is called an Annadata because he grows food with his hard work and money on his land and sells it to moneylenders at a very nominal cost.

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Farmers are not very educated and are not even financially strong; farmers are dependent on animal husbandry besides agriculture. Farmers rip the land with the help of plough and bullock and sow seeds in it and after great patience extract the grain from there.

For decades after independence, the farmers lived a life of high standard and sometimes lost their lives due to disease and sometimes due to debt. The statistics of farmer suicides are very worrying.

Today the condition of the farmers of India has improved because the present government has prepared many schemes for the farmers like Garib Kisan Kalyan Yojana, PM Kisan Yojana etc. which have brought changes in the lives of poor farmers.

Early life of farmer

The education of the farmers of India is negligible, since the childhood the children of the farmers give their time in the fields, due to which they are deprived of education, the second biggest reason is lack of money due to which the farmer and his family have a nutritious diet. Can not take it and is surrounded by all diseases.

Due to illiteracy and ignorance, the farmer is not able to get the proper price for his land and food grains and becomes a subject of exploitation.

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Most farmers get married at a very early age, which increases the discharge and social pressure on them, forcing them to sell their grains at a lower price. A farmer works hard, but as a result, he has to be satisfied with a very small amount.

Basic problems in the life of the farmer

One of the biggest problems in the life of a farmer is not getting a suitable price for his grain. Government contractors sit in the middle of the buying-selling process and profiteering, causing farmers to be hurt by corruption.

The second biggest problem in the life of the farmer is the lack of water for irrigation. Sometimes crops are destroyed due to lack of timely irrigation; sometimes due to natural calamities, the farmer has to face great loss.

The third most significant problem in the life of a farmer is the lack of government debt. Due to this, he is forced to take a loan at high-interest rates, and suddenly due to any loss, he is unable to repay the loan on time and choose the path of suicide under compulsion.

The fourth-biggest fundamental problem is the deprivation of agricultural resources from their use. Farmers usually use ox and plough for farming which takes much time and labour.

Agricultural instruments such as tractor threshers and trailers are costly, which are impossible for the farmers to procure, and there is no facility by the government through which they can purchase these instruments at low-interest rates.

Education and Health It is directly or indirectly linked to money. If the farmer has money, he can give education and nutritious food to his children, but he is unable to earn money due to low profits in his employment. If the lives of the farmers are to be improved then the biggest support they will have to provide is financial aid.

Changes in the life of the farmer at present

The condition of farmers remains the same even after decades of independence. Various types of schemes were also launched for the farmers by all the governments, but at the grassroots level, it could reach almost. According to the 2015 report, there has been a decrease in the suicide rate of farmers.

The present government understood the problems of the farmers. It took adequate steps to overcome them, in which it is important to take care of the crops of the farmers and to give suitable compensation for the loss of crops or to provide them loans at low-interest rates.

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The present government has launched various schemes for the farmers, which include providing agricultural machines at low-interest rates to the farmers, sending the compensation amount directly to their bank accounts and sending their crops directly to the buyers so that they can be directly Benefits can be given and farmers can be protected from corruption and profiteering.

0 Balance Account (Jan Dhan Account) made available to all citizens of India, which included the opening of accounts at no charge. The benefit of these accounts proved to be a boon for the poor farmers who did not have any bank account.

According to the recent survey, farmers were claimed to get the benefits of these schemes directly, but even today, the news of the suicides committed by farmers continues to be heard.


Just as the military forces surrender themselves to the security of the borders, in the food system for the people living within the borders, the farmer puts everything on his claim and in return he gets a good life away There is no luck.

Therefore, there is a need to improve the lives of the farmers further because the foundation of any country is considered to be the farmers of the country, if the foundation is not strong then the palace also cannot be strong.

The conclusion

In this article read an essay on your farmer, which highlights the life of the farmer. The given essay has been written in a very simple way, I hope this article is helpful for you, if you like this article, then do share it.

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