Essay on Flowers | Best Essay on Flower in English 2021

by Hussain

Essay on Flowers | Best Essay on Flower in English 2021

In today’s article, we have presented a beautiful essay on the flower in 500 words.

This is a short essay for school and college children. In this, we have explained the importance of the flower as well as its value and how it holds an important place in our life.

Essay on flowers – 500 words

Our nature has given us a very lovely gift which we know as a flower. Flowers have also given us many types of colors and beautiful fragrances and flowers only enhance the beauty of our earth. The fragrance of the flower brings immense peace of mind. It fascinates everyone.

Importance of flowers

Flowers are very important in our lives. In our country India, worship of our God is not complete without flowers. We make a garland of flowers and dedicate it to God. Sometimes we would welcome a venerable person by wearing a garland of flowers.

Apart from this, the aroma of flowers which we find very attractive, we use it in different places and by planting flowers in our garden, we enhance the beauty of our home courtyard. Flowers have their importance in every corner of the world. We also use some flowers as medicine. (Essay on Flowers)

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Different fragrance perfumes are also made from flowers. Everything that has fragrance. These lovely, tender flowers have given us this experience. The grapes take the juice of the flowers and butterflies, birds, bees, etc. take the flower as food. The reproduction process in a plant is completed by flowers.

Relationship to flower decoration

Flowers have been a necessity of our life since the old days. In the worship of the house, we decorate the Lord with these flowers, which makes our temple smell beautiful as well as its fragrance.

We also decorate flowers in a wedding or a birthday party, apart from this, sometimes we take a bouquet to make our loved one happy or someone is born in the house. When someone abandons his body, we leave him by decorating him with a flower necklace. That is, we can say that the flower is our companion from birth to death.

Use of flowers as food

We make Gulkand from the leaves of rose flowers. Which is very beneficial for our health. Rose leaves are also used to make any food dish look beautiful. There are many flowers which people have been using since ancient times.

Name of some common flowers

Rose, lotus, Night-blooming jasmine, marigold, Champa, Jasmine, Dahlia, Sunflower, Royal poinciana, Daisy, Nalini, etc. are some of the common flowers that we see in our common life and we are well aware of these flowers. Just like the lotus flower is the national flower of our country and there is nothing beautiful like roses, our poets also make poets with flowers and they are done beautifully in their likeness.

A source of income

Flowers are also a source of income for many people in our lives, some people make garlands of flowers and sell them, and some people make flowers and sell them and make a living. Some people also do the work of exporting and importing flowers, some people also have different types of bouquets, then some people also sell each flower, some people also cultivate flowers in which many colors and Flowers of the species are grown, thus the trade of flowers is small to big and big to big.

The conclusion

Flowers are an integral part of our life. Flowers bring happiness in our life and make the surrounding environment clean and beautiful. We should also plant beautiful flower plants in our homes. I hope you have liked this essay on flowers.

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