Essay on Halloween Day – Simple English Language

by Hussain

Essay on Halloween Day

India is a country of festivals, every month or every week, a new festival appears on the calendar. Although it cannot be said that there is happiness in the society due to festivals, but festivals contribute a lot to our happiness and our reconciliation. Every festival has its importance.

Halloween is a major festival of Christianity. Halloween is celebrated on 31 October. It is celebrated with great fanfare in India as well as all over the world. The festival of Halloween is celebrated to pay tribute to his dead relatives and friends.

Halloween is a themed festival, just as the importance of light or light on Diwali or the importance of colors on Holi, the horror is represented differently in Halloween.

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Why Halloween festival is celebrated?

Halloween originated 2,000 years ago. At the time, this festival was not known as Halloween, but it was relatively more popular among people. The festival was celebrated 2,000 years ago by the Celts on earth.

They used to celebrate New Year on 1 November. The Salats were spread over Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the surrounding areas. The new year was celebrated on 1 November by them. This was due to the end of the summer.

They believed that the new year begins with winter. And since the new crop also begins to be planted only after November, they considered this reason as the reason for the arrival of the new year.

Halloween originated from here, but the same reason for Halloween dress is the same people. Actually, when those people celebrated the new year, they used to light a kind of fire to protect their crops and their cultivated place.

They used to burn old crop waste and animals in this fire so that their favorite deity would be pleased. Along with that, various dances were performed around that sacred fire.

During those dance performances, it was tried to put different types of animals on their heads. He used to get a kind of happiness by doing this. Though these heads were simply mud masks, wearing them ensured that people were celebrating the festival with joy.

Importance of Halloween

One of the things that a person is most upset about in life is his fear. It happens many times that we are able to cross the river, but for fear of swimming, we are left somewhere on the shore and then life is lost in the shadow of fear somewhere, and we can never explore the possibilities of that crossing. Do not get the festival of Halloween is also celebrated for this so that we can fight and overcome our spiritual fears.

How Halloween Day is Celebrated?

Halloween day is celebrated by many traditions and customs –

  1. Tricks and treating
  2. Miscellaneous costumes
  3. By making jack and lantern
  4. Sports and other activities

Celebration of Halloween

Halloween’s arrival in the Americas occurred many years after the start of Halloween, although until then it was limited to countries such as England. However, later America was discovered and after that things, cultures and festivals were exchanged so that Halloween also reached America.

All this happened in the 19th century. Although a large population still sees Halloween in America, the population of those who celebrate Halloween is increasing. According to one figure, it was only 16% in 2017 and has increased to 20% by 2018.


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