Essay on Indian Army Day in English 2021

by Hussain

Essay on Indian Army Day in English 2021

On 15 January 1949, KM Cariappa was declared the first Lieutenant General of the country. Before this, Francis Butcher, of British descent, held this position. This day is the independence of the army, hence 15 January is celebrated as Indian Army Day.

At that time there were about 200000 soldiers in the Indian Army whereas at present more than 1100000 soldiers are serving in different positions in the Indian Army.

Essay on Indian Army Day in English 2021

On this day, the army of our country celebrates its independence. Indian soldiers struggle to save our freedom 365 days of the year, so it is our duty that on this day let us join their happiness and remember their sacrifices.

The Army Day was started to honor India’s Lieutenant General KM Cariappa, who was the first Chief Commander of India. On this day, parades and military shows are also organized at all the army headquarters in New Delhi.

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Tributes are also paid to the martyrs at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate on 15 January. On this day, a parade is held in Delhi. The families of soldiers are also called in it. The soldiers present a sample of the war at that time and also explain their Kaushal Yoga strategy and inspire the youth of the country to join the army.

Organization of the Indian Army

The East India Company formed the Indian Army in Kolkata in 1776. The Indian Army has 53 cantonments and 9 bases across the country. There is no coercion on the soldiers who join the Indian Army as they wish, while the Indian constitution also provides for the recruitment of soldiers forcefully, but it is not required yet.

The highest bridge in the world was built by the Indian Army, situated in the valley of Ladakh between the Dras and Suru rivers of the Himalayan Mountains, it was built by the Indian Army in August 1982.

The objective of Indian Army Day

The main objective of Indian Army Day is to pay tribute to the brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives to protect the borders of India and protect the country. On this day, the Chief of the Army honors the “Sena Medal” and other awards. To the brave soldiers who gave a befitting reply to the enemies and the families of the brave martyrs who sacrificed for the country.

This day is considered to be a holy occasion for dedication to the country and inspiration to sacrifice. The Indian Army also supports the administration in natural disaster disturbance and rescue and humanitarian aid.

On Indian Army Day, the Army makes us feel safe and always stands up to it. To save the country from trouble, the Indian Army fights its life and tries its best to secure the Indians. The Indian Army protects the countrymen by putting their lives at the risk of natural disasters occurring in the country.

On 15 January, the Indian Army salutes all the brave martyrs who sacrificed everything for the people of their country. We should see those brave soldiers posted on the border who commit their lives to protect our borders even in the cold of blood.

On 15 January, the Indian Army celebrates its Army Day and salutes its brave. On this day, the Indian Army got its first Indian Commander in Chief, ie the Army Chief. Give up his life in defense of the country and salute those soldiers who are engaged in the service of the country.

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When the army does not speak, it is water, the army does not speak, the army shows its might. India’s military force is a great example of humanity which protects the people because whenever the crisis has come on the year of India, the Indian Army has never retreated.

The soldiers of the Indian Army vow to continue their service and protect the country and are always ready to face the enemy firmly whether it is domestic violence or enemies of other countries.

India and China fight

In 1962, there was a war between India and China, in which China had captured several posts within the India border, so the Indian troops attacked China and re-captured the posts captured by them. Was. China was pushing for India’s McMahon Line to be considered an international border, which is why the conflict between India and China erupted.


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