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Essay on Lockdown in English

It is a kind of emergency, which has been raised, keeping in mind the health of the people. Along with India, many other countries of the world adopted it to prevent the epidemic called the corona. With it, efforts were made to create social distance so that the corona could be defeated. Let us know in detail.

Essay on Lockdown in English 300 Word

Lockdown is an emergency when you cannot get out of the house. It is also unnecessary that you are at home, that is, wherever you are, you cannot go anywhere after its implementation. And when this happens in lockdown on a large scale, it takes the form of curfew.

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The Prime Minister of Bharata, Shri Narendra Modi, announced a 98-day lockdown on the 30th of the month of June. This was a historic step taken by Modi Ji, and he did this to save the country from the epidemic called Corona.

Lockdown effect

The effects of lockdown are profound, as it staggers the economy of any country. When we go to work, only then does the country move forward, and when all the country’s factories are closed, all sit at home, and the development of the country stops, which causes huge damage to the economy.

Lockdown reduces the GDP, growth rate of the country, and it is not suitable for anyone. We can go back for many years compared to other countries. But nothing more than life is martyred, and our leaders also understand this and took this step in our interest.

Small laborers, women, daily wage workers have been most affected by this lockdown. Their situation is such that if they stay in the house, they die without eating, and if they stay out of this epidemic.

The conclusion

The country is going through a very pathetic situation, and its effects can be seen for many months to come. So stay alert and play your important role in fighting Corona and give full support in recovering the country from lockdown.

Essay on Lockdown 400 Word

Lockdown means shutdown, whether it is India or China; in such a situation, when the whole country is closed, it is called lockdown. Such a situation is seen in India for the first time when the entire country is closed. People are there, but there is silence on the streets, the street is no longer crowded, and tea shops are no longer gossiping.

If anything, the sirens of police vehicles ripping through silence and silence. There is something like this lockdown. This is a type of emergency that can have a direct impact on the country’s economy.

Why was the lockdown done?

Lockdown was adopted in many countries of the world, along with India. This is so that the people of the country can be saved from the terrible pestilence called Corona. Alam is such that every country in the world is suffering from Corona. People are dying all around, and its infection is also spreading very fast.

Countries like Italy and Spain, whose medical condition is considered to be the best in the world, India is far behind when such countries put up their hands. The government of India announced a lockdown so that the situation did not come to India. It will run from 25 March to 14 April. The government imposed a ‘Janata Curfew’ for a day before it came into effect. Then this lockdown came into effect.

In the event of a lockdown, all types of transport (air, water, and land) were closed, all shops, factories, companies, etc. are all closed. People are being instructed to stay in the house; there is silence and strange fear all around because Corona’s treatment is not possible yet. The search for its vaccine continues till now, if we have anything in our hands, then it is to stay at home and keep a distance from people.

Positive effects of lockdown

  • On the one hand, it proved to be helpful in overcoming the corona, because when people are not there, how will it spread?
  • The environment also got little time to clear itself.
  • The distance came due to a lack of time in many families.
  • Those who do not improve like this do not go out at least for the family.

The conclusion

The lockdown has both positive and negative effects, but the objective is to fight and defeat the corona. When the government is taking such a big step in thinking about our interest without worrying about its economy, it is our duty to follow it. Stay at home, keep the distance from people, keep yourself healthy, and inspire others. In the hour of such a crisis, everyone has to face it firmly.

Essay on Lockdown 500 Word

We call a lockdown for any reason in the country. During this period, no person can walk on the road, neither any shops are open nor schools. If there is someone on the streets, it is the police, and they keep warning people to stay inside. This is done only when it is very necessary when the country is in a crisis. It is a type of emergency and was kept in India from 25 March to 30 June.

Why was the lockdown done in India

Corona is the name of a deadly virus that is spreading rapidly throughout the world. It started in China, which gradually spread throughout the world. Italy, Spain, the US are some countries which are badly affected, and the situation in these countries is out of control, and the government is unable to do anything.

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Taking all these lessons, and this situation did not come to India, the government took such big steps. Avoiding corona is the best way to avoid it. Keeping a distance of 5-6 feet between each other, wearing a mask, washing hands periodically with soap for at least 20 seconds is the cure. And creating social distance, not leaving home when not needed, such as working, you can protect yourself and make this lockdown successful.

Benefits of lockdown

  • Lockdown in India has been done to deal with the coronavirus and is believed to be the best solution. The Corona spreads to each other very quickly, and its prevention is its medicine. Our Prime Minister announced the lockdown, keeping in mind the health of the people of the country.
  • Due to the lockdown, people will not get to spread the Corona, and it is very unlikely that the Corona will increase.
  • Our nature has got a new life with the 98-day bandh, and the level of pollution has also reduced. Because all the modes of transport are closed, factories are all closed.
  • More than 10 lakh people have been affected by it all over the world; so more than 45 thousand people have lost their lives. Therefore, along with India, such countries as China, Spain, Italy, etc. also adopted some days of lockdown to avoid Corona.
  • Keeping in mind the entertainment of the people, Sarkar Ramayana and Mahabharata were telecasted on mythological serials again on Doordarshan, and it was due to the lockdown. So people can stay at home.
  • The lockdown, also known as Quarantine, is believed that the less you leave your house, the less likely you are to be Corona.

The conclusion

If the problem is big, then its prevention should be greater, and lockdown is an example of this. It is neither easy nor any sport to completely shut down a country on such a large scale. History is witness that the Indian Railways had never stopped before, but such a step was taken so that the situation does not become catastrophic. Stay at homestay safe and beat the corona, and make the lockdown successful.

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