Essay on Lockdown | Advantages and Disadvantages 2021

by Hussain

Essay on Lockdown | Advantages, Disadvantages, What to do?

In this article, we have presented an Essay on Lockdown in English in which we have done this, its advantages and disadvantages, what to do? Has given full information of

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Essay on Lockdown


Do you want to know what to do in this lockdown? If yes, then in this article, we have given a list of 50 best things that you can try at home in this lockdown or holidays. This article is written in 1600 words such that all the students of the school and college class can read and take the information.

What is Lockdown?

Lockdown is a situation in which people are asked to stay indoors. In this, it is completely forbidden to drive people out of the house. This situation can occur due to many reasons, such for example a natural disaster or a major epidemic.

Recently in 2019-20, due to coronavirus infection, the lockdown was also followed in most of the countries of the world to prevent this viral infection from spreading in the world. With its help, Corona was wreaked havoc in many countries.

What are the benefits of lockdown?

Below we have explained the points one by one what are the benefits of lockdown –

  1. The biggest thing is that lockdown is the most significant factor in stopping the epidemic to a large extent.
  2. Most of the factories were closed due to the lockdown, vehicles stopped on the road, due to which air pollution is reduced by 70-80%.
  3. Because of the lockdown, children or older are eating clean and nutritious food at home, which is good for health.
  4. This has left the habit of eating junk food out of people.
  5. People who work more outside due to stay at home and are unable to give time to their family members are happy to spend time with more and more families.
  6. If viewed positively, people are learning new things to keep away from mental stress.
  7. People are not only saving their lives as well as others because by being in lockdown; people are stopping contagious.
  8. People all over the world have got the power to learn something new every day and fight the wrong situation.
  9. Small businesses get boosted after lockdown.
  10. Online education and working digitally are encouraged, which greatly benefit the companies associated with online technology.

What are the disadvantages of lockdown?

Let us now know what kind of losses occur when a lockdown occurs in a country –

  1. Due to the shutdown of work across the country, there is a pier of crores in big businesses. Some companies shut down entirely due to losses.
  2. Many companies, their company employees, and workers are fired due to the pier in the business, due to which the problem of unemployment increases rapidly.
  3. People increasingly migrate from the city to their homes.
  4. In many places, deposits are deposited of Khor, grains, and other food items so that they can earn more profit from the people.
  5. Lockdown causes people to get away from many types of sports-related things like football, cricket, badminton, as it is considered to be out of the house at such times.
  6. In many places, there is a complete lockdown due to which, in many places, people cannot even get food due to which government organizations try to reach them.
  7. Stray animals and animals start dying due to a lack of food.
  8. Due to the absence of any trade, the GDP growth of the countries falls.
  9. In all kinds of difficult situations, whether it is an epidemic or a disaster, the government provides health and relief services to the people of its country free of cost, thereby emptying the accumulated government relief fund.
  10. Due to being full at home, everyone from children to elders have to face mental stress.

What to do in lockdown? Ten awesome tips

Now, the question that most people have in mind is what to do in lockdown? At the same time, some people have questions as to why do something new during this lockdown holiday or what are its benefits?

By the way, both of these questions are right to ask because no such time had ever come in anyone’s life when people had to stay in the house for several days or months. Even during the holiday month, children and elders lived at home, but at that time, they could be taken out of the house in the evening to refresh the mind.

But lockdown is a different type of situation in which you cannot move out. But there are some tips that you can follow to get the most important things about life happiness, good health, and money at the time of this lockdown. Let’s know – What to do in lockdown?

1. Watch good movies

Whether it is online or on your television, watch good movies or documentaries. We believe from good movies that movies will give us motivation and learn something new. Watching comedy movies can also be a good option.

2. Learn to cook

If most of your time is spent in the office and you do not know how to cook, then you can also learn to cook at the time of lockdown, or you can help your family to prepare.

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3. Do exercise

If you want to be healthy during the lockdown, then do regular exercise at home. By exercising, you will be away from mental stress, and the body will also be healthy. There are many forms of exercise, such as meditation, yoga, etc.

4. online education

Now online education facility has been started in most schools and colleges. In this, children can be taught by their teachers from their homes through video conferencing. Due to this, the education of children will not be missed and their course will not be left behind even after school is closed. Also, children will continue to study regularly and will not lose their habit of reading.

5. Play Indoor Games

Even though you cannot play outdoor games, but you can enjoy indoor games with your family. During lockdown time you can play Carrom Board, Ludo, Badminton, Table Tennis, Antakshari, in the home garden.

6. Can learn online course

There are many types of online courses you can do at the time of lockdown. In today’s day, there are many such big websites that allow completing the biggest course from any major university in the world. All you have to do is watch and read online video and written courses, after that, the certificate can also be found by passing the exam online.

7. Read good books

Be it a story or a poem, a Nobel or an online book, spend your time reading good books. Lockdown is the time God has given you to read and learn something good. If we take it positively, then it will show a positive effect with us if we take it negatively. This will negatively impact us.

8. Plant trees

Yes, friends, environmental pollution has been eradicated to a large extent in most areas due to the lockdown. Now, if we promote plantation in the same place and plant trees in the gardens and houses of our homes, then we take a positive step towards the conservation of nature. Pick up. This is a good thing not only for our environment but for all of us.

9. Talk to your friends and relatives.

We forget our friends and relatives in our ordinary regular lives due to excessive workload. Contact your old friends and relatives through a call or video call at the time of lockdown and make your relationships even stronger.

10 Eat a nutritious and balanced diet.

Due to the lockdown, most people do not work and sit at home due to which the digestive system does not work properly, and there are health problems like acidity and obesity. That is why eating a nutritious and balanced diet as much as possible. Stay away from high-fat food.

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The conclusion

Whenever the problem of lockdown happens, it will be due to some compulsion, so if we change this compulsion in a positive way, then nothing can be bigger than this. By taking note of some of the common things above, we can turn the lockdown into a fun, safe, informative, way to success, like many positives.

I hope you have an Essay on lockdown, and this information will help. If you like this article, then do not forget to comment below and share it on your social media. Thank you.



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