Essay on My Best Friend | Best Essay on Best Friend

by Hussain

Essay on My Best Friend | Best Essay on Best Friend

You can read the essay on my best friend. This essay is written for school and college students in 700 words. If school students want, then you can use this essay to write an essay on my best friend in your exam.


Friendship or friendship plays an important role in everyone’s life. Friendship is a feeling of love, affection, and respect for a person. Life is meaningless without a friend. A good friend tells you your sorrows and supports you in your sorrows.

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When you are in distress, he fully helps. He removes your problems and gives you solace. If seen in the true sense, friendship completes life. Today through this article, I have presented an essay on my dear friend.

Essay on My Best Friend

Ram is my best friend. Both of us have been studying in the same class since childhood. He is an ideal student. He is at the forefront of the class. He is generous and courteous with everyone. He does not quarrel with anyone. When we used to study in school, in the evening I used to go to my house, we study and play together. His mother loves me very much.

Ram too often comes to my house. Ram has no brothers and sisters. So he likes my younger brothers. Every Sunday at noon, we go for a walk along the riverside. Ram is fond of painting. He makes very beautiful pictures.

A true friend always stands by you as Ram stays with me in every problem. Everyone has many friends, but a dear friend is only one. I love him a lot. We are also close to home, so we are good friends from childhood. Both of our friends are connected together by our early education.

Once I had a severe fever, Ram started crying after seeing my health, and he did not go to school for two days. Both of our friends are very concerned about each other. This makes the friendship of both of us stronger.

Now both of our friends study in the same college. In 11th, both of our friends chose different subjects, due to which we both study in different classes, but after the end of college time, we return home together.

Ram is a very funny friend. I am fond of writing poems, and Ram listens to my poems very carefully, and he likes my poems very much. Similarly, I also like the drawings made by Ram. I have even put some on the wall of my homeroom. Ram has won awards in several painting competitions.

The words of my dear friend Ram inspire me. He says that he has to go ahead and do some good work for the people. At the time of my early education, I was not very good at studies, but by staying with Ram my education improved a lot, and at the same time I passed my matriculation examination from first class. Even today, he is an inspiration to me in building my career.

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He works hard to fulfil his dream and wants me to do the same. Their cooperation will definitely help me achieve my goal. Mera and her family go on a picnic in the holidays.

I firmly believe that our friendship will remain the same throughout our lives because we both appreciate each other’s views. Our friendship will never end. It is evergreen. This will last as long as the Sun-Moon is in this universe.

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