Essay on My Favorite Animal in English

by Hussain

Essay on My Favorite Animal in English

Beloved animals are those we like very much. They are those whose presence and characteristics of activities attracts us a lot. We like to think and talk about them. I think almost everyone has their own choice. Each of us wishes to domesticate our beloved animals so that they remain close to us. Today we have brought you an essay on my dear animal in different word limits which will help you in completing your school assignment.

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Short and long essay on my favorite animal

Essay 1 (250 words) – My favorite animal: Dog


My dear animal, as soon as this topic comes up, a glimpse of our favorite animal comes to our mind. My favorite animal is a dog. Like this, dogs are very intelligent and loyal animals and apart from that, they are also very funny. Most of the time we see dogs as pets and that too of different breeds and varieties. I have a great passion and love for dogs. I find them to be the most loyal and loving beings.

Some symptoms of dogs

Since I like a dog the most among animals, according to that, here I am providing a list of some characteristics of a dog for you:

  • Dogs have a very friendly attitude. Usually, they move their tail when they are happy but not all the time.
  • They also have feelings of jealousy. When my sister comes close to me, my pet dog barks.
  • They can easily detect the danger and try to explain or explain it by running and barking here and there.
  • When they are left alone they usually make a loud sound and also get angry.
  • His most attractive character is that he is very honest and loyal. In fact, they require the presence of something rough;
  • Often you have seen that when you come home, they lick you and show their love.
  • They can easily know that we are feeling unhappy, and even they try to do something so that our mood gets better.

The conclusion

My beloved animal is a dog and can be easily kept as our pet. They are very sensitive to us and therefore we should take care of them as well.

Essay 2 (400 words) – My favorite animal is a dog


My favorite animal is a dog, it is seen that most people love dogs and so we can see dogs as pets in most homes. Dogs have proved their loyal attitude towards humans. It can be seen in ancient times. Even in ancient times, humans used to raise dogs. In the villages, we can see dogs living like a family with the people there.

About the dog

We design a creature with four legs, two eyes, two ears, a nose, and a tail. They are of different sizes and types; They have teeth eating both meat and normal food. Many varieties of dogs are found such as Doberman, German Shepherd, Labrador, Golden Retriever, etc.

Some breeds have good intelligence and smartness. They are used by our crime branch to detect criminals and their conditions. Dogs are usually of different colors, brown, black, spotted, golden, etc.

One fascinating behavior about dogs that I notice is that they never harm young children, instead, they also love them unconditionally a lot. Even protecting them from any kind of harm. Dogs are our good friends and help alleviate our loneliness.

They understand our grief and pain. He is our best protector and friend. They have good learning qualities, as they learn a lot when trained and work in the same way.

Dog food

Dogs usually eat bread, fish, meat, bones, and various organs. However, dogs can also eat milk, vegetables, and rice. If they are domesticated, they should be fed appropriately.

Faithful Nature of a Dog

The dog is said to be a very attractive and loyal animal. They have love and loyalty to their boss. I would like to offer an example here. In my neighborhood, there was a pet dog, affectionately called Julie, of a Pomeranian breed. 6 months ago there was a robbery at my neighbor’s house and the dog understood this, as a result, he barked to make family members aware, he tried his level best.

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But unfortunately badly injured. However, he was very much and even after being injured, did not lose his hope and it is said that he fought till the robbers left the house and the news came out for him the next day in the newspaper. Just as a dog introduced polygamy, not even a human could stand to help anyone.

The conclusion

I love dogs very much, but that doesn’t mean I only love pet dogs. I have a lot of love and care for street dogs. We should take care of the animals around us because they cannot express and express their hunger or pain. Therefore, we should also act with love and affection towards animals around us as well as responsibility as they play an important role.

Essay 3 (600 words) – My favorite animal: Elephant


My favorite animal is an elephant. Originally I am very fond of elephants. They appear to me to be the most favorable beings on this earth. As soon as the picture of an elephant comes to my mind, I feel as if a divine being has come before me with a lot of attractive natural features.

They are very fickle, the elephant is often seen enjoying in the water with a fountain on one another, especially among children. I find elephants the most attractive animal on earth and I also express my fear for the huge reduction in their numbers.

About elephants – an overview

  • The elephant is the largest mammal animal on earth which is up to 70 years of age.
  • The elephant has two eyes, two long-limbed ears, a huge body, a long trunk, and a short tail.
  • Elephants require large amounts of food to eat due to their heavy body.
  • Elephants are one of the social animals on Earth. He has been with a man for several hundred years.
  • They are good at understanding grief, happiness, and other emotions as well as expressing it.
  • Elephants walk in herds, with their flocks directed by a senior and experienced member of the group.
  • They care and love their youth very much; Elephant’s children are very cute and adorable.
  • Elephants live their lives together as a family consisting of all members of their family. His group consists of a grandmother, sister, and mother elephant. In addition, they also bury their family members when they die.
  • Elephants protect their family member during survival and even after they die. They mourn the death of their family or companions and also shed tears.
  • Any attack on them by any hunter is not easy.
    They are subject to pride as well as enjoyment; A variety of events, promotions, or other days are made on elephants.

Elephants on the verge of extinction

Elephants are constantly facing a huge reduction in their numbers due to several factors:

  • Poaching activities are one of the major causes of elephant extinction. Ivory has a very high price in the market and is used to make many precious items. Most elephants have to pay the price of their teeth for their lives. The process of taking out ivory is very painful indeed. Apart from this, they are also hunted for the flesh and skin of elephants.
  • As a result of the expansion in human settlements, the number of living species of elephants is continuously decreasing, their shelter and feeding facilities are also being destroyed. They require more food as well as larger space, thus if it is not available it will lead these elephants to extinction.
  • Elephants are also affected by various infections and diseases, thus they often die prematurely.
  • According to Hindu mythology, elephants are considered a sign of Lord Ganesha and are subject to worship, while on the other hand they are killed to obtain flesh, skin, and teeth.

Kerala incident – related to elephant death

Man’s inhuman behavior was revealed on June 5, 2021, when we heard that an elephant died due to the use of explosive-laden pineapples. The saddest thing was that the elephant was pregnant. She came to the village in search of some food and was fed a pineapple by some people from the village itself.

The animal believed in humans, so he ate the fruit, but the pineapple was filled with explosives and burst into the stomach, burning the elephant’s entire intestine and digestive system. She died of grief and pain; She must have suffered even more due to the fact that she could not save her unborn child.

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I was shocked to hear such a bad act and started crying. The idea that came to my mind was how one can reach this level of cruelty. There was a lot of news about this too. Animals are creatures that cannot speak and if they trust us, then we should prove our love and loyalty and not suffer them.

The conclusion

Elephants are those creatures that are the most sensible, kind, sensitive, and caring. They have been living with mankind since ancient times. But the race for development continues to eradicate many of our wild animals. Elephants are also at great risk. They should be protected by both government and public effort.

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