Essay on Plastic Pollution, Side Effects, Prevention

by Hussain

Essay on Plastic Pollution, Side Effects, Prevention

Plastic Pollution Essay  Plastic is such a substance that remains intact for thousands of years and does not decompose like other substances. Ever since science has progressed, humans have increased the manufacture of plastic in very large quantities. Man-made plastic for his convenience

But now this plastic is threatening the life of a human as well as the environment of the earth.

According to a 2016 report in our India country, 15,000 tons of plastic waste is released every day. Which is increasing day by day. The increasing use of plastic can be gauged from the fact that the whole world has become so plastic that the earth can be wrapped 5 times with this plastic.

And about 70 percent of this plastic is spread in the oceans.

Essay on Plastic Pollution

Many toxic chemicals are used to make plastic, due to which, wherever it is lying, it gradually gives rise to diseases and pollution.

Plastic has become involved in the routine of humans in such a way that when the tooth starts from the early morning plastic brush.

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And the bucket with which he bathes is also plastic. The spoon he eats is also plastic and when he leaves for the office, he also takes his food in a plastic box.

And the water is also carried in a plastic bottle. This means plastic has become an integral part of human life.

But as much as plastic provides human beings, it spreads diseases. A study has revealed that when the same plastic bottle is used repeatedly in drinking water, many toxic substances start dissolving in it and it can also cause terrible diseases like cancer. Let us know why plastic is used even after it is so bad for human life –

Why plastic is used?

Plastic is used by humans for their convenience. A plastic bag can carry 2000 times more weight than its weight and it is easy to carry anywhere. The way humans have progressed, humans are becoming lazier.

Because of which, whenever he goes to buy goods anywhere, he does not take clothes, paper or a bag from home. Due to which the sellers selling goods give the same to the people in the bags of polythene under compulsion. Due to which the use of plastic has increased in great quantity.

And nowadays it is the time of fast food, so people are preferring to eat on the way and this food is also given to them in plastic bags. Nowadays, everything comes wrapped like this.

The harmful effect of plastic

Plastic has a lot of side effects on all the living organisms on the earth as well as the components needed for other life. Plastic is acting as a slow poison, it has dissolved in human life in such a way that humanity is using it even if he does not want to.

Such toxic substances come out of the plastic that they slowly spoil human health. Let us know how much the plastic side effect has increased –

1) Water Pollution

Plastic is made by mixing such substances which are not destroyed for thousands of years. And this is why plastic is also becoming the cause of water pollution nowadays because everything is being manufactured by human beings like plastic, such as drinking bottles, spoons for food, toothbrushes, to bring goods, other items. Plastic is also used for packing.

Even plastic toys are being made for children to play. And most of the plastic items are made by humans which are thrown away after being used in one go.

Due to which these thrown objects keep accumulating here and there due to wind and then when it rains, it flows with water and goes into rivers and streams and then into the ocean. Many times these plastic bags stop the river drains.

An example of which we got to see in Mumbai city a few years ago was because the plastic bags and bottles stopped the flow of drains and half of the city of Mumbai was flooded.

Due to plastic not deteriorating for thousands of years, it remains to lie in the oceans, slowly toxic substances are released from the plastic, which dissolves in the water and pollutes it.

2) Soil Pollution

As you know, the plastic disintegration process takes 500 to thousands of years, so when the plastic is buried inside the ground, it does not disintegrate and leaves toxic gases and substances.

Due to which the land there becomes barren and if any crop is produced, then it is harmful to human health due to poisonous substances found in it.

4) Air Pollution

Just as the use of plastic in human life is increasing, many people burn plastic for the solution of plastic waste. Those people understand that by burning plastic, it can be destroyed and pollution can also be avoided. But happens

This is quite the opposite because when plastic is made, a lot of toxic chemicals are used in it, and when it is burnt, all those chemicals spread in the air and cause air pollution. Plume smoke

If it is breathed for a long time, then a human can suffer many diseases. It is very dangerous for human life.

5) Influence on human life

Since plastic is most commonly used by humans. Due to which its side effects also fall more on the human being. A human is born, since then plastic is handed in his hands. From the nipple of milk in the mouth of a small child, it is made of the plastic diaper.

Plastic toys are also provided for the child to play. Even the human being is surrounded by the most plastic during his entire life and uses it the most.

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But plastic poses a great danger to human life because the plastic dissolves in all the essential things that a human needs for life. Due to which many terrible diseases are occurring. According to research, plastic can also cause diseases like cancer. Plastic can also cause the collapse of human life in the future.

6) Side effects on sea creatures

Earth’s most plastic objects are found in the oceans. Because plastic is thrown into the oceans by humans in such a way that the seashore is a garbage vessel. The plastic flows to the sea with the water flowing in the rivers and drains.

Toxic chemicals such as xylene, ethylene oxide, and benzene are used in plastic products. Sea creatures eat the plastic as food, due to which this plastic gets trapped in their lungs or respiratory tract and they die. Due to which the population of sea creatures is decreasing in the coming days.

7) Side effects on fauna

Most items are made by plastics which are discarded after being used by humans at once, such as water bottles, toys, toothbrushes, packing material, polythene bags, plastic boxes, etc. It is used only once by humans.

Then all these items are thrown into the garbage. There is also leftover food in this waste which is eaten by cows or other animals along with these plastic items, this plastic organism gets trapped in the lungs of animals. Due to which they have difficulty in breathing and they die.

How to Stop Plastic Pollution

  1. Boycott items made of plastic.
  2. Do not throw plastic bags and bottles that are fit for use, use them till they get spoiled.
  3. Avoid using items made of plastic that have to be thrown away once used.
  4. Instead of plastic, use bags made of cloth, paper, and coats.
  5. Whenever you go to buy something, take the cloth bag with you again so that you do not have to bring the goods in plastic bags.
  6. While purchasing goods from the shopkeeper, ask him to give the same in bags made of cloth or paper.
  7. Prefer steel or pottery for food items.
  8. Choose plastic PETE and HDPE type goods. Because this type of plastic is easy to recycle.
  9. The side effects of plastic should be promoted so that it is used less by people.
  10. In schools, students should write essays about the side effects of plastic, there should be a debate competition so that the students can know how harmful plastic is to our lives so that it can be used at least since childhood. Will take.
  11. Never try to destroy the plastic on its own because we will encourage some kind of pollution. It would be better if we give this plastic to a recycling company.

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