Essay on Village | Best Essay on Village Life 2021

by Hussain

Essay on Village | Best Essay on Village Life 2021

In this article, we have written an essay on rural life (village life) on Essay on Village in English. In this, you have given complete information about education, home, lifestyle, health facilities, people, and traditions in rural areas. This essay has been written in 1200 words for school and college students.

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Let’s start – Essay on village life or rural life.

Introduction (Essay on village – 1200 words)

The life of the village or the rural life of the people is considered to be those who live far away from the cities and like the cities they do not get all kinds of facilities. The life of the village people is very different as compared to the urban people.

In today’s article, we will tell you about how people living in rural villages live their lives and their beautiful environment as well.

Villages in India

Today India is a developing country. Even then there are many more villages in India today than in the cities. According to the report, more than 75 percent of the Indian population lives in the town. The life of the village is quiet, green and pollution-free.

Seeing the beauty and greenery of the village fields is something else. All major decisions in the village are passed through the officer and sarpanch of the panchayat office.

Rural education

Even today, the life of the village is very different from the cities in this modern era. The facilities of a complete education in the village are not available even today. Even today most of the villages have only primary school facilities, and some big villages have only high school facilities.

Even today, the children of the village have to go to big cities for college or higher education. In such a situation, people who do not have money to send their children to the city, they stop their education. Thus most people remain uneducated in the village.

Village house and lifestyle

Earlier all the villages of India used to have chaat made of bamboo and straw and houses were also made of mud, but now with the help of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, poor people in the village are getting pucca homes for free.

Almost all the villagers do farming and raise chickens, cows, buffalo, oxen, and goats in their homes. Also, the people of the village do not go to buy vegetables in the vegetable market like urban people. Everyone grows vegetables in their fields and gardens and eat their homegrown vegetables.

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There are very few people living in the village compared to the city. People in the village have a lot of open space around their house, and not everyone has a motorcycle or a car. Most people in the village have a bullock cart as a vehicle. But in some places now people in the village also have the facilities of car-motor.

Health facilities

Now first aid centers have also been opened near the village from the government, due to which the people of the village are also getting facilities in the field of medicine. For the time of emergency, the government has now provided free 108 ambulance service in most first aid centers which have proved very helpful.

People of the village hold small weekly markets where people go to buy clothes, food items, electricity, and other essential items. If he has to buy some big things, then he goes to the nearby city.

The weather in the village is very pleasant, and the atmosphere is very clean. Today, due to pollution in urban areas, breathing has become difficult. But this is not the case in the village. Due to less vehicular traffic in the village, pollution is negligible, and hence the environment is also clean.

But in rural areas where there is a scarcity of water, the water resources are very unhygienic because, in most of the villages where people wash clothes, bathe cow-buffalo in the pond, they bathe themselves and eat and drink that water. Let’s use it.

Even today most people in the village defecate outside due to which many types of diseases – such as typhoid, diarrhea, etc. also have to be suffered. Today many campaigns of the government like – Swachh Bharat Abhiyan have started the campaign to make people aware of cleanliness, but we will take a lot of time to improve the habits of superstition and unclean India that have come from this ancient times.

Village people

Most of the people in villages in areas where farming is not being done properly due to some natural reasons are below the poverty line (BPL-Below poverty line). They do not even have food grains to eat for a time because they do not have fields or water is not available in the fields.

Most of the government of the state has provided Jan Dhan Yojana bank account for these poverty line people as well as 2 rupees rice is being provided according to the family as well as LPG gases from house to house as per Prime Minister Ujjwala scheme. Have been.

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The first few years ago, the life of the village used to sink into darkness as soon as most of the villages had no electricity. Today most of the villages have access to electricity. Now the children of the village are also working hard and achieving many successes in the field of education.

Traditional Festivals and Culture

Today, even though people in urban areas have forgotten the culture and tradition of India to some extent, even today, the tradition and culture of our country are filled in the hearts of the rural people. The village festival does not have as many fireworks and light as the cities, but the right rules in it, and people enjoy the festival together.

The conclusion

Although the life of the village looks very painful to see, it is very beautiful and beautiful. Today, due to the internet and good roadways, the rural life of India has also taken a long way forward.

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