Essay on Women Education in English 2021

by Hussain

Essay on Women Education in English 2021

This article gives an essay on women education. Asking in this essay, exams start from class 6 itself. The essay given below is given in simple language.

The famous thinker Tolstoy has said that the rise and fall of any country happen in women of that country. If the country’s woman is educated, then the citizens of that country will be educated automatically.

Essay on Women Education

Since ancient times, India has marked its mark in the entire world due to its education and culture. Because in ancient India, there were universities like Nalanda, Taxila, where students from every corner of the country used to come to study, but from every corner of the world, students came to take education.

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But after some time, our country got trapped in a vortex that continuously increased the empire of illiteracy in India. As a result, today, a large population of the country is the victim of illiteracy. Female education remains a significant problem in this.

In the Vedic period, women have always been independently educated, the main ones being – Anusuiya, Gargi, Lilavati; she is such a woman who influenced society through her intellectual arts. But in the post-Vedic period, both the status and education of women became miserable, and the savior of the society was caught in the shackles of illiteracy.

Both men and women are the two wheels of this society vehicle. If one of these wheels is also damaged, then it has a profound effect on society. Therefore, it is essential to be equally educated. Because women are the pioneers of our society and the necessary foundation of our society, education becomes more critical.

A woman becomes a mother and raises children as a mother, makes them quality, and imparts education to them, so it is said that the mother is the first guru of the child. If the mother is educated, the child also becomes educated and talented. Therefore, an educated and civilized society needs to be educated by a woman.

Women are blessed with great qualities like kindness, affection, sweetness, faith, cleanliness, dedication, and sacrifice. Therefore, women’s education is necessary because a woman can prove to be skilled in medicine, education, child nutrition, beauty, etc.

The government has also launched a variety of schemes focusing on women’s education. Among which Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Kasturba Gandhi Vidyalaya Scheme is the head. The government borrows the poor girls who are deprived of education and free education, living, and full education.

Therefore every section of the society will have to awaken the glory of women’s education. Because when a woman is educated, then society will also be educated.

Today’s woman

Education is equal for both men or women in today’s modern era, which is also mentioned in our constitution. Our constitution provides a fundamental right to education to all. Due to this, wherever we look today, women are moving side by side with men.

Along with men, women are also serving in positions like an engineer, doctor, teacher, pilot, police. Rani Lakshmibai, Indira Gandhi, Sarojini Naidu, Kiran Bedi, Kalpana Chawla, etc., are women who have not established their supremacy in society. Instead encouraged other daughters to cross the threshold of the home.

As a result of which our society is improving a lot today and is engaged in educating our daughters, we have today that women are surpassing men in every field. The service spirit in medicine is in a woman, not in a man.

In the field of science, women have hoisted fame. Kalpana Chawla is India’s first female astronaut who is an inspiration to the women of Indian society.

Women of our country are actively participating in every field and even in politics. Former Prime Minister of our country Indira Gandhi and former President Pratibha Patil remain a role model for our society’s daughter and women.

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In the recent Chandrayaan 2 mission, the women of the country showed their unique skills. Yet, in today’s educated environment, women’s condition in various places of the country is not satisfactory. In many rural areas, women are still confined to the threshold of the home.

But the condition of the society is improving under the efforts of the present government and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. Because many girls in rural areas have also defeated boys in arts, sports, medicine, science, and administrative services, girls get better quality than boys.

Today’s educated woman is standing on her feet, and due to the bright light of education, the woman is also illuminating society with her fast. Apart from making an invaluable contribution in every sphere of life, women are also doing fantastic work in the education world.

And he is no less than a man in any field. Therefore, women have a huge contribution in every sphere of life, along with education.

Slogans on women education

  • Today’s call of the nation
    Read and write, women are smart.


  • A woman loves nothing
    Woman is destiny.


  • Give the gift of education to your children
    That is why women are called God.


  • The woman is life; the woman is the basis of life
    A family is made up of women.


  • If society is to be educated
    So women have to adopt education.


  • Burn this flame in every house
    Every woman should teach.


  • A woman is proud of the country
    We are all respected.

The conclusion

Women’s education forms society and the upliftment of women leads to the upliftment of the nation. You read this article in the essay on women education. I hope you find this article simple and friendly. If you liked this article, then share it on social media.

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