Know, History and Biography of Bindusara

by Hussain

History and Biography of Bindusara

Today we will tell you about the history and biography of Bindusara in this article.

Who was Bindusara?

Bindusara, Chandra was the son of Gupta Maurya. Bindusara took over the throne after his father’s death, he came under the rule from 278 to 298 BC. Then the Greek writers named him Amitrochets, which means the destroyer of enemies, the people of Jainism called his name Sinhsen, Bindusara, who ran his father’s kingdom very well.

Divyadan said that his mother’s name was Durdhara. There was a rebellion in Taksila during Bindusara, to reduce the conflict of that rebellion, he sent his son Ashoka. Ashoka gave medicine to this rebellion and Bindusara, like his father, divided the empire into the provinces. Ashoka was appointed Avantika Uparaja.

Relations with other states and countries

Even at the time of Bindusara, Western India kept friendly relations with the Greek states before Chandragupta. King Antiochus I of Syria sent his ambassador named Dionysus to the court of Bindusara. King Tolmie II of Egypt sent Dionysus as his ambassador and sent him to the court of Maurya. A Greek writer named Athenaeus has informed about the friendly behavior between Bindusara and Syria, he said that he had demanded three things from the King of Syria.

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Sweet wines, dry figs, philosopher Syrian regime sent sweet wines, dry figs, but philosophers did not send them. He also told the King of Syria that there is no sale of philosopher here. It is against the law here. Khalawat assisted him in his Council of Ministers in running Bindusar’s rule. Khallawat was a scholar.

Chanakya was present at that time but lived in his separate hut which was situated some distance away from the palace. At this time, the reigns of Khallawat and Chanakya took place but there was no responsibility for Chanakya but still, Chanakya kept his promise of protecting the state.

Bindusara ruled for 25 years and died after ruling until 273 AD He was a follower of the Brahmin religion. Bindusara, Chandra was not as gallant and courageous as the Gupta Mauryas, yet he maintained the integrity of the Magadha Empire in the Puranas. It is told that the black mark on Bindusar’s forehead was from childhood.


Chandra Gupta Maurya is believed to have been given mild poison under the direction of Chanakya since childhood and hence he became such a poisonous person. However, this was being done to protect her, because at that time, to kill the king, the poison girl was used instead of the enemy.

This did not affect Chandragupta Maurya as a poison girl; therefore, he was not having any children after that, then Chanakya removed the poison of his body with his knowledge and medicines. Then Bindusara was born, but due to excess of poison, there was a black mark on his forehead and his mother died at the time of his birth. To what extent this is true, it is hidden in the womb of history.

Chandragupta-Bindusara’s father and the founder of the Maurya Empire had already conquered northern India. Bindusara’s campaign had reached close to Karnataka, perhaps because the extreme southern regions like the Cholas, Pandyas, and Cheras had good relations with the Mauryas. After Bindusara’s death, his sons continued in a war of succession, leaving Ashoka victorious after many years of struggle.

The east is surrounded by plateaus and the west by ghats, which meet at the southern tip of the plateau. Its northern end is the Satpura Range. The average height of the Deccan is around 2,000 feet (600 m), which is generally sloping eastward. Its major rivers – Godavari, Krishna, and Kaveri (Kaveri) – flow east from the Western Ghats into the Bay of Bengal. The climate of the plateau is arid and dry in places.

Bindusar’s family members

A book was written on Ashoka which was named “Ashokavadan” according to this book Bindusara had three sons. His sons were named Ashoka, Sushim, and Vigatashoka. Ashoka and Vigatashoka were sons of Bindusara’s second wife Subhadrangi, the daughter of a Brahmin family.

Bindusara’s father adopted Buddhism and in the Buddhist Samanthasandika and Mahavamsa, the religious texts of Buddha people, Bindusara adopted Hinduism (Brahman). That is why they are also called “Brahmana Bhutto”. Which means victory of Brahmins.

Controversy regarding the religion of Bindusara

There is controversy about the religion of Bindusara because Chandragupta, the father of Bindusara, adopted Jainism before his death. Ashoka adopted the Buddhist religion there.

Bindusar conflicts

If we look at other kings of history, Bindusara was somewhat less aggressive than other Mauryan kings. But he faced many rebellions in his life. The most important of these was Pataliputra University.

There were rebellions against him twice during his reign at Pataliputra University. The first was caused by Sushim’s lack of good governance and there is no specific evidence of a second rebellion, but Ashoka is believed to have crushed the aggression in the second rebellion.

Bindusara made his elder son named Sushim the kingdom of his throne, but Ashoka killed his other brothers and took over the throne.

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