What is the history of Birsa Munda?

by Hussain

History of Birsa Munda

Today we are going to read you the bold story and history of Birsa Munda in this article, which will awaken your immense inspiration to move forward and love for the country in your heart. Also, this story reminds us of our immortal revolutionaries and freedom fighters.

Who was Birsa Munda?

Birsa Munda was born on 15 November 1875 in Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Birsa Munda is one such name in the history of Jharkhand, which is enough to mention, as soon as you hear its name, you can see the light of glow in the eyes of the people there. The youth there consider him as their ideal. Birsa Munda confronted the British with a rebuke and forced the British to return to Lagaan and helpless them to fulfill their demands.

He even waged a guerrilla war against the British, although he was then caught and jailed along with his comrades, he neither bowed down in front of the British nor he withdrew from this movement.

The Rise of Birsa Munda, son of Earth – History

At the time when Birsa was born, the British atrocity was at its peak. Constant changes were being made in the tribal farming system, due to which the situation of tribal farmers dying of starvation was becoming. The lands of the tribals were being taken away from them. People were being forced to convert. Now Birsa had grown up and saw everything and felt the problems of the people.

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A sense of antagonism had arisen within them as well, the flame of anger could be seen in their eyes at that time. But being younger, he was silent as he could not do much. He pacified his anger and was waiting for the right time when he would grow up and remind the British of his grandmother.

It is believed that he had to change his religion to become a Christian and adopt Christianity to study well in a school. But later he again returned to Hinduism and read Hindu texts and gained Hindu knowledge from them and explained the principles of Hinduism to his Hindu tribal people, he told people that we should worship cow and cow slaughter Advised to resist.

He made his friends aware to oppose the repression policy of the British, he gave a slogan to all, ‘End the rule of the queen, establish your empire’, gradually their rebellion for the interests of the tribals was so fierce that People started calling him ‘Dharti Ava’ i.e. Earth son. Even today the tribal people worship Birsa in the name of Lord Birsa Munda.

The front opened for ‘Lagaan apology’

First was watching the atrocities of the British. After some time, the British started occupying the lands of the tribals because the tribals were unable to pay them all this was not seen from them and they openly declared a revolt against the British without any fear. , He said that he will not follow the rules of any British and he shouted at the British and said that our lands were taken away It is not so easy.

These have been ours for centuries, we only have authority over them. It will be good for you people that you go back to your country in a direct way, otherwise people do not even know what we will do to you, we will put the corpses of your corpses, but the government has ignored all this and Birsa was arrested along with his comrades Birsa was arrested for the first time on August 9, 1895, but was released by his comrades.

After getting out of jail as Birsa

The fire of agitation against the British had increased due to the arrest of Birsa. When Birsa came out of jail, he did not let the fire cool down, he sought cooperation from the people active in this struggle and formed many small organizations. There was a meeting of the Mundas on the Dombari hill, in which a strategy of struggle was made against the British.

There were different types of people in which some people wanted that the whole fight should be in peace, but most of the people believed that the brick should be answered with stone i.e. rebellion should be fierce, they said that they should sit silently or get anything from peace No, now the time had changed, so they would have to resort to weapons to carry out their rebellion. Birsa Munda stamped this and it was here that the weapon revolt started.

When it was reported that the tribals had made furious preparations, they tried to suppress them a lot with their repression policy. The centers associated with this movement were raided and fiercely arrested people. Innocent people also had to be beaten. The common tribals suffered a lot of atrocities with the people, even the British soldiers took away the property and property of the tribals. Seeing all this, the agitators could not keep up and they too became angry. They too started their action and attacked the offices of the British and also set fire to many places. Many British officers lost their lives in this.

Gorilla War ‘

His comrades under the leadership of Birsa jointly attacked against the British, which was called the Gorilla War, this war broke the British. The British could not understand how to avenge this with Birsa Munda. In the end, the British decided and called an army from the surrounding districts and decided to end this movement.

In this war, with one side fighting with bow and arrow, spear and ax, on the other hand, the army’s guns were not ready to stop at any cost, it wanted to crush this movement. The agitators surrounded the Dombari hills by the English. The army asked the rebels to throw weapons, in response, the rebels started shouting – “Goro, you have to go back to your country.” Hearing this, the British started firing indiscriminately and roasted thousands of gunmen with gunfire, yet Birsa Munda was not caught.

Birsa arrest

Birsa along with his companions fled to the jungles of Jammkropi. The British were unaware of the paths of this forest, it was impossible to capture Birsa from here. Birsa made this forest his home. He used to go from village to village in secret and he continued his movement like this, all was going well, only then some of his people came and surrendered in the words of the British.

This was not good news for Birsa Munda and the country, but now he became more careful than before. He was afraid that those who surrendered should not open all the secrets to the British, and that is why the British started destroying the forest rapidly, due to which Birsa Munda changed his place but still one-day Birsa was arrested while sleeping from the forest of Jamkropi and all his companions were also arrested.

The death

In jail, Birsa spent his last breath and died on 9 June 1900 in Ranchi. Birsa Munda lived only for 25 years, but in those same years, he did a lot and sacrificed his life for the country.

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