History of Shukratal Dham located in Muzaffarnagar

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Interesting history of Shukratal Dham located in Muzaffarnagar

What are the history of Shukratal and its associated beliefs?

Since ancient times, people have a secure attachment to faith in India. Every Hindu class of India is always comfortable to fulfill and decorate its religious beliefs and cultural civilizations. Today, we will know about some such sacred places associated with the Mahabharata period, which in today’s time, people get to hear and say about it.

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A pilgrimage site called Shukratal is present in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, about 150.2 km from the capital Delhi. It is said that the story of this place of pilgrimage is closely related to the Mahabharata period.

Today, we will know through this article about the shrine called Shukratal located in Muzaffarnagar and some of the beliefs related to it, we will tell you through this article. If you also want to know about this untold and unheard religious place of pilgrimage, then you must read this article till the end.

History of Shukratal Dham located in Muzaffarnagar

Devotees from far and wide come to the pilgrimage site called Shukratal located in Muzaffarnagar and here, take a bath in the river Ganges and sanctify their faith. At the Shukratal shrine of Muzaffarnagar, there is a tree named Akshvat, which is spreading its vast batches.

This sacred tree is very old and ancient. Devotees worship and revere this holy tree. The Bhagwat Gita is organized from time to time for salvation at this pilgrimage site, and the Bhagwat stories are also recited elsewhere.

The entire introduction here is famous as a pilgrimage site. Many ancient temples, Dharamshalas, Samagams, etc. have been established at this religious place. In ancient times, the shrine was very close to the river Ganges and there used to be a flow of river Ganga.

But at this time, the Ganges river has been far away from this religious place. To see the temples in this holy place, many stairs have to be climbed. After climbing a lot of stairs, you can climb up and worship the temple and see Gods and Goddesses.

What are the mythological and religious stories about the Shukratal shrine?

In the city of Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh, India, there is a mythological and historical pilgrimage site called Shukratal. According to mythological and religious stories, about 5000 years before the present period, during the Mahabharata period, the then Maharaj Pandav descendant of Hastinapur, King Parikshit, for liquor release.

Here is the Akshvat tree situated in the banks of the Ganges, and under this tree about 5000 years ago, 88000 sages-sages and Sukhdev Ji Maharaj themselves had narrated the Shrimad Bhagwat Katha to get curse on King Parikshit.

It is said that an unintentional mistake was made by King Parikshit, which caused him to curse snake death by the son of a sage. Sri Sukhdev Muni had told the story of Shrimad Bhagwat Gita along with 88 thousand sage-sages under the Akshavat tree to King Parikshit of the Pandava dynasty and got King Parikshit free from the curse.

What other stories and beliefs about the sacred Vat tree?

Hindu devotees are still seen worshiping the Vat tree, which has been sitting on the religious site of Shukratal since ancient times. This sacred tree still retains the spiritual significance of this place, with its beliefs and its charming charm.

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If we talk about this tree, it is said that even when the leaves of all the trees start drying up and falling on the ground, this tree remains green, that is, the leaves of this sacred tree never dry up. If we tell you one more thing related to this tree, then we come to know that this tree is enormous, and despite being huge, its trees do not arise, and it is shocking.

What are the mythological and modern beliefs about this sacred banyan tree?

This religious tree present in Shukratal is very old and ancient. Despite being of ancient times, the sacred tree looks very new and young.

If we tell you more about this religious place, a well is located about 200 meters away from this sacred tree, and according to people, it is a well of the Pandava era.

Residents of this religious place say that it is one of the very ancient and sacred sites, but unfortunately, the governments here do not take charge of its propagation.

But despite this, Peetadhishwar Oman and Maharaj of this religious place says that many devotees keep coming from every corner of the country to worship and visit this holy place. Peethadhishwar Swami Omananda says that devotees come here and stop and tell the story of Shrimad Bhagwat Gita and Satyanarayana for about one week.

Every devotee who comes to this place listens and tells the story of Shrimad Bhagwat Gita and Satyanarayan under this sacred tree. It is said that whatever devotees believe in their right mind and heart by tying thread under this ancient and religious Vat tree, their wish is fulfilled. Whatever devotee sitting here with pure heart, Satyanarayana God, or Shrimad The Bhagavata tells the story, it also attains supreme salvation.

There are much such religious heritage, heritage in our country, which are enthralled with tremendous amazing and incredible powers. But today there is an absolute lack in our country, that people do not take any concrete steps to propagate this ancient heritage and mythological heritage.

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Today, it becomes the duty of every citizen and government of our country that the ancient heritage and ancient religious places still present should be promoted, so that unknown devotees can increase their faith even more.

Today, there is a need to highlight the religious faith in our country, even more, our country is world-famous only for our culture and religion. In today’s society, we need that every citizen of our country should protect his religious civilization and the heritage of ancient times. We will be delighted that through this platform, we have provided information about this holy place to all of you, and we have tried to propagate it at our level.

Today we request you that all of you people will have to share this religious article with your friends and family. The more you spread this article, the more information people will get about this holy place.

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