How to give a great presentation? 10 Tips

by Hussain

How to give a great presentation

Hello friends, you will all know about the presentation. Many of you may have given a presentation in your office or college many times. We all know how difficult it is to give a presentation, many people are afraid of the name of the presentation.

But if we give the presentation in the right way, then we can give a good presentation. In today’s article, we will tell you – how can you give a good presentation?

Dale Herbison Carnegie, a great American writer, and lecturer believed that –

“You always make three speeches in front of someone. The first you have experienced (practiced, practiced), the second you gave and the third you wanted to give. ”

The success of any successful manager and senior officer of another office is also due to their good presentation. Many of you may think that you wish you could also give a good presentation and become a successful manager, today we will tell you some facts from which you too can give a good presentation.

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If you want to give a presentation, and you want to give a very good presentation. For that, you should keep in mind that you must first overcome some of the deficiencies inside you. If you have never given a presentation before this, then you should go to the presentation of others and see how they give their presentation.

How to give the best presentation? 11 tips 

We have given some methods for preparing a low presentation so that you can give a good presentation.

1. Understand your presentation properly

If you want your presentation to be good, then you should understand your topic. When you understand your topic, you will be able to give your presentation properly.

2. Prepare extensively before going for presentation

Many of you think that they cannot give a good presentation. But let me tell you that nothing is difficult in this world. But if we prepare it properly, then we can give a good presentation. If you want the presentation to go well, then you should prepare it in a secluded place first.

Because many times we get nervous seeing more people and spoil our presentation because they do not prepare for it. When you go to prepare your presentation in advance, you will not be too nervous after going to the presentation room. So that your presentation will go well on its own.

3. Create the best PowerPoint slide presentation

A good PPT has an important role in any good presentation. The better your ppt (powerpoint slide) will be, the better your presentation can be. That is why a good presenter always uses a good ppt for his presentation.

To make a good presentation –

  • Use vector images.
  • Use Animation.
  • Write all the points clear.

4. Check your presentation once before meeting

You must check your PPT and PPT equipment before your presentation so that there is no problem during your presentation. If you are not checking your PPT and if there is any decrease in your PPT, then your entire presentation will be spoiled.

5. Don’t use unnecessary words

When you are giving your presentation, you should not use meaningless words that have no meaning. You all must have seen many times that many people use many useless words during their presentation like Amm, Hmm, Aa … e.t.c. When you use such words, there is a wrong impression.

6. Create attractive slides

You should make your PPT slides very attractive. So that people who are watching your presentation, they will be attracted to your presentation. Also, animation in every presentation slide, use color in the title.

7.  Use graphic in the presentation

You should use a good graphic in the presentation so that the logo looks good and they will be attracted to your presentation. You can download beautiful free images from sites like freepik, pixels, and pixabay.

8. Don’t read PowerPoint slide texts

Many people look at the slides during their presentation and read, which spoils their presentation on their own. Whenever you go to give your presentation, your topic should be prepared before that. Because when you read the presentation slides, a wrong image is created in the minds of the people who are watching your presentation.

9.  Do not be nervous during the presentation

Friends, you wish that your presentation goes well. So for that, you have to take care that you are not nervous during the presentation. When you are nervous, you start using some useless words and sometimes even say something wrong. Which makes our presentation worse.

10.  Keep track of time

Time should be kept in mind during the presentation. An attempt should be made to finish within the time given by the presentation. Set the time to finish all the slides of your presentation in advance, so that you can use the time correctly when you are going through the presentation.

11.  Use KISS (Keep it short and simple) rule

If you want your presentation to be good, then you need to use the KISS (Keep it short and simple) rule. The more simple and concise your presentation is, the more people like it.

Important things to consider during the presentation.

  • The topic you are giving a presentation on. You should have full knowledge of it. So that there is no mistake in the presentation.
  • The presentation should end at its scheduled time, as everyone has a full-day program. Many people go to many different meetings.
  • During your presentation, you should talk only on your topic. Do not talk about different topics.
  • Avoid being nervous during the presentation. So that your presentation can go well.
  • You should use the words respectfully in your presentation like Thanks, Sorry, Please, etc.

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