How to Impress a Girl and Women | 10 Fastest Way Tip

by Hussain

How to Impress a Girl and Women | 10 Best Fastest Way

Hello friends, in today’s time every boy wants to have a good girlfriend too. But there are many reasons why girls do not like us. In today’s article, we are going to tell you some ways to impress a girl. Using which you can also impress a girl. Read the full article to know about it.

There are several ways to impress girls. Many girls are impressed not by the looks and status of boys but by the manners of boys, but many prefer girls by giving them the look and status of boys. Most girls do not like boys who show ostentatious behavior to impress girls.

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How to Impress a Girl and Women | 10 Best Fastest Way Tip

Many times you like a girl who does not even see you and you do not have any importance for her. In such a situation, you do not have to be worried. There are many ways to impress an unknown girl, using which you can make that girl your girlfriend. Which we have explained below as follows:

1. Do not show off

Let me tell you that girls do not like boys who pretend everything. Therefore, you should try to remain as you are in front of girls. If you want to impress a friend, then for this you should spend more and more time with him and should do everything he likes. You should praise him and give him some gifts.

Many boys study in college and they want to impress the girls there. For this, you should spend more time with them in the class, library and you should speak your heart on a good opportunity (college functions, parties, projects, etc.).

2. Supportive and Helpful

We all like someone and want to impress that girl, then the most important thing is how supportive your nature is for her. For example, if you like a girl and want to do something different, then instead of stopping her, help her.

But keep in mind that if you are supporting someone, then she is doing the right thing. If she is doing wrong, then it is very important to stop her. By doing this you can impress that girl.

3. Don’t behave like a boss

Many boys consider themselves like a boss and they impose their choice on girls, not their choice. It is right to do so. If you want to impress a girl, then you should talk about everything with girls and also seek advice from them. So that he can feel comfortable with you.

4. Do not get angry

Let me tell you that girls like boys with a calm temperament. Sometimes we get angry about something which is a very minor thing. So you should keep your anger calm.

But do not stop your anger at the place where it is needed. You should always be like a sensible person in front of girls, this affects girls more.

5. Do not compare with any other girl

The girl you like or whom you want to impress should never be compared to any other girl. Because girls never like that someone compares them to another girl.

When you compare her to a girl, it can put a wrong impression in that girl’s mind. But instead of comparing you with someone, you can praise him so that girls get impressed quickly.

6. Get a special feel

This is most important for any girl to impress. Whichever girl you like or want to impress. To impress her, you have to make her a special feel. For this, whenever you get time, you must take advantage of it.

The special meaning of making a special feel means that he should be engaged, you care about him. For example, when she is walking on the road with you, do not let her walk on the roadside, or when she calls you and you are not able to receive the phone then first say sorry then talk. Because girls pay attention to small things.

7. Praise him

Any girl loves to hear water. That is why you need to praise a girl. But you have to take care that your praise does not get fake.

Girls like to be praised but they also hate false praise. Whenever you get an opportunity to impress a girl, you must praise her.

8. Do not talk about your old girlfriend

If you want to impress a girl, then you should never talk about your old girlfriend nor should you ask about the girl’s past. This may cause a wrong impression in the girl’s brain. Anyway, girls do not like to talk about their old boyfriends. So you should not talk about it either.

9. Choice of good clothes

Good clothes do not mean that you wear more expensive clothes. What I mean to say is that you should wear clothes that look good on you. If you look good, o girls will like you by themselves. You can also consult one of your female friends or your sister for choosing good clothes because girls are believed to have more knowledge.

10. Do not get bored while talking

Whenever you talk to a girl, you should talk about some topics that girls like. So that they do not get bored and they enjoy talking with you. Apart from this, if you want to talk, a funny person can talk so that laughter can be created. You should be a little funny with girls because most girls like funny or funny boys.

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