How to know a fake friend and What you can do about it

by Hussain


How to know a fake friend?

Hello friends, you all know that we make many friends in our life and some of them are our true friends, but they also become very false friends. In this article today, we are going to tell you how you can separate your false friends from your true friends or how to identify false friends.

We all know that friendship is a very beautiful relationship. Which we keep close to our hearts. When it comes to friends, we support our friends regardless of anyone, but in today’s time, it cannot be denied that there are many false friends too who only befriend us for their own benefit. Let’s do it. Therefore, we should keep such friends separate from our lives and our true friends. So that they do not have any wrong effect on our lives.

In order to maintain our friendship with someone, we have to make many efforts in our life. Loyalty to your friends, the time has to be surrendered too many things with it. That is why we should always choose a better and true friend. So that our efforts do not go to those false friends, which we should do for our true friends. Let us know how you can identify your false friends.


How to know a fake friend

Friends false friends also have certain characteristics such as a true friend. –

1.  the envy

Jealousy is such a thing that you can easily identify your false friends who live with you as a true friend. There is never jealousy or jealousy of any friend within a true friend.

A true friend will never be jealous of your success, but a false friend will continue to burn with your success and will always think about your waste inside, seeing your happiness. A true friend stays with you in your success and your happiness and sorrow.

2.  Negativity

In any friendship, we encourage our true friend in every decision. But when talking about false friends, a false friend will always prove your decision wrong and you always get negative vibes from it. It is a specialty in any false friend that he always forces you to think about the condition so that you never succeed in your life.

3.  Break promise

All of you will have friends with many people in your biography, but very few of them will be friends who will fulfill their promises fully. A true friend always fulfills his promise, but when it comes to false friends, he never fulfills his promise.

The reason is that they do not consider you as their true friend. We should keep in mind that we should keep our false friends away from our lives which is not right for our true and good friends.

4.  Not stand by

We all know that when something bad happens to any friend, we walk step by step with him in his bad times. But a false friend is not always with you in your bad times.

Because no one loves your happiness and sorrow. That is why when making friends with someone, keep in mind that his nature, his thinking and his nature towards his friends.

5.  Feel bad for not speaking the time

When you spend less time with a true friend, he does not mind at all, because he understands your problems and he does not want you to be too upset due to spending more time with him. But when you do not spend time with a false friend, he makes you feel very bad about why you are not spending much time with him.

6.  Evil behind

As far as I know, no one does evil behind his true friend, and if someone of his friend is doing evil then we fight him for his friend. But the one who is a false friend always burns with you and keeps your evil behind.

“Fake friends: once they stop talking to you, they start talking about you.”

7.  Try to degrade

If your friend always tries to make you look low or looks down on you, then he may not be your true friend, you can think of yourself that if he was your true friend, then you will be embarrassed But not always looking with respect and helping in achieving success.

8.  Timepass in the name of friendship

Friends, a true friend of nobody will pass time in the name of friendship with you. His friendship with you is very long and he plays his friends fully. But a false friend only passes time in the name of friendship with you. His friendship with you cannot last long, because he has befriended you only for his own sake.

9. Tell the most about personal things

Friends, we all know that we tell a lot of our personal things to our friends because we believe in them that they will not tell anyone about us. But a false friend tells you all your personal things so that you are disgraced and everyone knows about you.

Some amazing things about true friends

Friends, we all know what is true about a true friend, but still, we will tell you some special things about a true friend.

  1. Friendship is not common for a true friend. He supports his friends in every situation. He always supports his friends in good and bad times.
  2. A true friend is always with you in your decision and they also inspire you.
  3. True friends tell your shortcomings to you without any hesitation and also suggest to correct them.
  4. No true friend competes with you, he makes his full contribution to your success with you.
  5. A true friend never tries to humiliate his friend. He tells you about his weaknesses.
  6. A true friend does not harm his friend in front of another.
  7. A true friend is never jealous of your success. He celebrates with you in your success.

After reading this article completely, you can understand the difference between a true and a false friend. By reading this article, you can remove those friends from your life, for which you feel that they are only a false friend for you.


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