How to start Oil Mill Business?

by Hussain

How to Start Oil Mill  Business?

As we would know, different types of oils are found and we use them daily in our lives. Oils are used not only in India but by people all over the world.

Any kind of dish, oil is required in it. That is why the business of oil is very profitable. But before starting the oil mill business, complete information should be taken about how to start its business and how to extract seed oil.

How to start Oil Mill Business?

What is an oil mill?

An organization that grinds the seeds of the plant and sells its oil after being purified and packed in a bottle. Many types of machines and licenses are required to do the oil business.

Before starting the oil business, think about which oil you want to sell in the market, such as mustard oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, soybean oil, olive oil, sunflower oil. There are many types of oils from which you can start a business.

What is the level of your business?

Let’s divide the oil business into three parts in terms of level:

  • Small Scale Industries – If you produce 5 to 10 metric tons of oil daily, then it will be called a small scale business.
  • Medium level – If you produce 10 to 50 metric tons of oil, then it is called medium level trade.
  • Business on a large scale – When you produce more than 50 metric tons, it is called a large level of trade.

You can start your business according to your capital.

License for Oil Mill Business

You will need a license before starting an oil mill business. When you have a license and certification. Only then you can sell your oil in the market. For the license, you will have to visit the organization provided by the Government of India.

Two types of food-related licenses are given by the Government of India, one of which is given by FSSAI and the other by the Bureau of Indian Standards. To get these licenses, you can apply online by visiting their official site.

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The right place for oil mill

The oil mill should be opened in such a place from where you have no problem in transporting your oil and it should be around the city. So that you can save on transport expenses. Electricity is coming in the right way at that place. Looking at the facility in all the ways, the right place should be chosen.

The raw material required for oil mill

For an oil mill, you can buy any kind of seed oil from the market. You will easily find them in the market. If you want, you can also buy these seeds directly from farmers.

The seeds of some plants are as follows: mustard, peanuts, soybeans, sesame, sunflower, cotton seeds, etc, you can extract any type of oil you want.

Oil mill machine

Many types of machines are required in this trade. Every step of this requires a new type of machine such as machines like screw expeller, cooker and filter press.

There are many types of machines for extracting oil. You can either buy an automatic machine or buy a semi-automatic machine. You can buy these machines both online and offline.

Oil extraction process

The oil extraction process is completed in several stages:

  • Selection of right seed – Whatever type of seed oil you have to extract, the quality of that seed should be good. While purchasing seed, make sure that the seed is not bad and its quality is good.
  • Cleaning of seed filth – It is very important to clean the Ganges like dirt, soil, stones, etc. present in the seeds because if it is not cleaned, then the quality of your oil will decrease and you may also be in business loss. If you want to clean these dirt present in seeds, you can also get it cleaned by hand or by machine.
  • Decortication – In this process, the upper covering of seeds, which in common language is called husk. To remove it, use the blowing air and conditioning it to remove the seed husk.
  • Conditioning the seeds – Conditioning the seeds removes more oil and in this process, the seeds are put inside the rollers. Actually, bypassing the seeds inside the rollers, the seed cells absorb the oil and the oil gets collected inside the seeds. This process produces a high amount of oil.
  • Heating the seeds – In this process, the seeds have to be heated so that all the types of bacteria present in it are eradicated. The moisture that is contained in the seeds on heating also dissipates and it is easy to extract oil.
  • Oil extract- Oil is extracted from the seeds after doing the same procedure described above to extract oil. In this, the seeds are put in the machine and the seeds are ground in this machine and oil starts coming out of it. And the oil keeps gathering in one place. After extracting the oil, it is filtered.

You can fill this oil in your brand bottle and sell it in the market.

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