Independence Day Speech | Are You, Independent?

by Hussain

Independence Day Speech – India’s 72nd Independence Day is just about to come, preparations are being made loudly to celebrate Independence Day across the country.

If someone is preparing to fly a kite, then someone is preparing to give a freedom speech on some platform. Our readers often come here to inspire themselves or to get answers to their questions, but today on the auspicious occasion of Independence Day, we want to ask you some questions which might leave your mind shaken.

Independence Day Speech

My first question to you is what is freedom? (What is Independence?) What have you tried for your freedom? All of you must be wondering what a strange question this is, but ask your conscience in peace that flying a kite, hoisting the tricolor or addressing people by a speech on any platform, is it only in these few words that our freedom is limited to you Has gone? Is this what we would call Freedom?

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Freedom is the freedom to express one’s free thoughts, to take decisions in the interest of society without fear, to free one’s mind and family from the old-fashioned thinking and orthodoxy, selflessly helping someone.

Now tell me how many of us are independent? Probably a lot of us will answer no. You or we are often silent on seeing something wrong happening around us, we are unable to raise the voice, why? Why are we still enslaved by fear? Why do our spirits not support us in such times?

Today we all remember a great man like Mahatma Gandhi because he sacrificed himself and our freedom for the coming generations. But leave the country today, if even one person is being tortured in front of us, it is a distant thing to help ourselves, we are afraid to inform the police or the administration about it.

If someone else steps in to help him, we also call him crazy, then why are we proud of the Freedom Fighters?



Thoughts are a very small word to say, but if there is no (freedom) here (friends) then we are still slavery today. The only difference is that today we are not subject to the British, but subject to our conservative views.

On television, we are very happy if an actress raises her voice against the shackles of old ideas and is seen fighting for her rights. On the other hand, if our daughters or sisters think about being admitted to the police or becoming a model, then why do we think of it as a crime?

On watching Independence Day (Independence Day), we watch two movies of Rani of Jhansi, but we admire her, but forget to think how many Jhansi queens have been stuck in the shackles of our old rotten thoughts.

But friends, long before this 21st century, a woman has been the first woman Prime Minister of India (late Indira Gandhi) who has taken many golden decisions in the interest of our country during her reign.

How much respect are we giving to our society, this country and this time, what we call modern (modern) girls? What steps are they taking so that they get equal rights in society?

Today we all teach our children well, they also narrate the stories of Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Sardar Patel, the great heroes of Independence Day, on the occasion of Independence Day. Dress up and send them to school. After that, from the very next day, we wish to become children doctors, engineers, teachers, but do any of us parents wish to be like their freedom fighter?

Our children are also captives of similar slavery. They do not have enough confidence in their ability to do whatever they want.

If he wants to become a Cricketer or Dancer, then he keeps this desire only by suppressing the taunts of society and fear of failure. Why don’t they have enough power to stand up again with a better lesson from their failure? Why doesn’t he break the shackles of his fear and listen to the voice of his free heart?

We all have the same life. Reading, writing, making a good job, earning a lot of money, then marrying, raising a family, and then running behind the huge amount of money to give the family a luxurious lifestyle.

In this race of money slavery, we do not realize that we leave behind moral values ​​and family and the family is divided into four people. Man becomes a slave of money to such an extent that money takes him wherever he wants.

Have you ever thought about what will be left here after leaving the world? Because the money will not go with you and for the sake of money, the people you left behind will remember you for what? Because the most valuable thing that only you could give them was “your time and love” that you could not give.

There is another evil practice in our country – corruption in which our entire administration, society, country, politicians and even sages are trapped in slavery. It is such slavery that it is very difficult to get freedom, none of us wants to raise our voice against it and even raise our head.

If any of our work is blocked, we get it done by bribing it but do not fight against it. Have you ever thought that many people in the country do not even have money to eat bread, from where will those people take a bribe?

On the occasion of independence, many of the better players of our country, who are proud of being women themselves, have gone to the Olympics to watch the performance of which we keep an eye on TV and also celebrate India’s victory on winning, think if If you had a daughter there, wouldn’t your celebration have doubled?

In the same way, if your money would fill the stomach of a hungry person, how much relief would your heart get? If you fought for anyone grieving person, wouldn’t your conscience rise again?

The world also helps in the greed to get something, friends, sometimes help a poor person with a fruitless heart and see that your soul will be satisfied with the experience of happiness.

Apart from all these slaves, we are still clinging to the shackles of slavery, which if not fought immediately, we will probably be subject to them throughout our life.

You have been celebrating Independence Day every time by flying a kite. This time, allow your thoughts to celebrate Independence Day.

Mahatma Gandhi alone raised his voice against the atrocities taking place in the entire country and gradually the whole country joined him. You just raise your voice to help one person, thousands of people will come with you. You may not get money, but something more valuable than that, you will be able to make a place for yourself in someone’s prayers.

Do something that the world remembers,
The world after you should mention your sacrifices
Everyone has to meet in the soil one day,
But the world should be proud of you at your death.

I Wish You Happy Independence Day. Jai Hind. 🙂

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