Jack Ma Biography – Inspirational Story of Alibaba Founder

by Hussain

Jack Ma Biography

When the KFC company came to China, 24 people went for interviews to get jobs, out of which 23 were selected by the company. Only I was rejected.– Jack Ma

Jack Ma, the current richest and most famous person in China, said this in a TV interview.

Friends, today we are going to talk about Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, about his journey from a small village in China to set up China’s biggest company.

Even after successive failures, he did not give up and the milestone he finally achieved is an inspiration for every entrepreneur (entrepreneur) and every student.

He struggled not to give up despite being rejected for the job more than 30 times and created a new story of astonishing success.

Jack Ma is currently the second richest person in Asia, with a net worth of US $ 37.4 billion in August 2014.

The world-famous business magazine “Fortune” has been ranked second in the world’s 50 Great Leaders List of 2014. Jack Ma is one of the most influential people in the world, businessmen and self-entrepreneurs.

He is also famous for philanthropic works as well as for teaching business tricks to the new generation.


Jack Ma was born on 10 September 1979 in a very small village in China. He saw every face of childhood poverty that is difficult for us to even imagine.

He was very interested in learning and understanding the English language from childhood. At that time, the main language of the communist country China was Chinese and in the 70s, the Chinese language was given importance. No special attention was given to learning and studying the English language, nor was it considered necessary.

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Despite this, he started learning English from the age of about 13 years, instead of an English teacher, he started helping tourists from abroad and started playing the role of a tourist guide.

Initially, there were some difficulties in speaking in the English language to tourists from western countries, but after trying again, their broken English got improved.

His childhood name was “Mayo on” but it was difficult for foreign tourists to pronounce Chinese names. He once befriended a foreign tourist and he named him “Jack”.

For 6 years, he worked as a tourist guide, which gave him a very good understanding of English as well as a western country’s culture.


Jack Ma was initially wandering in search of a job, he also applied for a police job. But due to their physical ability not conforming to this job, they got frustrated from there too.

When Jack Ma went to America, he got more information about the internet there, though he had heard about it before, now he got a chance to use it.

The first word he typed on the Internet was BEER (Bear). They found that they got information about bears from many countries of the world, but no information about the species found in China was present on the internet at that time.

Then they searched for different things about China. But very little information about China was available on the Internet. Which he did not like, and with the help of some of his friends, he created a website that gave information about China.

Within a few hours, he received many emails that people wanted to know about Jack. By now Jack had realized the endless possibilities of the Internet. Before this, he used to run a small agency doing a translation (translation). Now Jack wanted to do something new with the help of the internet.

In 195, Jack, with the help of some of his friends and wife, deposited 20,000 dollars, which included money taken from his sister, and created a new website that made it available to small companies in China. He named it “China Yellow Pages”. This business also failed due to a lack of desired profit.

Alibaba Startup

After doing government work for a few days, he came back to the village and agreed to invest 18 of his friends. And thus together with his friends, he laid the foundation of an “Alibaba” company (a startup at the time).

In the initial phase, the office of this company built its apartment. These days he had no other capital other than the investment of his friends, but later by 19, with the help of some other companies, his investment increased to $ 25 million.

After winning the trust of Chinese people and teaching them to do business on the Internet, now this company has become one of the largest companies in the world.

The journey of a small village boy who did not have even a single rupee to spend was successful in setting up such a big company just because he had the passion to do something, he had the urge to do something and the most important thing was curiosity to learn something new at all times.

The person who is summoned to learn is sure to touch his success. Even after failing a thousand times, one day one reaches the position of success which we find impossible.

Failures of Jack Ma

Jack Ma also has a long list of failures that have not been successful overnight. And if you think that you only get failures then just know these things about Jack Ma which makes him a great warrior to fight his failures.

He also failed in primary school – not once but twice. This figure increased when he arrived in middle school – and he failed three times in middle school.

As soon as he thought of finishing school and entering college, he failed the entrance exam thrice. Applied to Harvard University about 10 times but was rejected every time. Even after college, his situation did not improve and he applied for a job about 30 times but failed to get the job.

After that, he thought of doing business himself and he was initially unsuccessful in business twice. And these failures kept opening the doors to their successes, these failures became the steps of their successes.

Inspiring Thoughts of Jack Ma

It does not matter that I failed. At least I passed the concept to others. Even if I don’t succeed, someone else will succeed.

No matter how tough the past is, you should always have the dream you saw the day before. He will keep you motivated and save you.

When we have money, then we start making mistakes.

You do not know how much you can do in your life.

If you have never tried, how will you know that there is a chance?

Help the young, help people younger than yourself because younger people will grow up. The seeds that you will sow in the minds of young people and when they grow up they will change the world.

Instead of learning from the successes of others, learn from their mistakes. Most people who fail are the same due to their failure whereas many reasons for success can be found.

Remember soon, you will regret that you spent all your time at work.

Life is too short and too beautiful, don’t be so serious about work. Enjoy Life.

We are never short of money. If we have a shortage then people who see Dreams.

So, friends, this was Jack Ma’s success story. We hope that you have gained a lot of valuable learning from the life of Jack Ma and from this Biography.

I wish that you, like Jack Ma, fought like a warrior in front of the failures and wrote a new history of success by defeating the failures.


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