Kumkum Bhagya StoryLine: Do you know when and how it started

by Hussain

Kumkum Bhagya is an Indian Hindi serial on Zee TV, which started on 15 April 2014 and airs Monday to Friday at 8 pm. It is produced by Ekta Kapoor. It is directed by Muzammil Desai and Sharad Yadav. It is airing in place of a serial called Pritha Rishta. It stars Shabbir Ahluwalia and Sriti Jha in the lead roles.

Kumkum Bhagya Story

The story is based on a wedding venue called Kumkum Bhagya. Where people rent a place for marriage. But it featured Pragya (Sriti Jha). Whose marriage to Abhishek (Shabbir Ahluwalia). Abhishek marries Pragya only at the behest of his sister Alia (Shikha Singh). Abhishek feels that he is in love with Tanu while he is in love with Pragya. A few days later, Alia decides to kidnap Pragya’s sister Bulbul. So that he could not marry East and East could become his. But the kidnapper takes Pragya in place of Bulbul. Abhi follows her to save Pragya. They both fall into the trap of the kidnapper. After this, they are about to kill Pragya and Abhi comes in front of her to save Pragya. Abhi gets shot and both of them fall into the abyss. After this Pragya takes Abhi away and treats her. Pragya then tells Abhi of her heart. Abhi is unable to make a decision. After this, they come into the house and the kidnapper is caught.

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Pragya repeatedly tries to answer her question. But Abhi does not tell him. One night Abhi thinks to tell Pragya about her heart. But Tanu tells Pragya that she is going to be the mother of Abhi’s child. After this, when Pragya comes home, Abhi tries to tell her heart, but before that Pragya says in anger that she was pretending she is not in love with Abhi at all. After this Abhi also gets angry and starts drinking alcohol. Pragya tries to bring herself out of the house and Tanu inside the house. In this, he and Tanu choose a variety of routes. In one, Tanu asks Pragya to steal the one crore rupees Abhi gets. Pragya steals her and Tanu catches Pragya. But only then comes the result of Tanu’s investigation. But there is Abhi and Pragya in the name. Which makes everyone think that Pragya is going to be a mother. Because of this everyone becomes happy and forgets about his theft.

One month later

Pragya suddenly arrives after a month. Later it is revealed that Dadi and Pragya together keep this plan. At the same time, the grandmother is also responsible for bringing Pragya back from the hospital and bringing her to this scheme and declaring her dead. Pragya finally succeeds in showing Aaliyah’s reality to everyone. Along with this, Raj also comes to know that the root of all his problems is none other than his wife Mithali. After this Pragya learns the relationship between Tanu and Nikhil, and she tries to bring it to everyone. But in the meantime, Tanu becomes the victim of an accident, which leads to miscarriage. Pragya is accused of this. But in the end, Pragya brings the truth to the fore and regains Abhi’s faith. Both love each other in Lonavla. Abhi falls in love with a car accident after forgetting the love and forgets everything (including Pragya) in the last two and a half years. Pragya leaves him but does not divorce.

Two months later

After two months, Pragya joins Abhi’s company and the two slowly become good friends. Abhi makes her his assistant. Taking advantage of Abhi’s memory loss, Abhi and Tanu think of getting married to take Pragya away forever. Pragya tries to bring Abhi’s memory back before the two get married. Abhi remembers a little bit of their past and the two express love to each other again. But Tanu’s mother lies to cancer and forces Abhi to marry Tanu. Pragya comes to meet Abhi one last time, but Nikhil kidnaps her in the middle. When Sarla tells Abhi that Pragya has been kidnapped, Abhi leaves the marriage and goes to save Pragya. After running a lot in the forest, Abhi saves Pragya, when both come out of the forest, Abhi collides with the car and he remembers all the old things. The two then meet Pragya’s father, they learn that Pragya has two sisters. While running from Nikhil’s goons, Pragya gets shot, and she falls into the dam. Abhi tries hard to find him, but he feels the failure. When Abhi comes home exhausted, Sarla asks her about Pragya, but Tanu and Aaliya knock her out. Abhi stops both of them and tells that his memory is back.

One month and two days later

Abhi sees Munni, a girl living in a village, looking like Pragya. He takes her to his house thinking of Pragya. Aaliya tells Munni that if she does not do what she said, she will kill her sister’s children. Pragya goes out of the coma to meet Abhi in Mumbai, where she learns that Abhi is married to a girl who looks like him. Munni tells Pragya about Aaliya’s plan and after this Pragya becomes Munni and goes there until Munni gets her children. But Tanu is jealous that she is Munni and Abhi throws her outside the house. Meanwhile, the east meets direction (Ruchi Savarna). To save her from Sangram Singh, Poorab marries her. When Disha expresses her love to the East, East begins to blame herself that he is not able to give his wife the right to love.

Simonika, who thinks Abhi has killed her husband Dushyant, arrives to take her revenge on Abhi as her assistant. Simonika wants to kill Abhi somehow or send him to jail for a lifetime. For this, Simonika accuses Abhi of her own murder, but in the end, the truth is revealed and Simonika is caught by the police. But in the middle, she escapes from the police and runs away. According to an agreement with Tanu, if she leaves Abhi, she will help in killing Pragya. Under this agreement, Simonica’s security personnel call Pragya to the factory and before she arrives, Dadi arrives and in the fight between the two, Dadi is shot. Abhi starts accepting Pragya and leaves him guilty.

8 years later

Both Abhi and Pragya are separated. Aaliya now handles Abhi’s business and Alia and Tanu’s friendship also breaks up. East and Disha have a child named Sunny. Abhi gets married to Tanu and Pragya stays with her daughter Kiara in London. She works as the manager of King Singh (Mishal Raheja), Kiara considers him her father, while he also loves her just like her daughter. Pragya comes to Delhi with King and Kiara from her work, she does not know that Abhi is now living in Delhi. Pragya and Abhishek meet face to face in Delhi, Abhi blames him for the break up of the marriage. Disha and Purba realize that Kiara is Abhishek and Pragya’s daughter, but they hide this thing from Abhishek.

The Artist


  • Sriti Jha – Pragya Arora / Pragya Abhishek Mehra
  • Shabbir Ahluwalia – Abhishek Prem Mehra / Abhi
  • Earned Taneja / Vin Rana – Purab Khanna, Abhishek’s friend, and Disha’s husband
  • Ruchi Savarna – Disha Khanna, Purab’s second wife
  • Mrinal Thakur (Formerly) / Kajal Srivastava – Bulbul Arora, Purab’s first wife
  • Mishal Raheja – King Singh


  • Faizal Rashid – Suresh
  • Supriya Shukla – Mother of Sarla Arora, Bulbul, and Pragya
  • Ankit Mohan – Akash Mehra
  • Aditi Rathod – Aakash Mehra
  • Amit Dhawan / Anurag Sharma – Raj Mehta
  • Review Bhatnagar / Swati Anand – Mithali Raj Mehra
  • Madhu Raja (Daljeet Kaur Arora)
  • Shikha Singh – Alia Mehra, Abhishek’s sister
  • Daljit Saundha – Grandmother
  • Madhurima Tuli / Leena Jumani – Tanu
  • Neil Motwani / Sulam Arnab Singh Mukherjee – Mr. Kapoor
  • Nikhil Arya – Nikhil Sood
  • Sakeline Rahi Khan – Rocky
  • Shubham Garg – Friend of the East
  • Shivani Sopuri – Pammi Mehra
  • Neha Bomb – Relatives of East
  • Bobby Khanna – Tanu’s father
  • Roma Navani – Tanu’s mother
  • Navina said – Abhi’s fan
  • Charu Mehra – Eastern


It is a love story, produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. Ekta Kapoor feels that the serial names starting with A are lucky for her. Therefore, this serial was also named from A i.e. Kumkum Bhagya.

Explaining this, Zee TV’s head of the program, Namit Sharma says- “This serial will be shown in place of another good serial, so you can understand how much we trust it.” This serial will replace Zee TV’s 4 years running a very special serial, Pritha Rishta. Which has been the most loved of the Indian audience? While eating dinner, this human and Archana couple is very much liked by millions. Kumkum Bhagya is also based on the second-best story of a Punjabi family who lives in Mumbai. In which a mother keeps searching for an ideal relationship for her two daughters. Ekta has dramatized it into a beautiful love that is completely different from the everyday Saas Bahu story.


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