Life Poetry | Best Life Poetry in English 2021

by Hussain

Life Poetry | Best Life Poetry in English 2021

Some things written on life may be seen in the mirror of your own life, even though I do not know the truth of life but still, life changes every moment, teaches every moment, sometimes friend becomes an enemy. Are but true friends, life only teaches to live.

About Life Poetry

#1. Life is a puzzle every moment
Sometimes you become friends
Play together new games every day
So sometimes you get angry by hating
Sometimes loving head
So sometimes you stumble
It becomes harder to understand
Get angry quickly
Loneliness also gives the same
The same goes for every path
Life is just a puzzle
Just a puzzle

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#2. Sometimes I laugh
How do I spread such a smile
Heart cries every moment
Still, how do I hide
My life is lonely in the crowd
My true life is just from tears

#3.  Love is all in life
A person is sitting in everyone’s heart
Those people are destined
Whose life they have together

#4. Life gives punishment for every mistake
But also lives together
Be happy or embrace life
Life plays with every moment

#5. Shan-e-Zindagi
When no one is sad with you
Laugh at yourself and make others laugh
Live life in the same rhythm

#6. The truth of life is bitter
There is no moment here
Today the speed of Jive accelerated
Life is lost somewhere in the runaway race

#7. Today we are with you
You will have fewer memories of me
Ever turn the pages of those memories
Promise will show you through my eyes

#8. The rising sun makes you happy
Says the truth of life loudly
What passed yesterday was
What is going on today
Don’t hold this time
Just live with him
Life is just in the moment
Don’t find it tomorrow
Do not lose what went
Don’t think that will come
Only you are there today
Live and make your life special

#9. We seek you together in the path of life
We often get lost in our thoughts
How will you live without this life
We can’t even breathe without you

#10. Pause for a moment and listen
This is the life that is asking you for two moments
You say you earn for life
But in the official race, you forget him
She calls you, running back and forth
And you leave him for the same
She wants to say what she wants
I want to tell you my wish
You can’t hear it for two moments
Don’t know what you earn

#11. Sad nights when I can’t sleep
Past life would knock on the eyelids
She narrates the story with the edge of tears
The past moments are decorated in the eyes again today

#12. When life has to live
So why do you have tears every second
Once you laugh and embrace gum
I am ashamed of this sadness

#13. Life changes every moment
Life is added to the empty pages
Ever turn around and see those pages
Where were you with me

#14. Think of you every moment
Just looking for you in my thoughts
Every single moment of life has been blurred
Ever since you have settled in this nano
I am reduced to your dreams
I have forgotten my own life

#15. Do not say that someone is angry
Get rid of oneself
Never give life again
Live in such a way that everyone is connected to life

#16. Heartburn never relaxes
Life does not forget the dead
Life is fun to walk with
Bowing down is the way of life

#17. Every moment is left behind
The new dawn is always called life
Never live in the depths of the past
Enjoy life is just today

#18. Life is the name of victory and defeat
Every moment is the message of happiness
Do not ever leave your hand
Walking is the job of life

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#19. I wish I could tie your moments
I can cover your memories
How do you keep life running
Whenever you come close to you, you come forward

#20. Life hurts you so much
Do not feel even when you come
Someday I will leave you alone
Don’t tell me then

#21. Make every moment of life beautiful
Hug every happiness every gum
He wins the war of life
Those who live happily every wave of life

#22. A life
You taught me to laugh
Taught to walk the path of sorrow
How do we go together
You showed me this way
When I was sad on the road
Then you only caressed me with love
When Foolishness used to sit
You showed the way
I am thankful for my life
You taught me to live

#23. My life is very angry
I am sad for my life
Why do you not complain to me
When someone else has a heartbeat
So why don’t you say to this world
You live by suffocating and getting lonely
My life is very angry
I am sad for my life

life beautiful poetry

#24. A broken heart is often angry
Remains depressed with life
Whenever he thinks of two moments
He loses again in life

#25. Life is a book
In which there is a flood of blank pages
Someone fills it with colorful words
Someone writes it in black letters

#26. The life you teach every moment
Sometimes I love you
Learning by mistake is real life
Otherwise, they also sleep on life cuts

#27. Life is a journey
Memories we have
Happiness and sadness are the pages of these memories
Sometimes sunshine is full of life……. life is poetry

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