Maha Shivratri Essay in English | Best Maha Shivratri Essay 2021

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Maha Shivratri Essay in English

Mahadev’s devotees eagerly await Mahashivaratri as soon as the New Year arrives. Because the festival of Mahashivaratri is celebrated with great pomp every time in India, a large number of people offer water to the Shivling to get the blessings of Lord Shiva in the temples.

According to the Hindu calendar, the festival of Mahashivaratri is being celebrated on 21 February in 2021 this year.

With the wish of Bholenathji’s blessings on the arrival of Mahashivratri 2021, I have written a devotional article on Mahashivratri for all of you today.

Therefore, this essay will prove useful for those students who study in school, college. Mahashivaratri’s essay comes many times in the examinations as well as from the stage you can also convey information on the topic of Mahashivaratri festival to others.

Maha Shivratri Essay in English

Here you will get Maha Shivratri Essay in English for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 students to read.

Lord Shiva is known by names like Shankar, Neelkanth, Gangadhar, Mahadev, the God of Gods. For ages, Lord Bholenath has been a symbol of people’s faith.

This religious festival of Hindus is celebrated as Mahashivratri festival on the Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month every year as his birthday.

On this auspicious festival of the importance of Mahashivaratri, a large number of devotees in temples, pilgrimage sites are anxious to offer lotta water to Lord Bholenath.

It is indeed a great sight to see this faith of people towards Lord Shiva. In different states of the country, Lord Shiva is worshiped and anointed in different ways. People fast on this day to worship Lord Shiva.

Although Shivaratri comes every month, Shivaratri of Falgun month is special, which all devotees have been waiting for a long time.

Among the many Shiva temples in the country, such as the Mahakaleshwar temple of Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh, it has been considered one of the grand religious places for devotees for years. Hence people come to this temple to worship Lord Shiva from far and wide.

Apart from this, devotees also come to the Kashi Vishwanath temple on the occasion of Mahashivaratri to perform Lord Shiva’s Jalabhishek, do devotion, and get his blessings.

How is Maha Shivaratri celebrated?

On this auspicious festival of Shivaratri, a large number of people are present in the temple since morning to offer water to Lord Shiva. Devotees offer milk, plum, flower, Ganga water, etc. to the Lord in the Shivling. Cannabis is very dear to Lord Shiva, so on this day, hemp is also offered to Lord Shiva.

It is believed that Lord Shiva is pleased with devotees by worshiping Shiva on Mahashivaratri, and accepts their prayers with a sincere heart.

On this day Nandi, the vehicle of Lord Shiva, is also worshiped at many places. This auspicious festival of Mahashivaratri is celebrated with reverence not only by Hindus living in India but also abroad.

Even in the neighboring country Nepal, devotees eagerly wait for this festival of Bholenath. Temples like temples are decorated before Mahashivaratri in Nepal. It is believed that Lord Shiva and mother Parvati were married on this day. Therefore, devotees rotate Maa Parvati and Lord Shiva as groom bride, and they are married on Mahashivaratri.

We get to see the glory of the festival of Mahashivaratri, in many places a fair is also organized on this day, and a large number of children, young and old, go to the fair.

Therefore, it is a special occasion for all the devotees of Lord Shiva to get merry and indulge in devotion.

Give reasons why Mahashivaratri is celebrated?

This festival, celebrated with pomp in India, has mythological beliefs behind it. According to mythology, on this day of Mahashivaratri, Shiva appeared for the first time in this universe. And this day is also called the night of union of Shiva and Shakti.

It is believed that Shiva’s revealing Shiva lingam appeared as a fire lingam. This Shivling was neither accustomed to nor an end. It is believed that even the deities could not know about this Shivling.

Therefore, Brahma Ji (Swayambhu) himself took the form of a swan to find out the lingam and tried to look at the upper part of the Shiva linga to learn about the lingam but failed in this task.

Lord Vishnu also changed form and took the form of a Varaha. This incarnation is the third of the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu. And in this avatar, they started searching for the base of Shivling but they could not be found either.

Another mythological belief is that Shivalinga appeared in 64 places on the day of Mahashivaratri. And to date, only 12 places have been reported. These places we call Jyotirlinga.

Along with this, many Shiva devotees do Jagran at night time on Mahashivratri. And also celebrate this day as the festival of the marriage of Shiva. It is believed that Maa Parvati was married to Lord Shiva on the day of the Mahashivratri festival and since then Shiva Ji gave up the recluse life.

Another popular story related to Mahashivaratri is that when Lord Shiva saved the world from being poisoned by poisoning. You must have heard this story in childhood, in books or on TV.

Story of Neelkanth Mahadev

Actually, during the churning of the sea, a fierce war broke out between the deity Gan and the demon. Demons were desperate to compete for drinking nectar. But before the nectar came out from the ocean churning, a poison named Kalkut came out inside the ocean and the effect of this poison was so powerful that it could wipe out the entire universe and given this world crisis, Lord Shiva put this terrible poison in his throat to protect the universe. Put it in

Lord Shiva’s throat became blue due to the effects of poison. Therefore we also call Lord Shiva Neelkanth.

Puja method of Mahashivaratri fast

  • There is a large crowd of devotees in the temple of Bholenath on the day of Mahashivaratri, so many people worship Lord Shiva duly at home. Let us know in which way Mahashivaratri fast is duly worshiped at home.
  • On the day of Maha Shivaratri, get up and take a bath in the morning and after that, meditate on God and take a vow.
  • To prepare for worship, take pure asanas with water.
  • Fire up and start the method of worship by lighting incense and lamps.
  • Recite health before Lord Shiva.
  • Also, please pray to God, if we have made any mistake in worshiping Bholenath, forgive me as foolish.
  • It is necessary to worship the Shiva family before you take the pledge to worship, so do brief worship of Lord Ganesha and Mother Parvati to Nandeshwar, Virabhadra, Karthikeya, and Snake.
  • Now offer Bilvapatra and rice in your hands to Lord Shiva. Before offering the Bilvapatra, write ॐ Namah Shivaya on them. After offering 5, 11, or 21 Bilvapatra to Lord Shiva, offer them asana, Ashman, bath, curd-bath, ghee-bath, honey-bath, and sugar-bath.
  • After that, give the Lord a Panchamrit (a mixture of milk, curd, ghee, honey, and sugar). Then take a bath with perfume and after that pure water.
  • Now offer clothes to the Lord and offer them to Janeu. Then offer perfume, Akshat, flower garland, Bilvapatra, Dhatura, and hemp.
  • Then offer fruits and Dakshina to the Lord. Now keep the Aarti items on a plate and light the camphor with lamp and incense and perform Bholenath’s Aarti (Jai Shiva Omkara…).

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