Memories Poetry | Best Poetry about Memories 2021

by Hussain

Memories Poetry | Best Poetry about Memories 2021

Every passing moment gets memorized, sometimes happiness and sometimes a bundle of gum is made. Memories make us realize how time runs, how the moment we were living becomes the next moment. Enjoy the poets written on many such memories, and give your opinion on how it looked:

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Memories Poetry | Best Poetry about Memories 2021

#1. Miss you so much
Every moment approaching
Remind me of him
Miss you a lot

#2. The heart is burning with memories
Eyes are moist with his thoughts
Breath is going away
Otherwise, you have to beat it with that beauty

#3. Take the path of memories
Live life in one’s thoughts
Will, we ever remember her
With the help of
We thread those memories into the rosary every day

#4. How do I miss her
Who never forgets
How to wait for him
Who can’t separate me
He is in my mind all the time
I don’t know how to live without it

#5. The last moment when we cried
They often make us laugh at memories
When we laughed with you
They come in memories and soak us in tears

#6. I was dancing like a princess in the streets of memories
I was sleeping peacefully in his arms
Whenever I come out of those memories
The white veneer is limited to those memories

#7. How did those childhood games become memories
How did those sand houses collapse today
We used to roam around in the paper kayak
Today those golden moments in old age just become a memory

#8. Remember that childhood pleasant
Fight with friends in those sports
Dubbed a dub for a colorful ball
Garnish the home every day for little dolls
Go stubborn for chocolate every day
Hide in grandma’s scolding
Do not know where those love-filled love
My childhood rumors are hidden in memories

#9. Memories are the feelings that bind the moment
At a glance, she reverses time
Whenever you knock
The smile on lips moistens eyes
Memories are the feelings that hold life

#10. The heart can’t forget his eyes
The heart can’t forget his words
This is how memories are captured in every tone
Even after wishing that the heart cannot erase them

#11. Miss every moment with friends
Street fights now bring smiles
How did the short stories go for months
Some would cry, some would laugh, some would get away with anger
Rooting is like never meeting a couple
Once someone extends his hand and holds back a couple
How innocent was the era of childhood
Two-moment fight
I did not think one day it will come
Sit alone I will hum those memories

#12. Memories come to sleep at night
She plays the old drama on the screen of the eyes
Showing me new scenes every day
Meeting memories
What memories are there
Sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter
Every moment is imprisoned in these memories
Who comes to my dreams every day

#13. What did we allow for the lost moments
They told us all the bumps of separation

#14. The heart was afraid of memories
Started hiding from the shadow of memories
Those painful moments were spent very hard
Those who brought the messenger of memories again

#15. Cry to forget him
Tears her memories
Fucking does not leave these memories
The closer we go, the closer we come

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#16. Changed me from scratch
till the end
Just can’t change
Turning the pages of your memories
Till date

#17. I think it’s dark
They often hide my gum
They hide the shadow of memories
That’s why I feel dark

#19. Those childhood blooms became reality
Those dolls games come true
But in memories that were dreams of childhood
Do not know what they become in reality

#20 Naughty childhood dreams were also naughty
The game of house to the house seemed very infrequent
Today when I remember those moments in memories
So laughter comes at your innocence

# 21. There was a house in memories
Where I lived like an angel
Lori used to listen in her mother’s lap
Used to sit for hours with dad
Used to get into sports with brother
Life’s a dream come true
Don’t know when childhood was over, the drumming of marriage
Now there is neither mother’s lullaby nor father
Now I am a woman in whom no one likes demerits
Neither can I laugh loudly, nor can I eat whenever I want
Neither would I be able to sleep nor would I ever fret
Now this is true of life
That life of fairies is just a memory
Just a memory

#22. Days go by with old memories
Friends often stay in thoughts
Whether or not they meet, they settle in the eyes
Sometimes with a smile, sometimes with a tears

#23. Memories can’t say anything
They just make the heart sweat
Whenever memories ask for answers
Just make the eyes cry

#24. There is no breaking of memories
What is left does not add up
Can be realized just by closing the eyes
If he did not get along, he would not be a part of memories

#25. Often talk to him only in thoughts
Let’s live the life of dreams
No Complaint and grouse, now we have them
Because every day they meet him in memories

#26. How can we say that we have nothing now
You can’t snatch those memories
Give me so much pain, my love
But can’t stop us from remembering ourselves

I have written this compilation of memories Shayari only for you readers, how did you feel, please give your comment in the comment box.

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