How to get rid of mobile phone addiction

by Hussain


Hello friends, we all know that in this modern time, almost everyone has a mobile and we are engaged in it without thinking anything. Nowadays, people leave all their work and run the phone, because they are addicted to the phone. Many people also call it Nomophobia. In today’s article, we have talked about some ways to get rid of phone addiction.

Nowadays, everyone has a phone, be it a boy or a girl. They use their phones so much that they do not even think themselves what will be the effect on them. People have become so addicted to the phone that even after wishing they are not able to leave it. If you feel that you also have a phone addiction, then read this article completely.

Symptoms of mobile phone addictions

Many of us are addicted to phones and we do not even know that we have become a mobile addict. Let’s see if you are also a mobile addict or not. There are some symptoms of mobile addiction. Which are explained below:

  1. Stay up late on your phone and sleep too late.
  2. Phone hours keep watching videos.
  3. Leave your important work and run the phone and do the necessary work later.
  4. Running Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram for hours.
  5. Always chatting on the phone.
  6. Playing hours on the phone. Many people believe that PUBG has come to India ever since. After that people have become more addicted to phones.
  7. Watching and Creating Videos in Hour-Hour Tiktok.
  8. Staying on your phone even if there is no urgent work on the phone.
  9. Checking your phone frequently.

All these signs indicate phone addiction. If you keep your phone like this, then you too have become a phone addict. If you want to get rid of your phone addiction, then read this article completely.

The side effect of mobile addiction 

All of us stay on our phones for hours. Many people spend most of their time with their phones, and they do not even think what the impact will be on them. Let us know what are the disadvantages of running more phones.

1. Bad effect on eyes

It has a bad effect on our eyes by running too much phone. The rays emanating from the phone screen affect our eyes. Using too much phone can reduce your eye light before time.

2. Hampers study

Friends, if you are a student and you have a phone addiction. So there is a lot of damage to your studies because as soon as the notification of the phone rings, we leave our studies and start putting it on our phone.

3. Decrease productivity

If you want to be ahead in your business or market, then your productivity should be good for that, but when your phone will remain addicted. So you will reduce productivity by yourself. Which will leave you behind in your business or market?

4. Insomnia

People who run more phones do not have sleep early in the night. Sometimes it becomes a big problem. When you sleep late at night, you will sleep later. Which can damage your health?

How to break mobile phone addiction

Friends, if you too have become a phone addict. So you can easily get rid of your phone addition by reading some of the easy steps given below.

1. Stay away from the phone

First, you try to keep yourself away from your phone. Use only when you have to do any important work or phone call. You may find this remedy a little difficult at first, but gradually it will get into your habit. Because of which your phone addiction can be missed.

2. Distract yourself from the phone

If you want to lose your habit of phone addiction, then you have to remove your attention from the phone. And get yourself busy with some other work.

We all have some favorite tasks like some people like to read books, gym some, and many people to move around. Engage yourself in whatever work you like. So that they can finish their own phone additions.

3. Delete unnecessary apps from your smartphone

We all know that there are millions of apps on the Play Store today. Because of which people are becoming more and more addicted to mobile phones. If you want to end your phone addiction, then you should delete those apps from your phone, in which you give more and more time.

Along with this, you should also stop installing new apps on your mobile phone. I am not saying that you do not keep any app on your phone, but you should delete your phone, useless app that you do not need. So that your mobile phone addiction can be finished.

4. Disable App and unnecessary notifications

We all know that whenever a notification comes on our phone, we leave all our work and start checking the phone. If we say in simple language, the notification of our phone distracts us.

That is why we should turn off our phone notifications to divert attention from our mobile phones. According to your use of your mobile phone and your app’s notifications should also be turned off and your phone’s notifications should be turned off.


When you keep your phone’s notifications off, then your attention will be removed from the phone. This can be a good way to reduce your phone addition.

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5. Useless feature phones like 2G mobiles

Friends, if you have been addicted to a mobile phone, then the best way to get rid of it is to keep a simple phone. We all know that smartphones have many different kinds of apps and many fun things, in which time is not known. We keep cheating ourselves despite knowing.

That is why the easiest way to get rid of phone addiction. When you have a simple mobile phone, you can only read phone calls and messages. Due to this phone not having any kind of app, you will not be able to give more time to this phone.

6. Give time to your family

In today’s modern times, people do not want to see anything outside their mobile phones. People have become so busy with their phones that they do not even give time to their family.

You can also adopt this trick to reduce this addition of the phone. If you say that you quit your phone addiction as soon as possible, then for that you stay away from your mobile phone and give more time to your family.

When we spend time with our family, they will also like them and will also be good for you. When you are in your house, only stay with your housemates and keep your smartphone away from yourself.

7. Spend time with your friends

To reduce your phone addiction, you can spend your free time with your friends instead of running a mobile phone. When you are with your friends, we forget everything while talking to them. Because we like to spend time with them. That is why you can adopt this remedy to reduce your phone addiction.

8. Don’t use social media apps

According to some research, it is found that the social media user checks his phone about 50 to 100 times a day due to social media. That is why you should delete social media apps from your phone to reduce your mobile phone addition.

9. Use the mobile phone for a limited time

Nowadays we all know that wherever we are we are with our mobile phones. Whether we are in the bathroom, eating food or at a party. We depend on our phones for everything we do.

In such a situation, we should run our phone only for a certain time. So that we are not addicted to the phone. And even if we have been addicted, in this way we can reduce our addiction.

If you are a phone addict then by reading this article on how to get rid of mobile phone addiction, you can end your phone addiction. If you follow the steps mentioned above, you will be able to easily overcome your phone addiction.


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