Mobile Phone SAR Value Pros and Cons

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Know mobile phone SAR value (specific absorption rate): dangerous for health, be safe from it.

What is mobile SAR value? Do you use mobile phones often? If the answer to this question is yes, then you should read this article and learn about SAR standards. Like a telephone bell, the SAR value is a dangerous bell for us.

A wise man said that it is good for us to be careful of danger. As everyone knows that mobile phones are an important part of our lives today, we have to know the dangers of mobile phones over time.

Definition of SAR Value:

Radioactive radiation is released from the phone into the environment when mobile phones interact. When radiation comes out, our body absorbs some amount of it. The SAR value is the amount of radio frequency absorbed by the human body when working with mobile phones and wireless devices. If the percentage of SAR value increases, it is a threat to the human body.

Therefore, SAR regulations are declared in each country. According to the Indian standard, watts are measured in kilograms and regulated to 1.6 (W / K). Energy is absorbed by the human body when exposed to radiofrequency (RF). In addition, it is measured by the whole body or body part. Therefore, in most cases, companies declare SAR values ​​separately, such as head SAR value and body-SAR value.

Global SAR Rules:

The FCC in the US, the CENELEC in the EU, and the TEC in India have announced that they are bound to follow all regulatory SAR standards. The FCC declared it to be less than 1.6 (W / Kg), but CENELEC specified it to be within 2 (W / Kg), and Indian SAR regulations mean an average of 1.6 (W / kg).

Electrical engineer Professor Kailash Kumar (IIT Mumbai) has written several research papers on mobile radiation. Girish Kumar states that mobile radiation can cause many problems, such as headaches, head tingling, constant fatigue, dizziness, depression, drowsiness, dry eyes, loss of attention, ears, etc. Ringing, hearing loss, memory loss, digestive disorders, arrhythmia, joint pain, etc.

Are there other risks from mobile radiation?

According to this study, mobile radiation can cause loss of fertility, cancer, brain tumors and miscarriage over time. Our body is 70 percent water. Even in the brain, water is up to 80 percent.

This water slowly absorbs the radiation of the body and damages your health. According to a WHO report last year, it may transfer to cancer. Interphone research shows that using a mobile phone for more than 50 minutes every day increases the risk of brain tumors by 200–400% in 8–10 years.

Who causes more harm than radiation?

According to Max Healthcare’s consultant neurologist Dr. Neetu Agarwal, mobile radiation is more harmful to children, women, the elderly and patients. The US Food and Drug Administration states that children and adolescents should spend less time on their mobile phones and use a speakerphone or handset to maintain the distance between their head and mobile phone. Children and pregnant women should avoid excessive use of mobile phones.

Which is more harmful than a mobile tower or phone?

According to Professor Girish Kumar, mobile phones are closer to us, so the loss should be greater, but, because cell phones are not used continuously, while the tower is constantly spreading radiation, more damage is done to the mobile tower. is.

If the tower is installed in front of the house, people living there may start having health problems within 2-3 years. In Mumbai’s Ushakiran Building, there are several cases of cancer associated with mobile tower radiation. Movie actress Juhi Chawla removed nine mobile towers from around the house to address headaches and other health problems.

Mobile Phone SAR Value

Which area of the mobile tower suffers the most?

The mobile tower has maximum radiation within a radius of 300 meters. The highest radiation is produced in front of the antenna. Obviously, the damage is greater at the front than at the back and bottom. The key to avoiding damage to mobile towers is that the house is not in front of or behind the tower antenna. Similarly, distance is very important. There is 100 times more radiation in the 1-kilometer area of ​​the tower. The more antennas are mounted on the tower, the more radiation there is.

Do you use mobile phones for long?

Using a mobile phone for a long time is not good for your health. Talking on a phone with a high SAR value is more harmful than talking on a phone with a low SAR value. Using landline phones for long-term conversations is an easy way to avoid radiation. You can also understand the use of landline at the office or at home. Avoid using cordless phones.

A WHO study has shown that mobile radiation increases the risk of cancer. According to a study done in Germany, the probability of cancer in people living in the 400-meter area of ​​the transmitting antenna increased threefold. Transmission in the area of ​​400 meters is much higher than in other areas.

According to a study conducted in Kerala, radiation from mobile phone towers has reduced the commercial population of bees by 60%. Intercom surveys have shown that prolonged use of mobile phones increases the risk of developing tumors.

What is the level of mobile radiation in Delhi?

A few years ago a magazine and company survey tested 100 locations in Delhi, and only one-fourth of Delhi is safe from radiation, but only Delhi has a higher VVIP area in these places. Delhi Station, Khan Market, Kashmir Gate, Vasant Kunj, Kalkarama, Howekar, Greater Kailash Market, Sakhadarjung Hospital, Sancha Bhawan, Jungle, Janderan, Delhi Dry Court, the radiation is very much in Connaught Place area. Famous hospitals are also affected by this radiation.

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How can you reduce mobile phone emissions?

Ferrite beads (radiation-absorbing devices) can also be applied over the phone to reduce radiation. Mobile phones are a good way to use radiation shields. Many companies now sell such equipment in the market.

A radiation block can use the application. In fact, these are special types of software that can block WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS or antennas at specific times.

How to avoid tower radiation?

These measures are effective in avoiding mobile radiation.

  • Stay away from the mobile tower as much as possible.
  • Ask the tower company to reduce the antenna power.
  • If there is a mobile tower just in front of the house, close the window or door of the house.
  • Check the radiation level with the help of a home radiation detector. Save time in areas where there is too much radiation.
  • A radiation detector called Destex is available for around Rs 5000.
  • While most of the radiation passes through the glass, you can apply a special film to the window of your house.
  • Shield curtains can be placed on the window door. These curtains can prevent radiation. Many companies make such products.

Is low signal fatal?

If the signal is low, do not use mobiles because the radiation is high during this time. Mobile should be used only when the signal is received

How useful is it to talk to the speaker?

The farther you talk from the phone’s radiation, the more secure you will be. According to Dr. Dhirendra Singh, an otolaryngologist at Rockland Hospital, use speakerphone or hands-free to avoid electromagnetic radiation. Use a headset with a plastic air tube between the earpiece and the ear.

What is the role of SAR in mobile radiation?

Buying a cell phone with a low SAR value reduces the risk of radiation. This data is printed on the mobile phone company’s website or phone user manual. By the way, some Indian companies do not disclose their SAR numbers. This means that the higher the SAR value, the more harmful it is to the body.

What is the Indian SAR rule?

The handset now complies with European radiation standards. As per these standards, the SAR level of the handset should not exceed 2 watts per kilogram. But experts do not accept this standard. The rationale behind this is that these standards are not suitable for hot countries like India. However, in the guidelines proposed by the central government, this limit has been raised to the US standard 1.6 W / kg.

 Precaution is better than cure

Check your phone’s SAR values ​​and stay safe from heavy damage. When we are in the office/house there are some things we can use to ensure high radio frequency absorption and keep it away. Do not try to call when the network range is low. Only after receiving the call from the other side, take the phone to the ear. The best and safest way to avoid radiation is to use a headset for conversation.



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