Monkey and Crocodile Story in English | Best Story in 2021

by Hussain

Monkey and Crocodile Story in English | Best Story in 2021

Hello friends, in today’s article, we have brought for you the story of clever monkey and crocodile (Monkey and crocodile story in English). We get very good learning after reading this story. Which we told at the end of the story.

Story Title: Monkey and Crocodile Story in English

once upon a time. There was a Berry tree on the banks of a river and a monkey lived on it. The monkey was very clever but he was very good at heart. The tree used to have very sweet and juicy berries, after which the monkey was living his life.

A crocodile also lived in the river. One day the crocodile reached the banks of the river in search of food. Seeing the crocodile, the monkey asked him, “Who are you and where do you live?” The crocodile replied, “I am a crocodile and I live across the river.”

At that time the monkey was eating sweet berries. He asked the crocodile, “Would you like to eat berries?” Then the crocodile said, “Why won’t I eat if you let me.” The monkey broke some berries and dropped them down. After eating the berries, the crocodile said, “Wow! What is the taste of berries? It’s very sweet. “The monkey asked the crocodile again,” You would like to eat berries. “The crocodile said,” Yes, why won’t I eat. “The monkey dropped some more berries down for the crocodile. After eating the berries, the crocodile asked, “Do you eat this fruit every day?” The monkey said, “Yes brother, I only eat fruit and this fruit is my life.”

The crocodile asked the monkey, “If I come again this tomorrow, you will give me berries to eat.” The monkey said, “Why won’t I feed. What will I do with such fruit? ”The crocodile came again the next day. The monkey fed the crocodile the berries again like the first day. After that, the monkey started coming daily, and the monkey started feeding him crocodiles every day. Thus a deep friendship was formed between the monkey and the crocodile. The crocodile would come to the monkey daily and feed him plenty of berries and both would talk a lot.

One day the monkey asked the crocodile, “Do you live alone like me?”

The crocodile replied, “No, I live with my wife.” The monkey said – “Why didn’t you tell me this earlier. I used to give some berries to sister-in-law as well. No problem, I will give you some berries for sister-in-law today. ”The monkey broke down a few berries. The crocodile gave those fruits to his wife.

The crocodile’s wife ate the berries and said – “These berries are very sweet. Where did you get it from? ”The crocodile said,“ On the other side of the river is a tree, a monkey lives on it. He is my friend He gave me these fruits. That monkey is very good, he gives me such sweet fruits every day. ”The crocodile’s wife was very pleased to hear that. The crocodile fed the sweet berries daily, and also gave some berries to his wife. After eating, his wife would also taste sweet berries. (Monkey and Crocodile Story in English)

The crocodile’s wife was very cruel. One day she told her husband – “Imagine, these berries are so sweet, so how delicious will the meat of that monkey-eating these sweet berries be.”

The crocodile tried hard to convince his wife that he was my friend. I can not eat it But his wife was not ready to accept him. At that time she said ok, but after some time she started pretending to be ill.

One day the crocodile’s wife cried to the crocodile and said, “I am dying, if I do not find the heart of a monkey, I will die.” If you love me, you will bring your monkey friend’s heart to me for me. ”

The crocodile was very upset, he did not want to eat his friend, but he could not see his wife dying. In the end, he decided that he would bring the heart of the monkey to his wife.

The next morning he went to meet the monkey. He said to the monkey, “Friend my wife wants to meet you and she wants to personally thank you for the sweet berries you gave me.” The monkey was very pleased to hear the crocodile. He told Magar, “I can’t go with you because I don’t even know how to swim.” The crocodile said, “Don’t you worry, you sit on my back.” The monkey liked that. He jumped on the crocodile’s back and sat down.

When the two reached the middle of the river, the crocodile said, “Dude my wife is very sick, and she says that the only cure is the heart of a monkey.” She can be cured by eating from it. I did not want to kill you, but I cannot even see my wife dying. Though I will miss both of us. ”

The monkey was very clever, he thought quickly and said, “Dude, your wife is sick, I am sorry to hear that. Also, I am happy that I will be able to help you. But I have left my heart on the berries, can I walk back and bring it back, so that I can give my heart to your wife. ”

The fool believed the crocodile monkey, so he turned and went towards the berries. As soon as the monkey approached the berries, he jumped and climbed the tree. And said from above, “I thought you are my friend, but you are not worthy of my friendship.”

You are treacherous and very foolish. Hey! A fool’s heart can be out of someone’s body. I lied to you to save my life. You wanted to trap me, but I trapped you to save my life. Go away from here, and never come back again.

What would a fool do to crocodiles? He returned to his house regretting it.

Moral of The Story: Monkey and Crocodile Story in English

Friends, this story teaches us that we should not panic with any problem, no matter how bad the situation is. We should find a solution to our problem. Apart from this, it teaches us that we should befriend people like ourselves.

I hope you liked this story. Thank you

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