3 sad stories related to love Painful love sad story

by Hussain

In today’s article, you will read 3 sad-painful stories related to love. These stories show another form of love that hurts a lot.

Sad story of Rinku and Aarti Rinku and Aarti – a sad story

Today I am going to tell you the story of one of my friends (sad story), who lives in my locality, her name is Aarti. She is very upset for a few days and the reason for her trouble is her boyfriend. Whose name is Rinku? For that, he is ready to go to any extent.

Let me tell you about Aarti and Rinku from the beginning. Rinku used to study at Guru Nanak Academy. Interestingly, Aarti also studied in the same school. Both were in the same class. Rinku was a very good and promising boy in reading, so girls used to die on him.

But Aarti did not pay attention to all these things, because she meant from her studies. Once upon a time, Aarti saw that Rinku Ekatak was being seen by him. Aarti was surprised to see. Aarti seemed to have a dream. When this went on for a long time, Aarti understood that this is not a dream, but a reality.

Initially, Aarti used to have very strange thoughts in his mind. Then slowly it started looking good after that Aarti’s life started changing. To make Rinku happy, she started paying more attention to herself, always started grooming.

One day Rinku thought in his mind why not talk to Aarti. When Aarti got out of college and started going towards home, Rinku stopped taking his bike to Aarti and said, “Come, I will leave you home.”

Aarti also liked Rinku and hence she could not refuse. Rinku started the car, walking slowly. Rinku said to Aarti, I want to tell you something if you are not angry. Aarti said “Say we will not be angry, what is the matter, Aarti said to Rinku,” Let’s eat something somewhere and sit there and talk. ”

Rinku then proposes to Aarti, he is frightened. But Rinku was overjoyed to hear yes from Aarti. Pyaar Aarti used to do this as well, that is why she could not refuse and thus the love car of both started running on the track.

Both of them used to talk a lot, go around and do lots of fun. But after a few months, Rinku suddenly went somewhere. Neither did he pick up anyone’s phone nor answer anyone on WhatsApp. Aarti got very upset seeing this action.

She kept making similar phone calls and WhatsApp messages for a few days, but there was no response. Slowly Aarti started getting very upset. Neither she could read it properly, nor could she eat anything. There was no mind in anything. She kept crying while waiting for Rinku.

One day it happened that, Aarti and her mother Hanumangarhi were going to see. On the way, Aarti caught sight of Rinku coming from the front. As soon as Rinku saw Aarti, she went into the side street, becoming oblivious. Aarti felt like running after him and asked him why he does not come to school, why he did not pick up the phone.

But her mother was also with him, that is why she could not go. In the evening, Aarti came out of the house on the pretext of getting a mobile recharge and went to find Rinku in the street where Rinku had gone. Incidentally, Rinku was seen coming from the front. Then Rinku took Aarti and went to her friend’s house. Both of them talked a lot there. Rinku also apologized to Aarti. Now again Aarti’s life came out again.

It was only a few weeks before Rinku and Aarti were reunited that Rinku suddenly disappeared again. This time his phone was also coming off. His parents had also left the house next to the temple empty. Aarti used to stay in the room throughout the day and weep. I looked for several days, I could not see his condition.

I decided that I would find out about Rinku. I ran a lot, searched a lot, in the end, I got some success but Rinku did not. Sumit met Rinku’s special friend. A lot of information was learned from Sumit about Rinku.

I was very surprised to hear that. Rinku was associated with a terrorist gang. She had not told Aarti about all these things, she was unaware of all these things, kept her in the dark. I just came to know that Rinku was related to many girls like Aarti and all the girls were just a time pass for her.

Many times I got the idea to tell Aarti the truth, but I did not dare. There was a fear in the mind that Aarti should not do anything wrong knowing the truth. Due to this fear, I could not tell the truth to Aarti. Which I will regret all my life.

This happens in love –  Sad love story

प्रेम से जुड़े 3 दुःख-दर्द भरी कहानियां Painful love Sad story in Hindi

This is about those days when I used to study in 11th grade. My first day at school everything was new to me. At the same time, I had an eagerness to meet new people and talk to them. That day I came home and told everyone about my new school and new friends, everyone was very happy.

Gradually, as time passed, I became friends with a boy named Kushal. We read together and sometimes we used to go for a class bunk. Our friendship became so deep that we started talking on the phone for a long time on the pretext of school work.

Suddenly one day Kushal called me to his house, said that there is some urgent work. I reached her home without asking for work. He asked me for tea, I said yes. Kushal said holding the cup of tea in my hand, “All is well at home.” We said, “Yes, all is well, only Grandma’s health is bad”.

We were talking that suddenly Kushal came in front of me and sat down and said, “I love you very much, will you marry me.” On hearing this, I stood up because I could not understand what to say, I was standing like a ghost-like I was shocked by something. Again I said yes to her because I too loved Kushal. After this, we started meeting every day, started talking a lot of things too.

Time passed slowly. Our school also completed. We came to college. Our love deepened over time. In college too, we completed studies together. After that, Kushal’s job took place in a company in Mumbai. That day also came to a close. When Kushal had to go to Mumbai for a job.

A day before that we both met and we both cried that day as Kushal was going to Mumbai. This was the first time that we were getting separated. I was afraid in my mind that I do not know if I will ever meet. Kushal explained to me a lot that I will come to see you soon, I will only come to meet you as soon as I have my leave.

The next day Kushal left for Mumbai. I too started teaching here in a private school in Rae Bareli. After a few days, my parents started worrying about my marriage. He also started looking for a boy for me. When I came to know about this, I got very upset.

I could not even talk to Kushal that I could tell him all these things. One day I dared to go to my parents and said that I will marry Kushal. My parents listened to me because they did not know about any Kushal.

My father was a very proud type of person, so he refused without asking anything that this could not happen. Even after my repeated prayers, they were not ready. I even stopped going out of my house. Now I was completely alone. Kushal could not even speak to speak with him so that he could convince my parents for marriage.

My father fixed my marriage to a boy named Rupesh who was my father’s maternal grandfather. Now I had no other way than to get married. As the marriage date approached, my discomfort was also increasing. I was waiting for Kushal to come and convince my parents to marry me, but that did not happen.

The date of my wedding also arrived, I was crying in the bride’s couple sitting disappointed in my room. Then suddenly I came to my mind that I should run away from this marriage and I secretly came out of the back door of my house. After that, after reaching the railway station, the train arrived in Mumbai. I took the address of Kushal’s house from his younger brother Vishal.

When I reached Kushal’s house, from what I saw there, the ground slipped from under my feet. I saw Kushal getting married. When I went in front of Kushal, she pretended not to see me. Even after my repeated speaking, he refused to recognize me and asked me to leave his house.

Now I was completely alone. I could not understand what to do. I was also realizing how big a mistake I had made, leaving my father’s house. Even trusting an unknown boy. I cried a lot and decided to come back to my house.

When I reached home, I saw that my mother was crying because my father could not bear this mistake of mine and his insult from which he had left this world. Now I was very sorry for my mistake because I had lost my father.

Chetan’s love life – Sad Painful Story

प्रेम से जुड़े 3 दुःख-दर्द भरी कहानियां Painful love Sad story in Hindi

Hello friends, today I will tell you about the love of my friend Chetan. Who was very deeply and truly in love with a girl. You will know in this story how love makes a change in someone’s life. Chetan was the only son of his parents. He was a very hardworking and promising boy. He went to Kota Rajasthan for medical preparation from home.

He was very serious about his studies, so he used to study with hard work and dedication. All his works were based on a rule. Waking up on time, going to coaching on time and coming home on time and studying like this continued for about 6 months.

Slowly the friendship grew in his class, mixing with the best. Chetan was a very calm boy. One day he was sitting in class, then his eyes went to Sarika, a classy girl who was watching him staring at him.

Sarika was very beautiful whom all the class boys liked, everyone wanted to talk to her. But Sarika never paid attention to all these things. But when she saw Chetan from the very first day of class, she started getting attracted towards him. Every day she used to come to class and kept looking at Chetan.

When Chetan came to know about this, Chetan did not understand anything at first. Then gradually Chetan also started getting attracted to him. Chetan was a very shy boy so he could never speak anything. One day Chetan was meditating while his phone ringtone rang when he picked up the phone, he heard a girl’s voice that sounded like Sarika’s voice, on hearing that Chetan understood that it is still Sarika

Being unaware, he said….?

Sarika said softly- Hello Chetan, I am speaking Sarika. Then both of them talked for a long time. It was the first day for both of them to talk, so they both could not understand what to talk about, then they talked about things related to their class and studies. Gradually the friendship between them also deepened. They also started meeting each other outside.

Chetan spent more and more time with Sarika. He also does not pay much attention to his studies, due to which he could not pass the medical exam. But Sarika passed the medical exam. Leaving Kota and enrolled in King George Medical University, Lucknow.

Sarika moves forward leaving Chetan behind. She also slowly stops talking to Chetan. Chetan was very upset because Sarika had left him. He could not even pass the medical exam. There was also pressure from his family members on this.

Now she realized that she had made a big mistake by not obeying her parents. Stalked her entire life for a girl.

This Chetan’s Love – Sad Story Sad Painful Story in Hindi How do you feel, please tell us through comments.

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