Best Poem on Women Empowerment

by Hussain

Best Poem on Women Empowerment in English

Women’s empowerment is a subject that has been written by many great people and is still being written. Just as simple as a woman, this subject is as complicated.

March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day in honor of women. There is no area from the earth to the sky in which the woman has not waved her fifth, there is no work that the woman has not done. Yet women have to fight for their existence.

Best Poem on Women Empowerment in English

The woman is the ocean of compassion, so there is the form of mother Kali. The woman is the mother of the world and also the continuous stream of the Ganges.

Despite being so important, even today women have to fight for their survival. She is always known as someone’s mother, someone’s wife.

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A woman is considered a delicate creature of a simple nature and has been marked as a weak section of society.

But now the time has changed and now they are not far behind men in any field.

Through the following poems, attempts have been made to explain the poignant portrayal of the status of women in society through the centuries and also show the changing form of it.

Poem on women empowerment 1

“World Mother: Woman”


Take me to the area

Will do the best

Looking different from others

Will go after doing something different.

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Don’t want a different name

This will make it great,

I am a woman of this age

Will identify the woman differently.

What you saw for centuries

Soft body in draped saree,

She lived in every house

But could not know his mind.

Had bent eyes

The voice was medium sweet,

Still, the voice of the taunts was strong

I did not have the courage to oops.

Now this identity has changed

No saree definition of woman

Voice is still medium sweet

But something has to be done, there is strong hope.

No matter what I become

I will be proudly called a woman,

Irrespective of the era

I will be called Jagat Janani

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On this difficult stage of the world

I will also show a performance,

Not a puppet

Now I will hoist the fifth by staging independently.

Poem on women empowerment 2

“Woman, you are not immortal”

Pity that makes the ocean squirt

You should also laugh like waves.

You are not a woman

Be proud of this

If you show any eyes

Do not be afraid.

Whether you hold a hand

Do not be afraid, you remain silent.

Get up the fight and move on

Be the solution to your problems yourself.

You are not a woman

Be proud of this

Believe the world stage is hard

But persist in it.

No matter how difficult

Do not stand in the back.

By choosing courage

You conquer every destination.

You are not a woman

Be proud of this

From birth to death

When did you live for yourself?

For society contractors

How long will you crush your desires?

Social welfare part

Now be respectful as well.

You are not a woman

Be proud of this

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You also have the right to live

Do not waste this life.

Get up and go

And make women’s life meaningful.

You are great for centuries

Always remain supreme.

You are not a woman

Be proud of this

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