Rat’s wedding Panchatantra Moral Stories

by Hussain

Today we will tell you – informative story Rat’s wedding Panchatantra Moral Stories! Rat Ki Shaadi Panchatantra Moral Story Title –

Story Title – Wedding of the Rat

This is a very old time. There was a beautiful ashram on the banks of river Ganges. Many saints lived in that ashram. All of them were disciples of the ascetic Guru Yajnavalkya, who always sat in meditation with his monk disciples.

Once, the Guru was bathing in the river Yajnavalkya. At the same time, he saw that an eagle was carrying a small rat in its paws. Suddenly that rat started moving and fell from the eagle’s claws and fell directly into the hands of the Guru.

When that guru saw that the hawk is still flying in the sky, he did not leave the rat outside and left the rat on a tree nearby. After bathing for a while, they took the rat baby with them. On the way, a different idea came to his mind and he made that little rat a little girl with his power and took him to his ashram.

When the Guru reached home, he said to his wife – O fortunate, we should accept this girl as God’s grace and blessing because we have no children anyway. Gurudev’s wife was very happy and she gladly accepted that little girl.

The girl grew up in the Guru’s ashram. She became educated, and under the supervision of her guru, the girl learned many scientific facts about life. The Guru and his wife were proud of their baby girl.

Gradually the girl grew older. The time came when the Guru’s wife talked to the Guru about the marriage of the girl. The wife said – Just as our daughter is special to other girls, similarly a special husband should be found for her. The Guru too agreed and set out to find his daughter’s groom.

The next morning, the Guru summoned Surya with his power and said – Please please marry my daughter? So Suryadev replied – I am ready for marriage and ask my daughter. When the Guru asked his daughter, he refused to marry and said – Father, Sun God gives light to the whole world, but he is very hot whoever goes to him is consumed. I do not want to marry Surya. Hearing this, the Sun God gave advice and said – Guruji goes to your king of clouds, he is stronger than me, he can stop Miri light.

After hearing this, the Guru called the king of the clouds with his power and said – O king of the clouds, accept my daughter as your wife? Hearing this, the King of the clouds replied – I am ready for marriage, but you should ask your daughter once.

When the Guru asked his daughter again, the daughter refused to marry again and said – King of the clouds, it is dark, wet and cold too, for my father choose a good right husband. Guru Ji wondered who would be the right groom for his daughter? Then the king of clouds advised me to go to the king of storms, he is stronger than me because he can take me away from wherever he wants.

On hearing this, Guru Ji summoned the king of the storm with his power and the king of the storm appeared. Guruji said to them, will you marry my daughter? On hearing this, the King of Storms also said in response, “I am ready, will your daughter marry me.”

When Guruji asked his daughter again, he refused again and said that the king of storms is very fast and there is never any rest in life and keeps changing his direction whenever he looks. Hearing this, the king of the storm said, why don’t you go to the king of the mountains, he also has the power to stop me.

On hearing this, Guru called the mountain with his power. When he appeared, the Guru again asked the same question he had asked – will you marry my daughter? On hearing this, the mountain king said in response – I agree to marry your daughter.

Ask your daughter also once. After hearing this, the Guru asked his daughter, but this time also his daughter refused to marry the mountain king and said – I do not want to marry the mountain king because they are very rigid and permanent.

The Guru went to a worrying position and started thinking who could be better for his daughter than the mountain king? Looking at the thinking, advised me in the mountain king, why don’t you ask the king of mice that they are better than me because even if they are so strong, they can pierce my body.

On hearing this, Guru quickly called the king of mice with his power. When the king of mice came, he asked yes for marriage like the rest of the people on Guru’s question and said, I am ready to ask your daughter once.

When the Guru introduced his daughter to the King of Rats, he liked them and he said yes to the blushing marriage. The Guru was very happy to know this and he converted his daughter into a Chuhi by his power and got both of them married.

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We can never separate things related to our luck and birth because it is in our blood.

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