After all, why don’t we often reach the big goal?

by Hussain

Friends, we always want a straight and short way to achieve success, but success is never found outright because its path is long and difficult. This is a journey to be passed step by step, in which we have to work diligently day and night. It often happens that we get immersed in the celebration of the victory at small stops, and forget our goals. Friends, it is necessary to celebrate small achievements, but in its enthusiasm, the real goal should not be forgotten. People often eat right here.

While setting our goals, we should also decide what our basic objective is and how many steps will come in it. If we remain entangled in some small success or failure then it will be difficult to reach the big goal.

Friends, for example, go on in the war of Mahabharata, which was the middleman of Kauravas and Pandavas. See the difference in the behavior of both Kaurava and Pandava armies. Even after being a hero of the Kauravas i.e. Duryodhana, Dusharana, warriors like Karna and one and half times the army of Pandava army, they were defeated. Religion and iniquity was a big reason between the two armies, but a bigger reason was the difference between the two goals. The Kauravas were fighting only for the purpose of harming the Pandavas.

Whenever a warrior was killed by the Pandava army, the Kauravas would create an atmosphere of celebration, in which many mistakes were made from them. After killing Abhimanyu, all the warriors of the Kauravas started celebrating around his body.

At the same time, the Pandavas never celebrated by killing the big warriors of the Kaurava army. They continued to regard him as just one stop to win the war. Even after killing the warriors like Bhishma, Draun, Karna, Shalva, Duksha, and Shakuni, they never celebrated in the Pandavas’ camp.

His goal was to win the war, he kept his focus on it. Never let myself drift in the drift of momentary success.

So, friends, we must definitely celebrate the excitement by winning every step of our destination, but never divert our attention from the goal, otherwise, you will have to fail once again.


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