Republic Day Whatsapp Status | 26 January Status 2021

by Hussain

26 January, Republic Day Whatsapp Status | Republic Day Status One line in English 2021

Friends, the month of January is going on, and so on January 26 is coming, which every country devotee is eagerly waiting for, this day is celebrated as Republic Day in India. This is the day India got its constitution for the first time on 26 January 1950. Since then India has been celebrating this Republic Day every year as a celebration, Republic Day in English is known as Republic Day, it is the same day which has a special significance in history.

Today we have brought for you, article related to Republic Day and in it, you will get to see and read the status related to Republic Day, which you can share on your social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc., and also create an image on DP. It can impose taxes and can give proof of their country being devout. So friends start.

Republic Day Whatsapp Status | 26 January,  Republic Day Status 2021

1. We also know to shake hands, O friend!, And also uproot, because we also worship Gandhiji and Chandrashekhar Azad too… Vande Mataram !! Jai Hind!! Happy Republic Day. –

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2. It is not enough to say that India is our honor, friend, we should fulfill our duty so much that the country says that we are its pride. Happy Republic Day.

3. If the desire to pass something arises in the heart, then decorate the name of Mother India in the world gathering. Happy Republic Day.

4. All the better than ours, Hindustan belongs to us, we are the bubbles, it is ours. Happy Republic Day. – Republic Day One line Whatsapp Status in English

5. If you are a Tiranga DP, then apply, my friend! …, Heard! Today is a date showing patriotism. Happy Republic Day.

6. My heart, my heart, my life are you, now you are the identity of my existence, every time I raise my head proudly and say, O my India, you are great. Happy Republic Day.

7. Today we have to awaken ourselves again, revive the pole of discipline, remember, the sacrifices of those knights, because of which we have to enjoy Republic Day.

8. Looked at London, saw Paris, and saw Japan, nowhere in the whole world, second India. Happy Republic Day to all of you. – 26 January One line WhatsApp Status in English

9. We have become independent with the sacrifice of the patriots, who should we ask? So we will proudly say, we are Indians. Happy Republic Day!

10. Proud to be Indian, will celebrate the festival of democracy together, will defeat the enemies of the country together, will hoist the tricolor at every house. Happy Republic Day!

11. Our life is full of colors ……… .And I hope this 26th January will add more color to your life. ”Happy Republic Day!

12. Today is a salute to those, because of which this day comes, it is a pleasure for the mother, whose sacrifice of children is useful for this country. Happy Republic Day. – 26 Jan Republic Day One Line WhatsApp Status in English

13. My shoe is Japanese, the trouser is English, the red cap on the head is Russian; Still, the heart is Indian. Happy Republic Day.

14. We will always remember this sacrifice, this sacrifice is yours, we have this Republic which is more loving than our lives. Happy Republic Day!

15. On the path of justice, show the children, this country is yours, you are the leader of tomorrow. Happy Republic Day!

16. Do not stop this chariot of victory, do such a work today, this body, this mind, life, do this in the name of your country. Happy Republic Day!

17. Ascended those who laughed, lulled and ate those who shot on the chest, we glorify those who, for the lost land, we salute them. Happy Republic Day!

18. Remove hunger, poverty, helplessness, from this earth today, give the people of India, all their rights, let’s all celebrate the Republic in a new way. Happy Republic Day!

19. My permission is not allowed to be fun, my friend, this is love for the country, sir, it is not done by asking. Happy Republic Day!

20. Will stop playing this blood Holi from today, and will remember Aanchal of the mother who soaked her body with her blood. Happy Republic Day!

21. Those who sleep in sleep, still have time to wake up, live for the country and die for the same.

22. Let’s remember the scene again today, remember the flame that was in the hearts of the martyrs,

In which the freedom was reached on the shore, remember the stream of the blood of the patriots.

23. Do every deed for yourself, Aye Watan for you, have given your heart, will also die, Aye Watan for you.

24. “When the dream of the martyrs came true ……………. Hindustan became independent …………… ..Let salute these heroes ………………… which led to the Republic of India.”

25. We meet thousands of times, love thousands, meet thousands of times, but not everyone gets a chance to die for the country.

26. Vireo has shed his blood for this day, Jhoom awake countrymen republic day has come again.

27. Maan is in the entire world of the Republic of India. Honorable glory of India, which has been blooming for decades, has been created by giving respect to all religions, so every countryman has faith in it.

28. Sometimes to see the cold in the cold, sometimes to see the water in the scorching sun, how to protect the country, sometimes to walk on the outskirts.

29. Keep this thing informed about the winds, keep the lamps lit with light, by protecting the blood we have protected… keep such tricolor in your heart forever.

30. No government is mine! No one is mine No big name is mine! I am proud of a small thing, I belong to “Hindustan”, and “Hindustan” belongs to me.

31. If you are not a devotee of the country in which you were born, if you are not a devotee, you have not drunk milk, you and your father have no blood in your heart.

32. Come, wave the tricolor, come fly the tricolor, it is your Republic Day, come, dance, dance, celebrate ..!

33. When the dream of sacrifice came true, the country was liberated only, today salute those heroes whose martyrdom made it the Republic of India.

34. Mother India, your saga, the highest of your glory, bow your head in front of me, give us all respect. Long live Mother India

35. With no words, no eyes, no brains, no colors, no greeting, no gifts, Happy 26 January Direct heart to you.

36. R-Rising

Happy Republic Day

37. It is a tricolor, it is a Tiranga, Armaan is a tricolor, pride is a tricolor, my life is crazy

38. Don’t ask what our story is, our identity is that we are all Indians. Happy republic day

39. No one can leave our country like this, no one can break our relationship, the heart is our one, our life is one, India is ours, we are its pride, Happy 26th January Republic Day

40. If you want to swim, swim in the sea, what is kept in the river and canals, if you want to die in love, then die in the country, what is kept in dying in someone else’s love.

41. Get out of the temple, go out of the mosque, get out of the shrines from the gurudwaras, protect the country from the traitors who are inside today. Happy Republic Day…

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42. Language, religion, caste, and province are different, we all have pride, the national flag is the best.

43. Whose path are you looking for, become a soldier yourself, learn not to fight on the border, fight the storms?

44. Do not ask about identity, if it is our story, tell Fakhr that this is our identity, we are Indians. Happy republic day 2021

45. Pai got rid of slavery, by giving his sacrifices, Biro had struggled with everything,

Today is the day of independence because of them, and then the Republic has come, we all have our best on them. Happy Republic Day…

46. ​​Identity is our most unique in the world, the country will grow further and further, this is what we all decided

47. A friend today, with a new resolve, we do something great, for the country we will live – we will die – hope that.

48. There should be respect for the nation, there should be India in every heart, not a date or two for the country, every breath for Mother India.

49. We can sleep peacefully with family… we can live peacefully… That is why our youth die on the border every day… Vande Mataram !! Jai Hind

50. Baby likes base, people like to travel abroad, and I like my country.

Hope you – 26 January, Republic Day WhatsApp States One line 26 January Republic day WhatsApp Status in English

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