Royal Attitude Status in English | 60+ Best Attitude Status

by Hussain

Royal Attitude Status in English: Friends, today we have written attitude status, nowadays boys and girls need new status to show their Attitude.

Which he shares on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. So to help him, we have written with new status photos.

Royal Attitude Status in English For WhatsApp and Facebook

1. Time keeps on coming

What remains all the time is our Attitude.

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2. Jealous of people

How much is our attitude?

3. Where do you think
We start from there.

4. Some eat luck; some eat alms,

We eat our hard work.

5. Let’s say you know

But remember, we only know how to knock.

6. Dogs are often barking in the herd.

The lion roars alone.

7. I do not speak and show.

8. Leopard movement, eagle’s eye and

Do not doubt your brother’s position.

9. Whether you give me a million Curse

It will not be accepted unless we want to.

10. Attitude shows everyone

But there is no style like us.

11. The eyes you are staring at us.

Quotes are often played by removing those eyes.

12. We are not in the job

Believes in Business.

13. Some people are named by their work.

I have become infamous.

14. Do not ask the king’s address when he comes to the city.

The bowed heads of the slaves automatically tell the way.

Attitude Status for Boys

15. I do not swear, directly injure.

16. Those who call me by saying life and then

He has no other identity than Devdas.

17. We live life with our hobbies

People are jealous of us without any reason.

18. The day we stop worrying about you.

Your mention of that day will also stop.

19. Don’t ask for our status, sir.

Where we stand, there is a meeting.

20. You have not yet become so rich, son.

Could you buy your father?

21. We are the emperor who is not only in cities.

They also rule the hearts.

22. The decision not to pronounce judgment

I believe in doing

23. Drug addiction is not my habit; it is just my passion.

24. We do not need daggers to wound people.

Our attitude is enough.

25. Nowadays, there is more smoke in the city.

More in our name

26. Is the flower rose or marigold
After a time, both of them wither away.

27. Stand on my feet

I like you like dust.

28. Sun Bay lion does not bite like dogs,

Kills directly.

29. We don’t turn the page.

Believes in reversing history

Attitude Status For FB

30. We walk with our stubbornness.

That is why people are jealous of us nowadays.

31. Hear me the crazy gunshot
So I’m AK47.

32. Do you have money

I am intoxicated by you.

33. They are raising dogs and

They claim to be lions themselves.

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34. We are not afraid of anyone’s father.

Just scared of your love

35. Because the whole city is burning

Now your brother’s name is going on.

36. Dogs do their luck

We earn and eat.

37. Do not calculate my status in your heart.

And the enemy’s mind is my only possession.

38. The dogs are dogs

Lion has a whole city.

39. Believe your time is precious.

But we too are no less than Kohinoor.

40. The iron sword and the blows of my eyes never go away.

41. Can not make us cry like this

Let us forget that we do not let this happen.

42. Only two people can come to our house

One is our friend, and the other is our lover.

43. Only two people can come to our house.

One is our friend, and the other is our lover.

Attitude Status in English For Whatsapp

44. I am not lucky

Believe in me

45. Whatever I do I do it very hard

Whether it is hate or love.

46. False Pride and Dish dish

It does not last long.

47. Arrowhead and our

Attitude never blows.

48. We are not according to the law.

The law follows us.

49. No matches, no petrol to burn you.

Our Attitude is enough.

49. Cremation ground

I will get the unlimited plan done.

50. We don’t see friendship.

Humans do it by looking.

51. You can guess my attitude.

I speak more with fewer eyes than the mouth.

52. Don’t flinch or else.

I am the father of all in cutting the cross.

53. I am innocent

I am a gunshot.

54. We love what we like

And the one who does not like gives it to the crematorium.

55. Yes, we don’t speak sweetly.

But true to heart.

56. We do both friendship and enmity unmatched

The above one does the calculation.

57. What came is not what came.

That is the dream of others.

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58. I don’t dream

I believe in making dreams come true.

We hope that you will like Royal Attitude Status in English by us. If you like this slogan, then do not forget to share it with your friends and family. If you have any question or suggestion about this, then let us know by commenting.

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