Rumi Inspirational Quotes

by Hussain


Rumi Inspirational Quotes

Born on 30th September 1207, Jalaluddin Rumi was a great poet of Persian literature and a very influential mystic Sufi.

He is still considered a great spiritual guru and poetry car.

His life is filled with poems filled with very mysterious spiritual thoughts, love, and devotion to God.

Sufi Rumi’s thoughts still seem as mysterious and inspiring today and his precious mystical thoughts have many meanings.

Today we are presenting the views of this historical mysterious Sufi saint in Hindi. Which is, of course, interesting to read and also has very good philosophical ideas, which will make you think. We hope this idea will bring positive changes in your life.

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So let’s start reading Rumi’s mysterious precious thoughts without wasting time.

Sufi Quotes


You only need one person to change your life, that is yourself.


Exalt your words, not your voice! It is the rain that allows the flowers to grow, not its thunder.


The words that come out of the heart enter the heart.


Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world, today I am intelligent, so I am changing myself.


If the work you love becomes your professional profession, its beauty will be unparalleled.


Every human has been created for some specific work, and the desire to do that work has been poured into every heart. (So ​​listen to your heart and find your favorite work, you will do much better in it)


The world fools us by saying that we should wait for tomorrow, while the joy of life is in this moment in which you are living.


When you go through a struggle, when everyone starts opposing you, when you feel that you cannot bear even a minute, never give up! Because this is the time and place when your best time will begin.


When the world pushes you to your knees, it becomes a perfect situation to pray to God.


When you work with your soul, you feel a river of happiness flowing inside you.


People in the world do not see themselves first and that is why they accuse each other.


There is an authority in doing deeds and not in fruits. Karma is simple, thinking is difficult. Seek beauty in your work, nothing can be more beautiful than that.


Apart from love, everything passes. The way to heaven passes through your heart, open your wings of love and fly away.


Once your inner slave disappears, you are the king of kings.


Do not grieve what you lose, it turns back to you in some other way.


Love will find its way through all languages ​​by itself.


Your job is not to seek love, but only to seek and find all the obstacles within you that you have built against it.


what you seek is seeking you.


Silence is the language of God.


I want to sing like birds, I’m not worried about who listens or what they think.


Only by heart can you touch the sky.


Goodbyes are only for those who love their eyes because there is nothing to be different for those who love heart and soul.

So these were the philosophical thoughts of the great mysterious Sufi Jalaluddin Rumi,

Sufi Rumi’s thoughts were not so easy to understand and translate because his views are multi-purpose and mysterious, yet we have tried to make it available to you by putting 100% of ours and if there is anything missing in this effort or If there is damage, please tell us through comments.

Please tell us how you like these Sufi Quotes of Rumi in English and share it on your favorite social media too, thanks.

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