What were the impact of Santhal rebellion?

by Hussain


History of Santhal Rebellion History of Santhal Rebellion: In this article, we will tell you the importance of this rebellion, and why and how it happened?

 History of Santhal Rebellion

The Santhals are a tribe. In the old times, this caste, which lived in West Bengal and Bihar, lived on their own. Their main occupation was farming. These people used to cultivate the forest land by making it arable. Bhagalpur, Nagpur, Palamu, Cuttack, Hazaribagh, etc. used to reside in this place.

Why did the Santhal rebellion in 1855?

The Santhal Rebellion began in 1855 and ended by 1856 The rebellion spread from Bhagalpur to the Rajmahal hills. The main reason for the Santhal rebellion was to get rid of the oppression of Hindus by the British and the exploitation of poor people. The main leaders of this revolt were Chand, Kanhu and Bhairava.

How did the Santhals face the British in the revolt against them?

Santhal is one such rebellion who for the first time participated in the fight against the British to get rid of the atrocities on Hindus. When the British got into the territory of Santhal, the Santhals got upset with the British, the British started grabbing their land and persecuting them. Due to which, clouds of difficulties were encountered in Santhal’s life.

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In 1855, a meeting was held in the village, in which the leaders participated and at least 10,000 Santhals also attended. In this panchayat, Santhal decided that now he will not bear the atrocities committed by the landlords, moneylenders and the British and we will avenge it. The Santhal Rebellion took a powerful form after this meeting.

When the English government saw such a form of Santhalos, their diseases stood up and the English government started searching for a solution to it. In this revolt by Santhals, a lot of battles were fought with the British, moneylenders, zamindars and the British. As a result, the British government started giving pressure.

To end the Santhal Rebellion, the British started using weapons and ordered their army that if any weapon appeared in the hands of Santhal, they should be shot and killed immediately and thus thousands of Santhals were killed. He was killed and many Santhals were taken into prison and he was tortured continuously. As a result of this, the Santhals got weak but they did not give up, they kept on fighting.

In the end, the result was that the British had to accept some of the things of the Santhals, the British returned the land to the Santhals and gave the Santhals a territory, thus ending the Santhal Rebellion.


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