Self Belief is the Secret of Success – Short Story

by Hussain

Self Belief: A Short Story

How can we move forward by believing ourselves even in adverse circumstances,
How can we overcome the odds and win?
How we decide our defeat, not victory, but God.

The answers to all these questions will make you understand through this short inspiring story.

This story will prove useful at all times in your life and whenever your self-belief starts to decrease, whenever you feel that it is no longer a matter of your own, then definitely read once, it is your self-belief Will be very helpful for raising.

A Short Story on Self Belief

There was a grand city named Prabhaspuram and its king was Prabhas Kumar. Prabhas Kumar was a very clever, courageous king and a brave warrior.

The people of that city were very happy and prosperous, and in the greed of this glory, King Bhim Singh once attacked this small city.

Bhimsingh had a huge military force, Bhimsingh had around 1 lakh soldiers and on this side, Prabhas Kumar had only 25 thousand soldiers.

Prabhas Kumar may have less military force but he was a true warrior, so he faced adversity with his full force and jumped into the battlefield.

But Prabhas Kumar’s army disintegrated in front of Bhim Singh’s great army, disintegrating. Prabhas Kumar’s army somehow finished the first day of tax but all his soldiers were killed.

Prabhas Kumar’s military force was completely broken mentally, was defeated and he was now assuming that on the day of tomorrow he would not be able to stand in front of Bhim Singh’s great army and now it is impossible to avoid this defeat.

Prabhas Kumar was a king as well as a brave warrior. He was not going to give up so easily, he knew that the frontman may have four times more soldiers than us, but if we will fight with the confidence of victory, our If we believe in ourselves and fight, then this battle can definitely be won.

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But Prabhas Kumar’s military morale was lost, he mentally accepted defeat and if he would go to the field tomorrow with the fear of this defeat, then Prabhas Kumar knew it well.

So to overcome this objection, King Prabhas Kumar took a tip, he called the commander and told that I am going to our Guru Maharaj Shivprakash to find a solution to how we face this disaster And went where Shivaprakash had his ashram.

And then in the middle of the night, come back with a gleaming sword and a large trunk full of water, and as soon as he came, he ordered the commander to call our warriors here right now.

Self Belief

Everyone wondered why the king had collected them in the middle of the night after everyone had gathered, the king announced that my brave warriors are now sure to conquer our battlefield tomorrow.

Then further he told that I went to Guruji to wish for our victory and he has told me that God has decided that Prabhaspuram’s victory in this war is sure.

He has given me an invincible sword and this holy water as the blessings of God and sprinkle this water on all our war weapons and then all our weapons will also become invincible.

After this announcement, all the soldiers dipped their sword in the water pot one after the other and now all the soldiers woke up with great self-confidence and started feeling invincible with their whole body.

Now he was sure that tomorrow in the battlefield, he will rip enemies with his invincible swords and will win this war.

And it happened the next day, all the warriors of Prabhaspuram fought with their lives, fought as if they could never give up.
Each warrior ripped off ten warriors of Bhimsingh and won the losing battle.

Everyone returned to the city and everyone celebrated the whole night.

If Guruji too heard the news of victory on the second day, then come to the city to congratulate the king.
The commander and the soldiers started shouting Guruji on seeing Guruji and thanked Guruji for saving him from this objection.

On hearing this, Guruji said that this victory has been due to you, you have faced this disaster with great courage on the battlefield, so how can this victory be my reason.

When the commander heard this, no, no, Guruji, this victory has been due to your invincible offerings and only, if you did not give us that invincible holy water at that time, without it all our weapons were useless, but with that blessing our All weapons become invincible, so this victory is yours.

Guruji understood what has happened.

He smiled where this victory is neither mine nor yours, this victory belongs to our King Prabhas Kumar and your self-belief.

The commander asked how was that Guruji?

Then Guruji told me that not really your Maharaj Prabhas Kumar has come to me and no I have given many blessings.
They have adopted this trick only to raise your morale, Self Confidence.

When the commander asked again, was there no law of God as much as ours? Didn’t God also ensure that we will win this war or not?

Guruji said not at all, your victory and defeat is not God but you ensure yourself as if you fought in the battlefield without fear, you won with surety and won, therefore.

You won because your king had cleverly filled the courage, self-confidence, and faith in you, so this victory is for your king and your self-belief.

This story is a great example of self-belief, morals, and self-confidence and from this story, it is clear that our victory is in our hands and not in the line of luck.

Our victory is in our faith, if we think that we can do it then we will do it anyway, and if we are a loser by heart, have already succumbed to the circumstances, then the defeat is also sure.

There are some such examples where the work which seems impossible on humans has also been made possible by self-belief.

  • 300 Spartan warriors fought in front of over 1 lakh soldiers.
  • Dasaratha Manjhi dug up the entire mountain alone.
  • Jadav Molai single-handedly turned the barren land into a forest.
  • Jack Ma became China’s richest person despite repeated rejections and failures.

All such examples in history have been written with golden letters, where humans have won by just and only their self-confidence, Morale and self-belief.

Always believe in yourself that you too can do whatever you want, raise your Morale, Self Belief and always make sure that I am not a common man but a superman with a superpower.
Remember this is your belief, this is your attitude will make you win and will make you a champion.

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