Social Media Essay | Best Social Media Essay in English

by Hussain

Social Media Essay | Best Essay on Social Media in English

Social Media Essay

Social media is the largest means of communication today. It has also become a very important part of today’s human life. It is an important means of keeping people connected.

Social media works to make any incidents happening in the country and abroad immediately. Social media can be used using any means like the computer, mobile, tablet, laptop, etc.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. are the dominant platforms of social media. Through this, any news can be spread across the country and abroad in a moment.

Social media has now become the fastest communication medium in the world. Its popularity is also increasing significantly among people. People of all age groups are using it.

Just as a coin has two aspects, that is, there are positive and negative effects of anything. Similarly, social media also has many positive and negative effects. Social media is used for good works, but gradually it is being used more for doing wrong actions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Essay


Social media is used to perform many types of tasks. Through this, any noteworthy news can be sent to millions of people in an instant, and information can be provided to them.

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Today, technology has increased so much that by sitting in one corner of one country, we can talk to our family members or friends living in another country and interact with each other.

Nowadays, many types of educational channels are being run on YouTube for education and knowledge, through which anyone can get any kind of expertise as well as share his knowledge with others. Nowadays, through this, any person can efficiently perform any task by sitting at home.

Through this, any person can learn things quickly by filling a form, sending money, sending or receiving messages, talking to people, etc. In earlier times, when there was no internet and social media, people get much information after months or after some time.

Earlier, people used to send a letter in case of an incident, then somewhere else, the other person would get information, which took a lot of time. Many tasks that are done in a hurry nowadays were earlier in several months.

People tell their business to people through social media, and through this, people also get the opportunity to earn money online. Nowadays, social media is being liked by children and teachers more because children can learn a lot from home, and teachers can spread their information to others through social media while sitting at home, they can also earn some money through it. People can also do social work by sharing their knowledge.

Nowadays, all people show their talent in social media and earn money from it. Nowadays, if you want to get someone’s photo, video, etc., it can be obtained very quickly through social media.

Social media remains an exciting entertainment for all people these days. People are connected to their family relatives etc. through it and enjoy it.


Social media is not benefiting as much nowadays, and it is causing much more harm than that. It is also negatively impacting people. Today’s children who are showing great interest in social media, their time is being wasted on social media by not taking studies.

He spends more and more of his time on social media. Ever since people have started using social media a lot, diseases have also begun increasing in people. People sit and run social media in one place.

Many diseases occur in them due to movement or walking, exercising, playing, jumping, etc. This causes great harm to the eyes of the people and also makes a big difference in their intelligence.

Many people commit cybercrime through social media. For example, people steal someone’s password, take personal information from them, or steal their mobile photos and videos.

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People are fooled in this, and many people do not have a good knowledge of social media. He gets caught in someone else’s deception, from which all his money is removed from his account.

In this, people are also blackmailed by hacking their things. Many types of sites in it are sent through social media, which are very tempting to people, and people get entangled in their laughter.

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