Speech on World AIDS Day

by Hussain

Hello friends, in today’s article we have presented a speech on World AIDS Day I hope you all will like my speech.

Speech on World AIDS Day

My greetings to the respected principals, teachers and my dear friends,

My name is – and I study in 12th standard and I am a student of biology. Today, on December 1, all of us have appeared to celebrate World AIDS Day. We all know that the main purpose of celebrating this is to make people aware. Many of you will know about it but there will be some people who will not know much about it. Today I will try to make all of you aware of AIDS through this speech.

We all know that AIDS Day is celebrated every year on 1 December to spread awareness about AIDS all over the world. On this day, every NGO, government organizations, organizations, civil society, and other health authorities are organizing many events to make people aware, so that people become more aware of AIDS.

Like every year, World AIDS Day will be celebrated on 1 December this year. Like every time, this time also AIDS Day will be celebrated with a new theme.

World AIDS Day Theme 2019

  • This time its theme has been ‘World Aids Day Theme 2019 – Ending the HIV / AIDS Epidemic: Community by Community’.
  • Earlier in the year 2018, its theme name was – Know your status.

Friends, even today, many people come from rural and very backward areas who do not know about AIDS. Don’t you think that we and you together should make people aware? If we have to make people aware of this, then for that we will first have to know how AIDS spreads.

Do you know how AIDS spreads? I will tell If you talk about AIDS, then it is a deadly disease spread by HIV ie Human Immunodeficiency Virus infection. Men and women, as well as children, are being affected by it. If we talk about HIV, then this virus can be caused by any fluid in the human body like semen, blood, breast milk. But the main reason for getting AIDS is from having unprotected sex.

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Friends, the most important thing is that its symptoms are very common. The problem that a common man faces. There are many main symptoms like – persistent coughing, prolonged fever, headache, physical weakness, rapid weight loss, sore throat, frequent breathlessness, muscle pain, sweating while sleeping. Symptoms may occur like persistent diarrhea, mouth ulcers, swollen lymph glands on the neck, blurred vision. Which is a very common symptom. Seeing these symptoms, many people make the mistake of considering it a common disease. Due to which millions of people die due to AIDS every year.

Some people in you may feel that touching AIDS or talking with a person infected with AIDS can spread. So let me tell you that AIDS can be spread by having unprotected sex, HIV-infected blood transfusion during a blood transfusion or injected with a contaminated needle, or by HIV-positive pregnant women breastfeeding their infants or from an infected mother to the baby.

Friends, if we talk about the history of AIDS, it was first conceived in 1987 by Thomas Netter and James W. Bann. He told this idea to Dr. Jonathan Mann, who was the director of the Global AIDS Program. He liked both of them and announced to celebrate World AIDS Day every year on 1 December in 1988. In the year 2007, World AIDS Day was marked with a red cross ribbon. Which was first introduced in the White House.

If we talk about AIDS figures, even today, 36 million people are living with AIDS. There were 1.6 million infections among people aged 15 years and above and about 160,000 children in the 0-14 age group.

In 2018, around 770,000 people died of AIDS-related diseases worldwide, while 1.2 million died in 2010 and 1.7 million in 2004 from AIDS.

If you look at the previous figures, it has already improved a lot. This shows that many people have become aware of this, but looking at these figures, we can say that even today many people are not fully aware of AIDS. We all need to come forward for this.

Friends, we all know that the main objective of celebrating World AIDS Day is to increase prevention and control measures for AIDS globally, to provide technical support for AIDS treatment, testing, and antiretroviral therapy and to help AIDS By helping to fight against it, there are many other objectives.

Do you know what precautions you can take to avoid a deadly disease like AIDS? Let us tell you what you should do to avoid it.

  1. You should use a condom while having sex to avoid its infection.
  2. If you ever take or give injections, a new syringe should be used for that.
  3. Do not discriminate if someone around you has AIDS. Because HIV does not spread by joining hands, eating and living together.
  4. Be cautious at the time of the accident of any HIV patient. Like use glove.
  5. Explain to AIDS patients that they should start antiretroviral therapy at their nearest ART center or health center so that they can lead a happy and fulfilling life.
  6. No one should use a used blade.

With this, I am concluding my speech. In the end, I would say this to you guys, together we should all make people more aware of AIDS. So that people can become more aware of it and this disease can be eradicated from the root. At the same time I conclude, my speech thank you.

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