How to start spices making business?

by Hussain

How to start Spice Powder Making Business at Home?

Masala is a food item that is used not only in India but also abroad. We use spices to make the food more judges and tastier. Generally, spices are used in every household and in view of this, the spices business is a very profitable business.

How to start spices making business

What is the spice business?

This is a kind of small scale industry which you can start from your home too. In this business, standing spices are bought from the market and after grinding them by a different process, these spices are packed and sold in the market.

License for Spices Business

The spice business comes in a kind of food business. The license related to food items is granted by the Food Safety and Standard of India (FASSI) organization. To get the license, you have to apply online by visiting the website of Food Safety and Standard of India (FSSAI).

After some time this institution will check your samples of spices and if the quality of your spices is good, then you will give license. But if the quality of your Maslow is not good, then it can also cancel your license.

A necessary place for the trading of spices

Spices business is a kind of small scale industry and you can start it from your home as well. For this, there should be at least 200 to 300 square meters of space as there should be enough space for drying, grinding, and packing the spices.

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Cost in spices business

The spices business usually costs very little. Because if you start the spices business by hand, then it will cost a lot of work. If you buy the machines too, then the cost is increased slightly, but there will not be much expenditure on starting the business by hand. You can start this business without a machine within about 25–35 thousand. It only costs money like raw materials and registration.

Machine for a spice business

You will get the machines of spices business both online and offline. It costs about 4 lakhs to buy all the machines of the spices business. These machines are as follows:

  • Spice grinder
  • Dryer
  • Power capacitor
  • Electric motor
  • The cleaner
  • Bag sealer

Raw material and its value for the spices business

In the spices business, only raw materials are needed which are easily available in the market. Raw essential for this trade is turmeric, black pepper, dry chili, cumin, coriander, etc. While buying these spices, but by looking at the quality.

The price of these spices is as follows –

  • Dry Mirch: Rs 130 per kg
  • Black pepper: 500 rupees per kilogram
  • Coriander: Rs 150 per kg
  • Cumin: 200 rupees per kilogram
  • Dry turmeric: Rs 145 per kg

Process of making spices

The spices commonly used in homes are ground by machines. But if the spices prepared by hand are considered more good. Many people also believe that hand-made spices are more tasty and nutritious than spices prepared by machines.

  • To prepare the spices, first, clean the raw material purchased from the market thoroughly. So that there is no dirt in it.
  • After that put these spices in the sun so that these standing spices dry well.
  • After this, spices are ground in machine or mortar.

Spices packing

Before selling spices, pack them in packets or cans of your brand name. So that your spices can get a different identity. After packing, you can sell your brand spices in the market.

How to market your spices

You can market your spices in many ways like –

  • You can trade directly with the wholesaler to sell your spices.
  • If you want, you can trade your spices with small and retail shopkeepers.
  • If you want, you can also prepare spices for its brand by taking orders from a company.

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