Story of Bhangarh Fort | Know, History of Bhangarh Fort

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Story of Bhangarh Fort | History of Bhangarh Fort

Hello friends, you all must have heard the name of Bhangarh Fort. Which is considered one of the haunting places in India. In this article today, we are going to tell you the story of the fort of Bhangarh. As you all know Rajasthan is the city of kings and this is the fort of Bhangarh in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. By the way, people come here for the whole year.

But do you know that people come here only during the day? As it is evening, people go back from there. There is silence here after sunset. Many people say that different types of voices are heard here at night. Which makes this fort ghostly. Bhangarh Fort is one of the heritage of Rajasthan.

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This fort was built in the 17th century. Due to the stories of people living around this fort, no one visits this fort at night. The Archaeological Department of India also prohibited anyone from visiting the fort after sunset. That is why this fort is full of more secrets for people.

Story of Bhangarh Fort | History of Bhangarh Fort

This fort was built in the 17th century by Man Singh I for his younger brother Madho Singh I. The fort was named after Bhan Singh, father of Madho Singh. At that time Raja Madho Singh was serving as the general in Akbar’s army. After flourishing this state for 300 years, something happened that this fort started going to ruin. After some time it was destroyed.

Behind its ruin are many stories prevalent among the people. Many people say that the princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh was very beautiful and her heart fell on a magician. The magician then performed black magic to subdue the princess.

But for some reason, he became a victim of it himself and died. The magician cursed the ruin of Bhangarh before he died. Shortly after this, Bhangarh loses in battle with its neighboring state of Ajabgarh and is destroyed.

Temples of Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort has many prominent sites, but the temple is the most prominent among them. The carvings of the walls and pillars of the temples are so beautiful, which makes them grand. These temples are as follows:

  1. Lord Someshwar Temple
  2. Gopinath Temple
  3. Mangla Devi Temple
  4. Temple of Keshav Rai

Stories behind the destruction of Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan

There are many stories of Bhangarh being destroyed. There are many accounts of the destruction of this fort. On which people believe differently. But so far no evidence is true of all these stories. Two stories are very famous among these stories.

The first is the story of the destruction of Bhangarh due to the beauty of Princess Ratnavati, and the story of the destruction of Bhangarh due to the disbelief of the second sage Balu Nath. which is like this:

Story 1 – The story of the destruction of Bhangarh due to the beauty of Princess Ratnavati

A princess lived in the fort of Bhangarh, whose name was Ratnavati. Ratnavati was known as the most beautiful woman in this state. Their beauty was also discussed in the surrounding state. Due to their beauty, everyone wanted to see them. When he was 18 years of age, the relations of princes from different states started coming for him.

Once the princess went to visit Bhangarh market with her friends. After visiting clothing, bangles and all other shops in the entire market, she reached a perfume shop. The princess loved perfume so she stopped at the perfume shop. After liking perfume, he was asked to send it to the palace.

A person stood just a short distance away from the princess, her name was Scindia Sevada, a great tantric of that time. The princess was staring intently. She fell in love with Princess Ratnavati at first sight. The princess had not paid any attention to him while leaving from there. Therefore the Tantrik became very angry.

The tantric devised a plan to get the love of Princess Ratnavati. She went to the perfume shop and did black magic on the perfume bottle which was bought by Princess Ratnavati. He had put his Vashikaran mantra on the bottle, so that whoever applied that perfume. He would fall under that tantric. It would go back and forth. But Princess Ratnavati came to know about this and broke the bottle of perfume on a rock.

He fell over the Tantrik while rolling the rock. Due to which he died. But that Tantrik cursed the entire Bhangarh while dying that the entire Bhangarh will be destroyed in a few days, all the people present here will die. A few months after the death of the tantric, a war broke out between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh state. In which Bhangarh was defeated and all the people killed there, in which Princess Ratnavati also died.

After this, the entire Bhangarh became deserted. People believe that the souls of those killed there still wander. That is why Bhangarh Fort is also known as Bhutia Fort.

Story 2 – The story of the destruction of Bhangarh due to the curse of Rishi Muni

There was a sage Muni’s hut at some distance from where Bhangarh Fort is present today. In which Rishi Balu Nath lived. Before the Bhangarh Fort was built, King Bhagwant Das told the sage the plan to build his fort. Then sage Balunath told King Bhagwant Das that you can get the fort built here, but you have to keep the height of that fort so that the shadow of that fort does not fall on my hut. Otherwise, the whole fort will be destroyed.

But King Bhagwant Das did not pay so much attention to this sage. He built his fort 7 stories high. Whose shadow used to go to the hut of sage Balunath. That is why the fort was destroyed after some time, and all the people were killed there.

There is no evidence of any story of Bhangarh Fort. But according to the original residents there, even after this evening, human voices are heard in the corridors of Bhangarh Fort. From the mansion of the dancers there comes the sound of Ghungroo.

People believe that the king in his court at night still gives decisions. It is said that whoever stays at Bhangarh Fort at night is either found dead or goes mad. Due to many similar things, the Archaeological Department of India has banned entry into the fort after sunset.

All these stories and the story of Bhangarh Fort are told by the people, which have been sourced online. There is no historical evidence of these stories.

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